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@lukes_barbershop X @photo_parri pop live studio!
#lukesbarbershop #parriphoto #footlockerapproved #marblearch #uppercutdeluxe #footlockereu #barberslife
Chris aka ‘super beard’ dropped in yo @footlockereu Marble Arch store for a trim and beard tidy up. Smoothed our with @uppercutdeluxe beard balm of course! 📸 @photo_parri #lukesbarbershop #uppercutdeluxe #footlockereu #beardbalm #beardlife #beard #london #footlockerapproved
@footlockereu Marble Arch take over! @charliesloth @octavianessie @xbox @xboxuk @crepprotect what a night! #footlockereu #marblearch #lukesbarbershop #crepprotect #charliesloth #octavian #footlockerapproved
Lights, camera, action! What a launch!! The @footlockereu Marble Arch Store officially opened yesterday. The queues were massive, started queuing at 3am for the exclusive drops on opening day. It was bedlam for us’s first weekend I’m sure will be double busy! In town? Come and find us in the Experience Zone downstairs beside @xbox 
#lukesbarbershop #footlockerapproved #experiencezone #footlockereu #crepprotect #marblearch
What a launch night! @footlockereu opened their Marble Arch store and the launch party was amazing! @jordanpinto 
@dialacut_barbers and myself starting cutting early and cut long into the night. The energy around the stand was the best I’ve ever experienced and it wouldn’t of been the same without the clients that sat in our chairs and made it possible for us to cut and create! So, to change it up here’s our video of the launch put together by the awesome @photo_parri showing the important people that make what we do possible...the people that sit our chairs! #lukesbarbershop #footlockereu #marblearch #london #footlockerapproved
@lukes_barbershop x @footlockereu Marble Arch is almost a go! One more chair to put in and a few little tweaks and we’re are ready to go. Launch night tonight for @footlockereu biggest store in London!! This location is incredible and it opens officially tomorrow...we will be resident for 2 weeks next to @xbox @crepprotect and many more in the Experience Zone...the concept grows. Just the beginning! #footlockereu #lukesbarbershop #crepprotect #footlockerapproved #uppercutdeluxe
That moment that takes your gaze away from your clients haircut and you realise that your stand is popping off and the queue is insane. It’s an amazing moment and a quick memory flash happens reminding you of  the progression you’ve made and where it all started and where we’ve come to right this second. A broads smile appears on my face and I get the thought ‘keep going’ I turn my gaze back to my clients hair cut and finish my look and take the gown off shake his hand and welcome my new client into the chair and give him my full attention. Environments, thoughts and feelings may change, but the service, professionalism and job stay constant. Build it high build it strong! 📸 @isaacqureshi #lukesbarbershop #crepecity #balr #bricklane #eventlife #uppercutdeluxe #
Whether your looking to be a stage performer, session stylist, hairdresser of the year, world educator or any of the huge achievable possibilities in this amazing industry it all starts with putting time in behind a chair. If you can’t build and hold on to a clientele and keep a customer happy you have zero chance of keeping an audience, editor, brand, company, event organiser and more importantly your boss happy. Any creative industry either being a musician, photographer or barber is always first and foremost about the craft...the money comes later, sometimes, theres no guarantee apart from the more time you stand and cut hair the better you become and the better you become the more the bigger goals become more of a possibility. Find the right shop and build your career, it’s not all about money...far from it. #lukesbarberagency #hairrecruitment #instajobs #lukesbarberagency #jobs #hairjobs
Footlocker store 2 kicks off this week! This Thursday we open @footlockereu London Marble Arch!! It’s going to be insane... the count down begins. 📸 @photo_parri
Just thought I’d put up something that shows that not everything is rosey and life can just be a pain In the arse, but it can be amusing, depends on how you take it. Having children is haaard and dealing with everything they throw at you can test even then most patient of us! After a Day at the zoo, then a morning in cinema and then bowling. We even won a toy from one of those grabby things and it’s still not enough for a 5 year old who wanted a violet from incredibles 2! 🤦🏼‍♂️#dadlife #neverenough #boysareeasier
It’s true that misery likes company and empty vessels make the loudest noises, as my nan told me for years and I was too stupid to figure it out. Better late than never aye Nan! I find it amusing now to see negative false posts that are  literally put up just to get interactions to validate people’s negative opinions. Well, if all the people liking and commenting are all just negative as the poster what has that achieved?! Nothing whatsoever! For me if I find a business within my industry doing this and then seeing 100s of comments and likes it just shows me that all of them are out of the game because their mindset will hold them back from succeeding. If you find yourself saying ‘oh not again’ or puffing your checks out at the site of seeing the same people spouting the same old stuff it’s time to get rid and feel your feed with pictures, people and things that inspire you and as @willsmith says ‘fan your flames’ if you’re going to give 70% of your attention to your phone make it a good experience rather than one that’s going to bring you down or anger you. 📸 @photo_parri #cleaningoutyourcloset #lukesbarbershop #miserylovescompany #emptyvesselsmaketheloudestnoises
Restyle complete, every angle covered! #lukesbarbershop #uppercutdeluxe #barberslife