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SO many fantastic ideas and uses for @lunazorromarket vintage textiles can be found in my current favorite @surfshackbook Most notably featuring my pal and interior design genius @hanawaxmandesign 🏄🏽‍♀️
I've spent countless hours thinking about home this week. The concept of it, both literally and figuratively. As my dear family and friends in Northern California face day 5 of the biggest fire of the century, as they continue to be evacuated and as they lose homes and businesses to this surreal catastrophe, they are being faced with the loss of so much more than just material possessions. Their identity, their livelihoods, their hopes and aspirations, their entire sense of security is being threatened in an overwhelming sense of the unknown. Being so far away from them, for me, is a deeply helpless feeling. But I also see, just beneath the layers of haze and ash, a community coming together stronger than ever before, in defense of HOME. Strangers and neighbors, exhausted and frightened, are nonetheless extending their arms in the name of kindness, of compassion and friendship and in that I believe they're finding strength, finding identity. And as long as that human spirit exists, home exists too. It has to.
One-of-Kind Vintage textile flash sale happening at @lunazorromarket right now. Head over and get these hot cakes while they last.🔥
early morning view from my pillow. ☁️
Day by day.
plant power. @minted
I love that I'm in Miami eating fish tacos and drinking a beer and not one person has spoken to me in English since I landed (except for when the hostess said "follow me's") and the whole kitchen staff is dancing to reggaeton as they cook and the waitress with some serious swagger keeps addressing me as chica. #almosthome 📷@in_high_spirits_inc
early morning @madehotels
Today is the last day of our Pop Up Shop with @casabeythome We still have a few handwoven Luna Zorro pieces left, like these large 32x32" pillows (that come with the inserts). If you're not in NY, but want to purchase the last two pillows like this, please comment below! #lunazorro
Saturday in NY - early morning farmers market stroll in Manhattan and a macrame workshop with the lovely @emily_katz in Brooklyn.👌🏽ps how do I turn this photo into wallpaper...
If you're in Brooklyn during these beautiful Autumn evenings, I highly recommend @pilot_brooklyn for a drink on the water aboard this (docked) schooner. Thanks for the invite @yolandaedwards and @wmbrownproject What a cool spot to watch the sunset with good people drinking for good reasons.🍸