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Didn't look at the eclipse because I am WOKE and aware of what happened last time there was a total eclipse of the sun ! #dadoo
3 raccoons spotted living in the back of this uhaul!!! Exterminator will be here promptly for proper disposal don't WORRY guys.
Side note -- I'm officially moved out of Chicago! Bittersweet weekend, major props to Caleb for moving all of my furniture (hours before a Cubs game, no less)
Caleb and I walked for an hour down Lake Michigan and didn't even get cranky!!!!
Just a super casual #quirky girl spending her Friday off yachting on Lake Minnetonka!! #humble #blessed #me #cute
Got this Lil' Succi™ basically for FREE bc she was $5 and the Home Depot lady gave us $10 off for screwing something up 💁🏼 #gains
I did one (1) Korean sheet mask so I guess I'm an amazing YouTube beauty vlogger now!!! No autographs at this time!
I was totally feeling myself Saturday night with my pineapple pants and corn on the cob, but it turns out I was woefully upstaged by a kid in a green t-shirt. 🤷‍♀️
A happy happy happy 21st to this photogenic icon 😘😘😘
New post #ontheblog, how to DIY your own Kate Spade inspired accessory bag. #linkinprofile or at 💕
Just found my #instax which I'd basically forgotten about since December 🤷🏼‍♀️
I saw Regina George using a blender so I bought a blender.
Starting 2017 with a fresh post #ontheblog about resolutions and a new year. At or via the #linkinprofile !