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» designer living abroad in Guatemala
» partnering with artisans
» original woven textiles
» vintage textiles @lunazorromarket
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For those of you who have been interested in our Every Mother Counts collection, we have only two (now one!) handwoven, hand embroidered wrap towels left in stock. A beautiful gift, super useful for summer + traveling, and pack a great impact with 50% of sales going back to @everymomcounts
I love the natural light and large scale of this studio office, right down to the miniature orange tree. I’ve had this image saved for so long and don’t know the source. Anyone know?
I love waking up before anyone in my family. It’s my most quiet time of the day and it allows me the space I need before things go full throttle. As often as I can in those early morning moments I try to do a short guided meditation. I throw on my Luna Zorro robe and bring a floor pillow out to the garden while my tea water boils. It’s pretty typical though that my kids sense my alone time and, half asleep, they drag themselves downstairs to join me, laying their warm little bodies across me, bead head, pjs and all. While I prefer to be alone, it’s impossible not to love that they want to be involved. Today, I (we!) started a 15 day Loving Kindness Meditation meant for cultivating general goodwill and positive feelings for all living things, even when they crash your meditation party. 😉 Metta Meditation helps reduce anxiety and stress and honestly helps me to be a kinder, calmer person throughout the day. I love using @theshiftapp not only because its aesthetically beautiful but because it makes meditation an easier and more approachable practice, in my otherwise busy, entrepreneurial, kid-happy life. Who wants to join me and @theshiftapp in 15 days of loving kindness?
Loving the bold vision and positive action of @pintandosantacatarinapalopo Repainting an entire lake village one mural at a time.
Waking up here for meditation on the dock and a cold lake swim followed by hot coffee and breakfast with my little family. ☁️
So much beauty strolling through the streets of Santa Catarina Palopó. Can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and help paint murals here in November with the Luna Zorro x @threadcaravan weaving trip.
cheers to 8 years - happy, happy anniversary @juanbronson 💙
flower power
Colorful Havana stoops.
Oh nothin, just dreamin ‘bout summer in the Tetons.
La calle de la fruta. 🍉🍍🥝
indoor outdoor livin #thisantiguahouse