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Runaway with me as I show you how beautiful and cultured Australia is.
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Best Aussie eats and Hiking spots. .. ⬇️

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Today's lunch: Whiskey Bacon Jam sliders and Hard Rock Punch drink - from the 'Infused with Love' menu from Hard Rock Cafe. So fun to dine in a rock & roll themed Cafe in the middle of Darling Harbour. Thanks for having us!

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I witnessed something chilling and equally beautiful last night, Dance pieces called "Frame of Mind" and "Forever and Ever" by The Sydney Dance Company @sydneydanceco.

I was lucky to be invited to witness Sydney's second viewing of Frame of Mind with a live String Quartet. This show has now travelled the world. Watching it I didn't know what to expect, but I did not once take my eyes off the stage.  The dancers took me on a journey through the complexities of the mind. To me each dancer represented multiple and single thoughts that were running at the same time through one's mind, through times of stress and through times of peace.

Then after the interval, I was treated to a first viewing of Forever and Ever. This peice was paired with strobe lighting effects and a unique repetitive electric score. The choreography was strong and technical and very impressive. 
And this one surprised me, to me the dancers were in order and in chaos, representing pop culture, raves, fast fashion, and electronics. I was confronted with the representation of modern culture today. 
For performances that had no words spoken I was pleasantly surprised with what I felt - that came in waves - from just the dancers and music alone. 
Thank you Sydney Dance Company for inviting me to witness this! This show will run from 16-27 October at Roslyn Packer Theatre in Sydney. Tickets are now available from
This is one of my favourite photos of me and Hai. It took a long time to convince Hai that I wanted pre-wedding photos before the wedding - it was an expense that is not needed as wedding budget is so bloody tight.

But now look at this memory of me and Hai doing something adventurous and cool with smokebombs and also it serves as good reminder to myself to keep my hair blonde 😊 (I don't like dark hair on me) 
Amazing work by @clarzzique
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One of my favourite things about daylight savings in Sydney - being able to make it home while it's still daylight to take my crazy dog out. Lol she went crazy when we let her run up and down the hill. Pretty hard to catch her when she gets like this!
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I'm eagerly waiting for my Bangs shoes to arrive in the post so I can show them what a stunner Australia is. Time is never wasted when you're out looking for views like these! This is what moves me to keep going. 
Bangs photo by @mckenna_pozsgai and the rest are mine ❤️
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Just wanted to share some good news, I've been selected to become a @bangsshoes ambassador! 😀
Bang shoes are an adventure based company with a great motto: Our Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs. 
This resonates with me and with my goal in life - to remind everyone that Australia is still beautiful. I just ordered my new Bangs - the High Top in Yellowstone and the Low Top in London Fog, and I can't wait to get them so I can hike and go on more roadtrips! And my name is Natalie 👋
#bangs #BANGSambassador #liveBANGS

And also be sure to check out my latest blogpost on for more adventures. 🌾🌾🌾
A new blogpost on our Wedding Reception at Silver Pearl and a brief guide on how we planned for the biggest night of our lives ❤️

Photos by @clarzzique
Light Up Letters by @vegasnightsproductions
Evening Skirt by @asos (added my own lining)
Hair & Makeup by @stylemeweddings_events
Hair Colour by @stevieenglishhair
Reminding Aussies that Australia is still a beauty since '94
"Campfire" Mi-goreng Bowl 🍜
Riding the ups and downs of being Auntie to mini Betty (aka Jasmine, aka Jazza, aka Jaz) ❤️
Happy birthday gurllll @betsybooboos.Winter High Tea for an early birthday 🎈
Favourites were Brie and Parmesan cheese crossaint, Chocolate earl grey milkshake, scones and nuts about figs dessert 😌
Happy Four Years Hai. I love you very much ❤️