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Back to 2009!!! When I've gotten to see my 2 music love - the violinist Hilary Hahn @violincase and the pianist @valentina.lisitsa at Sala São Paulo at their fantastic music recital!!! OMG, I'm so happy I found this pic in my emails!!!! HAHAHAHA

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At @katyperry 's show hahah. Well, thank you to @betamdv for the inivitation. I didnt know to sing any single song but it was worth going! ✌️
Yes, I dont comb my hair... it's not really necessary 😂
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“ Practicing Interstices! ”
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“ Day 183 of #100daysofpractice!
What do you like to play when you're feeling down?
I had an absolutely crappy day today so I pulled out some Bach which usually makes me feel better - at least in the moment 😪
🎻Bach: Partita No. 3 in E Major BWV 1006 - Preludio ”
While Brazilians and tourists are just getting drunk on Carnival... I better go drinking my daily cappuccino! 🍵☕🍪
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“ Practicing improvising over Ostinato pattern ”
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“ Day 176 of #100daysofpractice!
Who is your favorite composer?
Mine is Prokofiev. I think my favorite aspect of his music is the fact that you can never quite tell if his music is trying to be major or minor and I think this encompasses all of life's emotions quite well. I don't think we as human beings are ever 100% happy or 100% sad or angry. There's always a mix. To me a lot of Prokofiev's music is bright and positive but with a dark and twisted undertone - you feel unsettled and you're not quite sure why.
Wearing my @rocktape today that my chiropractor put on after my appointment today 💪🏻 There's nothing wrong, it just reduces inflammation and swelling after a deep tissue session and I can take it off tomorrow. Gotta keep all the muscles and joints healthy!
🎻Prokofiev: Violin Sonata No. 1 in f minor Op. 80 - III. Andante
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“ Happy 209th birthday, Felix Mendelssohn! I know I've posted a lot of Mendelssohn videos recently, but I've still got more! 😁 I'll start posting some videos from the concert when I get back from Houston and have access to my computer again haha 😋❤️
🎻Mendelssohn Violin Concerto: Allegro molto appassionato with @jvazquez0989 and @filarmoniaxalapa ”
What a neat suprise! I don't upload too many videos on the internet as I'm revising all of my videos and shall remake them in a better quality later on, but if you just type "Lucas Piano" on Google, this is probably the 1st result you will ever see from your search! 😎👊
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“ Everyone, who's your favourite non-classical artist or band? Comment below!⬇️
Today's cover: "Holodno" by the Ukrainian band Okean Elzy.
#україна #украина ”