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One of our customers @dnd_bodyshop use our plasma cutter daily just got some more consumables personally delivered. They’ve been using it more than 9 years!
Friday Star of the day. Shoutout to @starkstandard for laying down some beautiful TIG welds
Just some #MIG machines getting ready to make people happy! #lweds
Don’t get blown away out there! #lwelds
Shout out to @denizsaygaz for that good mood on Friday!
Representing LA Shoutout to Jen @gotweldrepair for making sparks fly this Friday!
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Simply amazing custom staircase by @whiteknucklekustoms 👌👌
Shout out to @april_ruggiero who is our welder babe of the job sites a lot more 🔥
Nice stainless steel frame job by @livvy3811 - who seemed to put in a lot of work.
Love seeing out welders put to work by hobbyists and professionals #borntoweld #lwelds
Shout out to @drew.butcher for those colors! 🔥🔥🔥👌