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Vegan Yinnie, Artist and Activist. Brewing Yin Rebels and Revolutions. Herbalist and Plantbased, Yin Yoga Trainings/Retreats.


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This. Sunflower seed mylk and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The sweet #plantbased life. You know you can make a seed or nut mylk sooo easy! I don’t soak first, cause it’s not planned but inspired foods. I blend on damn when the snack calls. Sunflower, cashew, walnut, pumpkin seed, peanuts, oats! Sigh. I love and make them all. If you still have that nasty milk or cream in your world, it’s time to end that relationship. I promise your body will thank you. I know the planet will thank you. Those cow mamas and their babies will DEF thank you. Hey. It’s #vegan season. You hear! The world is FINALLY making the plant shift. Come along! #anythingyoucanmakeIcanmakevegan
Vancouver. Mailing out the oils packages end of week. Link UP. Swoooon the small batch essential oils from Jamaican wild and cultivated medicines.
Kingston! Packing soap orders this week. Let me know if you are running out. Swoon the vegan natural soaps. Canada. I am mailing them end of the week if you want yin !
Fun. Finding the three choices of botanical illustrations from an art project I did in 2007 in France. You know. When you let your friends vote on which huge tattoo you gonna get. This was the winner!! I LOVE my piece now ...but wasn’t my first choice at the time. But for the love of art. Was always earthly. But the botanical vibes def upper after this. That was FUN. Old School D. It was one 4 hour sit or something in Montreal! It’s been 10 year since my last tattoos.  Hmmm. Anyone else feeling the tats vibes again ? Ok. Confess. How old were you when you get your first tattoo?  Mine was a little gecko when I was 15 and we foraged the note for parental permission. Oh D.
Taking medicine orders and mailing some out this week. jamaican essential oils and tinctures, tonics. Kingston ! We can deliver too. Canada, I love to mail. Crafting custom packages and care kits too. Link UP. Natural Beauties and Wellness. Hey. Today. I challenge you to break up with anything artificial or chemical. Read the ingredients in alll your things. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on or near you. #italist #herbalist #naturalrebel
Extra special blessings to @goddessgarden. I met the founder @novacovington a few years back and of course it was natural rebellion sister linking! Bless the Lady Leaders with the massive environmental heart. Thanks GG for providing me with the top natural sunscreen, all my months in Jamaica each year ... my skin thanks you and thank you for supporting my works! This is little moment from Bob Marley Beach, Kingston! If you don’t know this brand. GO. The most natural screen you can get, that is ocean safe too. Don’t put that chemical shit on you or in the water pleaseeeeee, it’s summer and it’s time to make more natural choices.
Still feeling the blessings o the fire and steam crew last Sunday at the ever potent @kingstondubclub. Sweetnesssss at its best.
Yin Yoga in the Bush! Having creative fun these days working on a handful of special projects for the peeps. Videos and special art delights coming sooon. Swooon the Creation Rebels.
The crown collects little pieces of greatness. Little gifts from people and places. This summer marks 20 years of non stop #dreadlocks. The crown, roots, mane, antenna and rebellion. Lioness Goddess Livity.
Flash Sale hitting the newsletter next week! Clearing out the yinventory and working on the new pieces. I have been rocking my #vancouvermade clothing line for the last 8 years. Bamboo. Organic Cotton. All Bodies Babes. Gender Neutral Clothes. Made in East Van. I know nuffff people been rocking the LLY gear in the world, so send your pictures and your words and I would love go feature more #yinrebels
Love Yin Family. June 15th is the last registration date for training. Joining part time is also an option and we have some partial worktrades. Hoping you can join in this dialogue and discovery of new ways of being in our bodies and the world. #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #yinyoga #yinandsocialjustice
Save the Dates. Join @chastity_davis and our special guests for this retreat and training offering this fall.