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“ Getting ready for the second sold-out performance of “Mozart in Jeans” with Mount Vernon Virtuosi tonight in Maryland. Practicing Beethoven’s concerto this morning. Clearly, in Jeans. #anastasiamazurok #maryland ”
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“ 🔊 J.S.Bach, Allemande from partita No.2 in D minor

Performed by: Daniel Lozakivich ( @daniellozakovich )

Comment your idea about this performance.

#classical_violinists ”
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“ Grande és Tu! Quão grande és Tu! 
Amo esta cançao!!!! #patriciavaladao #piano #igrejabatistadalagoinha #redesuper #hinostradicionais ”
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“ End of a long day. Playing to be in the music, just to play. @filarmed bach #chaconne #100daysofpractice ”
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“ Inversions baby!! In this clip I play I IV V chords moving up and down and then switching keys through all 12! Check out my online school for more like this! ”
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“ Working on all the Bach gradually. This season is gonna be cuh-RAY-zee. #100daysofpractice ”
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“ @chloetrevor_violin: Day 233 of #100daysofpractice! Work is starting to pick up which can sometimes be scary, but I know it ultimately is a good thing. I wish I could relax more when I have time off - I tend to just stress out about everything I have coming up. I’ve been working on being more mindful and present when I do have free time though - it can be hard! I’ve been reminding myself of Philippians 4:6 a lot - it’s a helpful verse when I’m struggling with this.
Day 3 of #100daysofprayer: Father, I just really want to pray for @channinghooper today after the loss of her beloved cat, Gryff. Please hold her in Your arms and comfort her under the shelter of Your wings. You understand our pain, and weep when we weep, and mourn when we mourn. Help me know the right ways to comfort her. I almost lost my dog Himiko last year and the thought of that was almost more than I could bear. I know the suffering she is going through. Please bring her peace and touch her heart with Your love. All of this I pray in Jesus’ name❤️
🎻Bach: Partita No. 2 in D minor: Allemande
#violin #bach #violinmusic #prayer ”
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“ Buckled up & practicing en route! #bach #100daysofpractice ”
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“ @chloetrevor_violin: I’m so excited to share this new music video I filmed with @92keys with you guys!! This is our cover of @adele’s Rolling in the Deep arranged by @92keys and @mickelsenmusic - I think it is 🔥FIRE🔥!! What do you all think?? You can watch the entire video through the link in my profile or the link in my Instagram stories - give it a thumbs up on YouTube if you loved it! You can also share it on Instagram and Facebook and add the track to a playlist on Spotify to help us out! Please check out @92keys to follow our future projects! There’s a lot in store and I know you guys will love it all!😊❤️
🎥: @grumbofilms
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“ Day 244/1000 Dvorak sure knew how to write a melody 🎵🎶 #dvorak #the1000dayjourney
#bestmusic ”
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“ @chloetrevor_violin: Day 229 of #100daysofpractice!
Trying to get back in shape after a nearly month-long hiatus from serious practice. I really needed the break but I do feel more like myself when I’m practicing regularly. I have such an intense fall schedule coming up! I really need to update my website.. 🤔😖
🎻Vivaldi: Spring
#violin #violinist #violinconcerto #violinmusic ”