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Runaway with me as I show you how beautiful and cultured Australia is.
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Happy #blitz day!
1st photo- happy, 2nd photo- is me when my  hyperthyroidism was acting up. 
WHY: For the first time since becoming a BA, I am late in posting (sorry!!).
The truth is, I got sick over the last two weeks and after numerous doctors appointments, blood tests, ultrasounds, prescribed medication and specialist meetings, it is most likely I have Acute thyroiditis or Graves disease. It causes me to have hyperthyroidism.
I didn't know how important a healthy thyroid was until mine started getting inflamed. I spent the last two weeks with a heart rate averaging 115 even at rest. Usually I'm a healthy 62.
This heart rate causes me to not sleep, yet I feel tired all the time, makes me overheated, hungry, I lose my breath very easily and I get anxious. I have to cut out caffeine and not go to the gym...
Graves Disease is hardly life threatening but it makes me hella uncomfortable all. the. damn. time.

Im worried about how it would effect my way of life because I love to gym and I live to hike and dance, I like my sleep and love my coffee. I'm mostly worried about my high risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. 
But I have to take it one day at a time. Today I managed to have enough energy to take an awesome photo by the Christmas tree. The 2nd photo is of me unusually exhausted after wearing the jumper despite the strong air conditioning. I felt overheated. 
But taking this #Bangs photo reminded me I can still persue other goals like growing my blog even with this condition. This is how I like to #liveBANGS - by trying to find the positive in any situation. 
I also have amazing supportive friends family and husband, and I'm lucky to have the medical resources to treat this pesky hyperthyroidism.  And now that being an ambassador has come to an end I have to say a huge thank you for an amazing journey @bangsshoes!!🎉 #BANGSambassador #bangsblitz
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My husband @omj33p knows I'm a big @critical_role fan so he buys me pencils with their quotes on them. 😍
How do you want to do this?
Super thankful to have a house to clean (a roof over my head) , dishes to wash (I have plentiful food), bills to pay (I have internet, electricity, gas and water), blanket fights (I get to live with my husband) and fur to pick up (I own this awesome dog!). I also love being part of the #BANGSambassador group for this Fall. I am really thankful to have met such wonderful people all over the world ❤️ @bangsshoes
#bangsblitz #liveBANGS #bangsgivesback
When you train for all you can eat Jap BBQ, sashimi and ice cream 😏
Had a wonderful weekend - I got to see Taylor Swift perform in the rain; had a Saturday sleep in followed by coffee dates; watched a new Netflix movie; on Sunday I went to eat out with friends and I thoroughly cleaned the house. 
Fastfoward to Monday and I just packed my lunch after a long day at work. It's now time to work on a new blog post. Life is busy and full but I wouldn't want it any other way ❤️
#BANGSambassador @bangsshoes #liveBANGS
The pretty things you find in sleepy Windang...
This is exactly the view one can have when you fall, and FALL in love with Bangs I did.
Happy #bangsblitz day! 💛🍁🍂 💛
Although I'm in the opposite hemisphere to all the Bangs ambassadors out there and super jealous of all the beautiful Fall inspired photos, I am so happy to be in Spring - the season of new beginnings.
Becoming a #BANGSambassador has opened up a new chapter for me, reigniting my passion for blogging and creativity.
And I've had so much fun so far and I've e-met some inspiring people! Thanking @thelastunicornberesford for all the caption inspiration, my fellow BA group member. 
I'm wearing Yellowstone HT (love that all the shoes are named after a park or nature) and if you want a 15% off code then DM me! 
#liveBANGS @bangsshoes
Hai was gifted this beautiful 35mm D20 from @levelupdice after revealing our wedding stories for the #mydicestory competition. Just before we walked down the asile Hai and I gifted each other a set of Level Up Dice, surprising us both for our similar ideas. Mine were a beautiful wood whilst Hai's were a semi precious stone set.
We've been playing D&D for more then a year now (I have played a Halfling monk and now Aasimar Mystic) and we love it so much. We are also huge fans of Critical Role so we were excited to find out that the @critical_role cast were most likely "in the presence of this D20 dice" when they were at @Gen_Con 2018, as this exact dice was displayed there. I practically squealed at this peice of information.
Thank you Level Up Dice for this amazing (and hopefully Talisan blessed) dice! ❤️
Today's lunch: Whiskey Bacon Jam sliders and Hard Rock Punch drink - from the 'Infused with Love' menu from Hard Rock Cafe. So fun to dine in a rock & roll themed Cafe in the middle of Darling Harbour. Thanks for having us!

#hardrockcafe #sponsored #hardrocksydney @hardrocksydney
I witnessed something chilling and equally beautiful last night, Dance pieces called "Frame of Mind" and "Forever and Ever" by The Sydney Dance Company @sydneydanceco.

I was lucky to be invited to witness Sydney's second viewing of Frame of Mind with a live String Quartet. This show has now travelled the world. Watching it I didn't know what to expect, but I did not once take my eyes off the stage.  The dancers took me on a journey through the complexities of the mind. To me each dancer represented multiple and single thoughts that were running at the same time through one's mind, through times of stress and through times of peace.

Then after the interval, I was treated to a first viewing of Forever and Ever. This peice was paired with strobe lighting effects and a unique repetitive electric score. The choreography was strong and technical and very impressive. 
And this one surprised me, to me the dancers were in order and in chaos, representing pop culture, raves, fast fashion, and electronics. I was confronted with the representation of modern culture today. 
For performances that had no words spoken I was pleasantly surprised with what I felt - that came in waves - from just the dancers and music alone. 
Thank you Sydney Dance Company for inviting me to witness this! This show will run from 16-27 October at Roslyn Packer Theatre in Sydney. Tickets are now available from
This is one of my favourite photos of me and Hai. It took a long time to convince Hai that I wanted pre-wedding photos before the wedding - it was an expense that is not needed as wedding budget is so bloody tight.

But now look at this memory of me and Hai doing something adventurous and cool with smokebombs and also it serves as good reminder to myself to keep my hair blonde 😊 (I don't like dark hair on me) 
Amazing work by @clarzzique
New blogpost up on
One of my favourite things about daylight savings in Sydney - being able to make it home while it's still daylight to take my crazy dog out. Lol she went crazy when we let her run up and down the hill. Pretty hard to catch her when she gets like this!
#BANGSambassador #bangsshoes #liveBANGS @bangsshoes