PVRIS | "All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell" out August 25

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A caption on here (or anywhere) will never allow me to fully express the feeling this song evokes in me. I'm not sure if any arrangement of words ever will. It has little to do with the lyrics and everything to do with the instrumentation, production and the atmosphere that it creates... I’ve tried to describe it through a few different outlets, but I’ve come to realize how specific and personal this feeling is… it almost seems like one of those phenomenons that has no word to label it with, something that might be completely subjective and belong to myself and only myself. / / / Like many artists, I find myself constantly torn between wanting to completely bare my soul to everyone, while at the same time, bottle everything up and keep myself hidden. In a way, we are always stripping away parts of ourselves to make the things we present you. This song was started for someone else, another little piece pulled off, but it ultimately turned into something written to and for myself. It helped me realize no matter how many pieces of myself I might strip away for others, whether that is in loving someone or through sharing music like this, other pieces will always remain. Pieces like this one… this strange phenomenon I will never be able to accurately articulate or fully share... this feeling that will most likely only ever belong to me. Perhaps that’s what this song is about in the end... that this feeling won't ever belong to anyone else, and neither will I.

Thanks to all the amazing hard work on this shoot. Thank you @edwardscissorhandsofmusic for creating this song and this feeling with us. Thank you @raulgonzo, for always taking my train wreck of a brain and helping turn feelings like this into something tangible. And thank you @courtneyscarr for sharing your talent and collaborating with us and being the ultimate muse for this video! (You are so special!) Link in bio. 
Had a nice chat with @fault_magazine about the new record. Link in bio. Photo by @btaelor. Glam by @vanmakeupartistry styling by @allisonbornstein6
Catch these hunks and I at one of our in store signings this week & next week. ---------------
Aug 24 HMV // Birmingham UK
Aug 25 Banquet Records // Hippodrome Kingston UK
Aug 25 HMV Oxford street // London (SOLD OUT)
Aug 29 Newbury Comics // Boston, MA ( Newbury Street)
Aug 30 Vintage Vinyl // Fords, NJ
''Twas a grand day of good laughs and gig rippin' at Pukkelpop. Grateful to get to share days like today with some of the best people in the world. Off to London tomorrow. Reading and Leeds you're up next!
Europe bound w @thisispvris crew
Some magic this past winter with Alina Balina fee fi fo feena feena @ohthumbelina
BTS of our @rocksound cover shoot w @justinetrickett. @gavfrontrow
From @thisispvris @rocksound cover shoot. Photo by @justinetrickett (hope you don't mind my putting your pic in b&w!)
Surprise! New. Jam. Right. Now. Link in my bio. #Winter
¿¿¿What on earth was smelling so good ??? 📸: @andi.elloway
@lindseybyrnes took this before she got half naked w us and took more amazing water shots!
Booty had me like @mattyvogel