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Get your devil on and catch up on the latest episodes of #Lucifer now. Link in bio. 沽
A work of art so handsome, it belongs at the gates of hell. 沁ィ: @elliz_art #Lucifer #FanArtFriday
#Lucifer always has a way with words. #ValentinesDay 沽芋沐・
With a face like this, there's no contest. 沽 #Lucifer #WinterGames
Some were born to be bad. 沽 #Lucifer takes on parenting in the second installment of "What Would Lucifer Do?" Link in bio.
Sushi shirts, that's how we roll. 沚」
沒ク: @aimeegarcia4realz #BTS #Lucifer
Craving more of your favorite devil? 沽 Watch the latest episode of #Lucifer now. Link in bio.
What is it that you desire? The latest episode of #Lucifer will do just the trick. Link in bio.
Squad goals. Show us how you're watching tonight's new episode by tagging us! 沒ク: @aimeegarcia4realz #BTS #Lucifer
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Straight out of the devil's playbook. 沽芋沐・ #Lucifer
It's non-stop fun with this cast of characters. 沽 Go #BTS on the set of #Lucifer in @aimeegarcia4realz's video diary. 沒ケ