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It has been almost six years since I spontaneously moved to Boston with no strings attached. People always ask me why I moved. The truth is that there was something about growing up in LA that was incredibly toxic and I wanted a fresh start alone. I wanted to conquer my own struggles and establish my own sense of self independently from everyone around me. Six years later, I have never regretted it. I met new people, established growth, found a career I am passionate about, and am surrounded by amazing people I now call my family. Staying within your own comfort zone is no way to live and I urge anyone to step out of their comfort zone and explore what’s out there. Life is so much more beautiful when you’re able to explore on your own. The right people will always stay by your side and support your growth.❣️ #selflove #dailyhealing
All I’ve been doing since I’ve been home is eat sweets + desserts 🍩 get a discount off @popandsuki w/ my code ‘helloemy15’ || #cronut #dominiqueanselbakery #lafoodie
Feel good to be home and have my #matcha cravings satisfied 💚
Literally the best #acaibowl made by the amazing @crystalfernandess with lots of love 💜 #vegan
Got #MySkinTrack battery-free sensor on and app ready everyday thanks to @larocheposayusa 🙌🏻 -

Its sooo important to make sure you are taking the correct preventatives like sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. It’s super easy to track my UV, pollution, pollen, and humidity exposure everyday in the app using the sensor sold only at @apple ☀️ #LRPlove #ad
I am so excited to announce that @LaRochePosayUSA has just launched the #MySkinTrack app available only at @apple which is the first ever battery-free sensor you can wear daily

As a public health student with interest in epidemiology I cannot stress sun safety enough. Together, the app and the sensor measures UV, pollution, pollen, and humidity exposures. It’s also a great way to remind yourself to wear sunscreen in addition to giving you skincare recommendations! ☀️ #LRPlove #ad
Desserts all day everyday🍦 // #bostoneats #bostonblogger #bostondesserts #belgiumwaffles
“I grasped two things: 
I wasn’t as happy as I could be, 
and my life wasn’t going to change unless I made it change.” 🌙 // #GretchenRubin #thehappinessproject
happy anniversary, love❣️// #bostoneats
Started my morning at the gym and finished with some delicious #kombucha 🌹// #healthade #bostonfitness #followyourgut