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Vegan Yinnie, Artist and Activist. Maker of organic fashion and small revolutions. Yin Yoga Trainings/Retreats. Yin Medicines in Jamaica 2019.


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This is always on my mind. You know our retreats, trips and trainings are all #vegan right?! Come let me snack tour you my favourite things to eat. Oh Sweet Jamaica. Oh the #plantbased life is NICE. #breadfruit #avocado #jamaica
Packing up and Prepping to head back to Jamaica this month and stoking allllll the fires of collaboration this year! Stay tuned for some special events and surprises for 2019. Love this video piece from a few years back,  shot by Niesha Brown on our photo art adventure all over Kingston. edited by @elletothek of Rhizome Media in Vancouver with the ever excellent soundtrack of Jamaican Musican and Yogi @jasonleeworton. Giving thanks for the creative humans I have met over the years via yoga and the arts. #makersgonnamake #yoga #arts #collaboration #healersgottaheal
Growth takes TIME. In this crazy sped up world, that for some reason is only getting faster, we must must must look to nature to see her version of time and speed, the circles, cycles and the seasons. Too much time in cities makes you crazy. Don’t worry, it’s not you ... it’s the speed machine! Don’t forgot to get a natural moment and remember your relationship to these lush and slow moments in time. Reminding you of the gentle power of the Yin Rebellion. They say big. Go small. They say fast. So slow. They say more. Choose less. It’s so challenging, but you got this sweet #yinrebels. #slowdown #remember #yinrevolution #slowlygrowing
Last of the steam chalices for sale. Got a few more coconut beauties and some back up coconut charcoal for you. Send me a DM for one of the 5. I love to steam rosemary and mint. Ohhh and turmeric too. Work the lungs with rubble of water and blask in the heat of the flame. Yes please. Giving thanks for plants and the natural. Sweet chalices. Looking forward to reaching back to Jamaica, where an open flame and coconut easier to come by! Tho bless up the urban steamers, nothing like an yindoor steam session! #italist #herbalist #chalice #steamers #plantmedicines
Sweet Jamaica. I only have snack eyes for you! #apples #banana #plantbased #paradise #foodmedicines
This one my mind right now as I eye up a perfect gifted avocado missing a fried friend!!. Took this picture a few years back. Swoon #breadfruit. I think of you daily.
Hey YOU. If you holding a plastic drink or thinking about a plastic lunch, I URGE you from the bottom of my heart to STOP. Radical efforts of reduction and RECOVERY are so necessary. A few years back, our yoga teacher training crew cleaned the beaches daily where we stayed. Morning meditationswere collections and sortings. We organized by colours and built Mandelas. We contemplated consummation. We need the waste in your face kinda wake up for things to shift. So recycling is so 90’s. Do better. It’s refuse, reuse and recover kinda times. These next few months in Jamaica is bringing a bunch of new plastic projects. Looking for some virtual team and some on the sand crew. hey. Calling all Plastic Free Yogis. Reach out! #plasticfree #wastefree #recovery #plasticfreeyogi #timeisNOW #putdowntheplastic
The last of the #essentialoils we distilled in Jamaica last year.  Let me know if you are yinterested in any of these for the last shipping next week before it’s island time ! They are distilled with spring water, so they are edible when diluted too. I am sipping a pimento hot chocolate as I type this. Let me know which one calls you or join us in Jamaica for our distillation courses and offerings this year. LA SWOON to the #plantmedicine. #makeyourown #aromatherapy #plantbased #makemedicines
Sweet copper meeting the Potent #rosemary. What a great distillation this was. Brewing medicines from my urban farm makes me so so happy !
Homemade medicines. #rosemary hydrosols and essential oils. What a joy to distill at home !
Oh swooooooon. I forgot to share these epic pictures of my first urban distillation of my beautiful rosemary bush. LA SWOON. Distilling in East Van is a whole other level of medicine making. Putting up a blog about it next week. Or join us in Jamaica for a month of wildcrafting and distillation.
Extra shout out to my friend and super powered Justice Educator, Dia Penning. @diajoycepenning was been such a badass yin teacher and collaboration champ on Love Light Yoga School over the last few years. Bless up those yinvested in active change. Can’t  wait for 2019!! The 300 hour Yin School drops soon with a focus social justice and disruption of systems. Calling all Yin Rebels! Giving thanks to the strong hearted ones around the world. Join us and our guest teachers in California this summer or link for the online mentorship. #leadership #yogateacher #changemakers #yinrebels