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When @nicolenajafi, @johannapeet and I co-founded @tioytia our goal was this. Come together to create a line of beautiful and thoughtfully produced hats, and travel somewhere bloody amazing twice a year to photograph them. Today we launch six new styles (all handmade in America, two of which are packable, and therefore your answer to all hat-travel woes) a new campaign shot in Greece, a rebrand and a new website. I feel like our baby just grew up and I couldn’t be more proud or grateful to run a business alongside two amazing, smart women. And thank you @neadajane, for your generosity of spirit, for being a beautiful hat gal, and for supporting us since the start. 🖤
Water study / Ischia #leicam10
Moments in-between from a campaign shoot in Croatia & France last week. Amazing trip with a super fun crew.
Epic day aboard beautiful Scottish ringnetter Bonnie Lass, during the @espanolita_net retreat I recently shot for @ellefr @juliadionelle. 
@carmenruizdehuidobro everything you touch is magic. Thank you 💛
Wild few weeks shooting non stop but feeling so energized & grateful for it. Latest campaign for @bembien shot in Greece with @leabonleabon 💛
Little piece of heaven right here. Thanks for having me @belmondlaresidencia
My dad held a special reverence for this coastline and last weekend @appogram and I walked part of it. Nothing but endless ocean to our right and the rolling green hills of England to our left. After twelve hours and twenty miles of winding and climbing we arrived exhausted into a village just as the sun began to dip. An old English pub appeared before us like a mirage. We danced to live jazz and drank way too many local ciders as the moon rose in the sky. I had a sense the old guy was looking after us that day.
Some hats, bags and five amazing, inspiring women whom I’m so grateful for. @nicolenajafi @johannapeet @yimeitruxes @neadajane @leabonleabon thank you @skinopilodge 💛 | @tioytia & @bembien campaigns shot on @leicauk #leicam10
After three long years of fighting, my dad passed away this morning. I held his hand and told him how he is loved. I’m heartbroken and floored by grief but profoundly grateful I was with him at the end. 
This photo is from my wedding day, taken as he walked me down the ‘aisle’. He was so proud and so happy, and I choose to remember him by that moment.
In my element in Hydra. Switched to #leicam10 recently and not sure how I’ll go back. Love how thoughtful + considered I’ve found shooting rangefinder vs hammering the shutter button. @leicauk
Julie in Ischia, nearly two years ago. Can’t wait to be back here soon, channeling Marge Sherwood 🖤
Finally working on a print shop and for some reason all my selects seem to be Italian beaches on 35mm...