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Can’t switch my brain off at the minute. I’ve been given the opportunity to put an event on this summer which potentially could be the biggest event I’ve ever undertaken. Suffice to say I’m going to do my upmost to make it as fun and exciting as possible. I’m sworn to secrecy as per about some of the details as it involves others brands, but this summer expect something different to be coming your way, everyone will be invited and I promise it’ll be an event you’ll not want to miss....
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How long have you been cutting and Why did you become a Barber? Share your stories and Comment ⬇️⬇️ #lukesbarbershop #uppercutdeluxe
Tapered out // styled with @Uppercutdeluxe Matt pomade 
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‘Every man deserves to keep his crown’ mid week and both stores are pretty much booked for this week and next week is getting booked up to. Remember in Oxhey we have @beardedbarberguy on walk ins as he builds his clientele! 
To book:
Oxhey Store: 0208 428 2442
Ruislip Store: 01895 622 554
Get booking!!
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Faded!! This kid has mega thick hair and gets 1 cut a term because he’s not allowed a skin fade at school he waits till a half term to get the cut he wants. Deffo gets his money’s worth as trying to get through 10 weeks worth of hair is a bit of a mission!! 😂 love the finished look though and it’s deffo worth the extra time to get it looking perfect! #lukesbarbershop #uppercutdeluxe
It’s almost 5 years since I started my little venture. What a 5 years it’s been and it’s certainly been a roller coaster ride of emotions and highs and lows. As you can see in the picture it was a bit bare and we certainly had a long way to go! Also in this picture is the one and only @laceymolyneux she has been with me since day one!!! Yes!! She’s put up with me for 5 looooong years and I don’t know how she’s done it, but thankfully she has. I couldn’t done half of what I’ve actually been able to achieve and its @laceymolyneux that helped me see what the possibilities were. Thank you Lace from the bottom of my heart you have been amazing and I don’t know what I would of done without you. I won’t say here’s to another 5 years as you’ll probably think ‘fuck that’ but Lace, thank you for everything! 
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Consistency is key! It’s all well and good smashing that first cut, but to keep that client takes consistency, time and care. 
Oxhey Team: @laceymolyneux @cutthroat_calum @willy_wilkins7 to book call 0208 428 2442

Ruislip Team: @mits104 @julio_esq @jordanpinto @louie_harmon to book call 01895 622 554

Book online: 
Up close and personal! Loose texture and loosely styled and of course tapered out. A style he can easily replicate himself and has done since we started doing this style! Thanks for coming in Danny! See you again soon!
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Inspired from time with the classics king @buttercuttermofo had real fun with this one. This awesome young man has been coming to me for a cut since he was little and he lets me do crazy stuff with his hair. His mum still wants me to cut it short tho!! Haha #lukesbarbershop #barberslife #classicsrule
Getting a damn good trim from a Damn good good guy! @buttercuttermofo had the most inspiring time spending time with this man and his team. Since being back in the country I’ve made changes and have a clearer idea of what I want and more importantly what makes me happy. Thanks team @buttercuttermofo can’t wait to see you all again!

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@laceymolyneux and @willy_wilkins7 are in Oxhey today till 6pm!
They are a few slots available! Go to and get booked in! 📸 @isaacaqureshi 
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Couple of demos from my time at @buttercuttermofo based in Kraków
The team their were outstanding and  you can see why their appointment only shops are fully booked 6 weeks in advance and why there is an 3 hour wait at their walk in only shop which has 6 full time barbers!! Barely use guards and knock out traditional perfection time after time. The Polish love a beard too and every cut usually included a beard trim. I said to Mr @buttercuttermofo (Matthew) ‘your guys are really good at beard trims’ he said ‘well, they have to be!’ About sums it up! I had an amazing time and the hospitality was top notch and it really felt like home away from home! Expect some more news from @buttercuttermofo and @lukes_barbershop in the future....
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