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LD is charged with improving the health and well being of Maine residents by advancing the skills and expertise of health professionals

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An evening well spent in #machias #maine With the partnership of Maine Veterans’ Home and Lenny Brennan DMD, we brought together community members interested in learning how to improve the oral health of Older Adults. #oralhealthforall #oralhealth is #totalhealth #prevention
Lenny Brennan DMD sharing important health information in Machias Maine last night.  Routine and less costly oral health care prevents more costly care. Oral health is related to overall health. #orahealth is #totalhealth #wholehealth #oralhealthforall
Lenny Brennan, DMD educating an Interprofessional community healthcare team about #oralhealth prevention for older adults. Disparities exist for this group and we all play a part in making a difference. #oralhealthforall Poor oral health is not a normal part of healthy aging.
Enjoyed our time spent in the County this fall with the #caribou Maine Veterans’ Home team as they honed their skills at providing #oralhealth care to their residents. Pictured here is MOTIVATE program Champion Toni Fournier, R.N.
#fbf to a meeting of our trusted statewide #mainenursingpreceptoreducationprogram advisory committee. Our newest member is Joshua Little, R.N. from the Maine Veterans’ Home system. Also pictured is Su Sepples, R.N. , PhD of @usouthernmaine
Malori Labarre and Sara Adams, nursing assistants at the Maine Veterans’ Home, are applying what they have learned from the MOTIVATE program as they visited residents with dentist Dr. Lenny Brennan. #cna
Celebrating Maine Veterans’ Home completion of the MOTIVATE #oralhealth program at their GoLive event last week. Their program Champions dressed up as tooth fairies and a cavity to present each resident with MOTIVATE oral health supplies.
What a great day in #caribou #maine last week to celebrate the Maine Veterans’ Home team completing the MOTIVATE #oralhealth program. Dr. Lenny Brennan was there along with @massgeneral Denise OConnell and the MVH Champions including Toni Fournier, Rea Caldwell and Koralie Emerson. Two tooth fairies and one cavity passed out oral health kits to every resident. #oralhealth is #totalhealth #oralhealthforall
Grateful to @inside_dentaquest and to be a part of the #oh2020 #open network and to be at the national convening in #denver to deeper our connections and build our capacity as change agents #oralhealthforall #oralhealth is #totalhealth
#fbf Our expert #nursing #preceptor program advisors after our monthly meeting in September when we also showered our Executive Director Labrini Nelligan with a few #maine baby gifts.
#fbf Our expert #timetoask Advisory Team in #portlandmaine in September
Grateful to Dr. Lenny Brennan for coming to the #county with us yesterday to present to #motivate #oralhealth workshops to the team at the #caribou Maine Veterans’ Home #oralhealthforall