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Hudson Valley NY blogger! Furniture saver, rehabber, DIY-er, lover of good wine, beer and coffee! Mom of 2 beautiful girls and wife to my best friend.

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You guys I can't express enough how important it is properly prep your pieces of furniture before painting or staining.  I am a tad OCD with taking all of the hardware off including the hinges & more. Today I removed even the glass & holders (you'll see why soon). I know it can be time consuming & even tedious. In the long run it's just best & eventually saves time & headaches. I wrap my stuff in cling wrap & label which door they belong to... I can't stand to see painted over screws or hardware, that = laziness! You'll be happier & so will your client. #itsallinadayswork #lynnfern #lovemyjob #furnituremakeover
THIS my friends is why I love soy gel stripper! Look at that gorgeous grain that was hiding! Coming to the blog soon! #home #interior #soygel #table #diningroom #cececaldwellpaints #waituntilyouseewhatsnext
Starting the transformation on this table today!! #cececaldwellpaints #californiagold #grandprairiesage #kukuistainandfinish #lynnfern
Celebrating Shea's birthday at her favorite restaurant @chapalagrill
Happy Easter from the Fern girls & their Peter Cottontails!
These cuties are excited to be at their first Yankees game!! #familyfunday #dabronx #yankeestadium #moblizingnyy
Let's go Yankees!! Taking the girls to their first Yankees game! #nyc #nyyankees #lynnfern #nycevents #bronx #yankees #yankeestadium #moblizingnyy
This sweet dresser didn't last long once the sold sign was put on it.  @thatsweettealife is part of the #craftygirlsandfurniturefriends & up on her blog is the makeover using Pure & Original paints in this color palette! It's gorgeous!
This oval coffee table looks nothing like this now. Using some of my favorite products I took this orange colored finish & transformed it.  It's up on the blog now.  Come on over to see it's beauty now.  #daddyvans #cececaldwellpaints #unicornspitgelstainandglaze #lynnfern
So today we wrapped a project that I am loving & will be sharing on the blog soon. But, as I put my girls to work helping me. They said they loved helping me & I giggled a bit & said well if you're loving it then it's not child labor I suppose. Naturally that brought on a full teaching moment to explain what that even meant. I embrace those moments that present an opportunity to teach my girls that unfortunately there are such things in this life, but they're blessed to be where they are! ❤️ #lynnfern #sayitwithcricut #cricutmade
Off to an all day photography class!! Enjoy this beautiful day! Happy Sunday friends! #sundayfunday #lynnfern #photography