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California based creative portrait | fashion | automotive | landscape photographer for booking and to purchase prints visit 👇🏼

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite girls that fill my heart. I love you @clhuey  and @addykaye26
Did some hunting for my birthday. Picked up my first Grey Fox. It was a start to a great weekend.
Day 1 down! #strength
November 11 will be here soon! Turkey season is one of my favorites of the year. #cagobblers #turkeyhunter #bowhunting
Left in a jet plane this morning. Going to be missing my bride @clhuey ! See you Friday Monterey. #businesscasual #businesstrip #southwestairlines #sunrisecalifornia
The reason I am who I am. She inspires my creativity. #thewifebehindthephotographer aka the boss
There's a big difference between falling in love with someone and falling in love with someone and getting married. After you get married, you fall in love with that person even more. - Dave Grohl Excited @clhuey  and I get to celebrate the union of these two this weekend
It's horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. - Ansel Adams  Missing the desert and all it's color today. Time to get back to Utah and Arizona.
Nothing grows faster than a fish from when it bites until it goes away...on this overcast day I am dreaming of playing with this bad boy.
I was having a conversation with another photographer the other day about photographing cars. He asked me what I meant about making sure he gets the detail.  What I said was "make sure you look over the vehicle and see what is extra special about this car, what makes it different the the others just like it.  Like this,  in a row of 1960's Ford Fairlane 500 this one stood out with its hood pins, supercharger intake to replace the secondary headlight, and the decal that states his fenders are fiberglass." I love looking for nuances in vehicular like this.
As an outdoorsman, most of my time, I 'm on my feet. I love my @dannerboots! They kept my feet warm and supported while slaying some fish this weekend. #outdoorslife #outdoorsman #fisherman #hunter
Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced- John Keats Earlier this month while photographing the sunrise from my favorite spot, I couldn't help but see how the smoke from the fires created this amazing curtain only showing what it wanted us to see.