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Social work; brain tumour survivor; mental health advocate; coffee&spirit drinker; movie and animal lover; theatre goer. 👸🏻🐯⬇️Blog⬇️

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It can be really tough at times to submerge yourself in the ifs, buts & cant’s that dominate our minds, and forget the hugely positive factors and traits that make us who we are. 
I came across this #iweigh campaign and it struck a chord. I always say that the society we live in is too media and appearance based; how we can ‘look better.’ It’s soul destroying for many & breeds insecurity & addiction. We’re more than just our exterior..
So here’s a small fraction of what @i_weigh ☺️ I think you’d surprise yourself at the eclectic amount of achievements and interests you may have - or things you aim to achieve. Aspire to be something of substance or something that puts fire in your belly! Any small achievement is a positive action. Everything is valid and enormous. 💛
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Mentality for the day has been #noexcuses🚫
A life with no limits? Now wouldn’t that be glorious! Today has consisted of lots of water, an achy body & dizziness galore 😕 After just half an hour of exercise and 20 minutes of yoga [which I’m a beginner in], my poor *shunted self felt the effects of my head being flung about in different positions. Ouch!! I feel pretty sorry for myself today.
I plan to continue to push my body, in ways that work for me. I am limited in my choices of exercise but I’m a trier, and I’m not stopping until I attain my wants, needs and goals 👊🏼
*For those unaware, a shunt is a tube that drains cerebral fluid. Mine is over a decade old. I’m just praying it’s not malfunctioning....
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A little showreel of my trip to *hot* Southwest Cornwall; the Cornish Riviera: aka, #poldark / #rickstein country!! The scenery is so very picturesque. Cornwall has always been a special place to visit for me. A gem in Britain, truly. 💎🐚⛵️🍦
Whilst there, I took time to really feel what the world is feeling, you know? The months are ticking by like wildflower & July seemed to have lots of cosmos, karmic changes making everyone experience life pretty intensely, I’d say. Perhaps you feel delightfully joyous or excited, or maybe you’re in a position of fear, unsure of which path to proceed down ? Either way, August promotes change. Take heart, muster strength and delve into the unknown....We can now step into a lighter vibe of enlightenment! 🦁
Head to my latest post for more inspo! {link in bio⬆️}
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Having not coloured my hair since March, I decided to get my bronde balayage refreshed last month. 💆🏻‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️
After a week in Cornwall, my hair still feels oh so fancy & summery, thanks to @paulwattshair
{for more chat on therapeutic tools, head to my latest post- link in bio- Feel welcome to comment/share}
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In this beautiful, summer weather, the cosmos is fiery, emotions run high and Mars in retrograde! Would you describe yourself as an empath or sensitive soul & if so, do you find that your emotional nature is beneficial or negative to your mental wellbeing ? 🧡🌊
As a singleton, I do find dating a bit of a pressure cooker, which can definitely heighten anxieties.. So, how do we ease that tension: what grounding & healing powers are of use to you? Check out my latest post for some insight and laughs! (Link in bio ⤴️)
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That satisfying feeling of a clean & shiny Polly and Ms Quattro. 👌🏼🔥
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🔹Wednesday Contemplations🔹 •
As quickly as you can blink, life can take you on an unexpected journey, whether that be good or bad. I’ve had so many knocks that as soon as one bruise goes, another appears- I know right, where’s the violin? But it is true. I do however feel determined to stick to my guns & if intuition tells me something’s wrong or a mistake, it’s usually right. Even if the outcome is pretty scary or disappointing, we can’t let self-doubt or loathing seep in. We have to try, try again and rise to the ranks we deserve..whether that takes a year or ten. I do not wish to settle in life, nor do I want someone to feel they’re ‘settling’ for me. Good things will come, queen. 💁🏻‍♀️ #newmoon #spiritualpath #lookwithin #valueyourself #gad #youarestrong
Ohhh, I do miss being surrounded by such beautiful birds and aviation history! 🛫
Note to self: Learn to fly 🏹
With June almost here (excuse me, what?) I feel like big changes are emerging and May is already providing forward momentum. Summery influences provide the chance to embrace growth, reduce inhibitions and take charge! Work hard...but have fun 💃🏻
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When sunshine rears her head and you get to eat this goodness 😋🤩
On a serious note, as a sufferer of #ibs, I welcome the warmer weather with open arms...combined with some diet changes again, #summersalad aids with my flare-ups. The☀️ also proves to be a motivator in me increasing my exercise outdoors or in. 💪🏼
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The other evening I spent a lovely mama & daughter date listening to the wonderful @katiepiper_ 💜 The show was humbling, honest and thought provoking.
- -
Even though my journey of recovery has differed to hers, it was connectable. I survived two brain tumours 13 years ago & my rollercoaster in life still throws me curveballs!
- -
“Some days the path might be a little rockier than others, but this is your journey and you've got this” #katiepipertour 
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🧡 Love these babes 🐯 Remember, animals never fail to ease the tensions of overwhelming times. Look after yourself. #beautifulanimals #pets🐾
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It may not have been the sunniest of Easters but we can still dream of brighter times, yes? I hope everyone has enjoyed a family filled time! 🌕🌼🐤
Being that we are already in April (!), I imagine that some people may fear they are not meeting expectations ? 
Speed is not of the essence here. It's much more important for you to get things done right than to get things done now. So any conflicting energies you may feel, you need to listen hard to your intuition & get going. Leave the bad stuff behind, if any, and think about only creative energy. Get going on projects but a nugget of it at your own pace. Flowers bloom better with love, kindness and careful dedication! #activeapril serves to feed the soul too!
{for more chat, head to my latest post- link in bio} Feel welcome to comment/share ✨
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