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Yay. Thanks mom!
Out of Nowhere.
Matina Branch

so delishh~ 🐼🐰 #Davaofood #OON #Outofnowhere #foodporn #food #Davao
#Samal 💕
Majestic sun at Samal.
You are one of the few things why life is beautiful. I will always be thankful and blessed to have you. 🐼💕
Ordered their best seller bbq + sisig and its 5/5 stars. 
Didn't expect that the serving is huge and  larger than what I've expected. It's so satisfying.

Will definitely go back here! 
Thank you 🐼🐼🐼
Hello Sunshine!
Greeted the morning with this kind of view.

Lost my way to you.

Picture perfect at Keepsakes 💕
Saging repablik 💕
Manga con hielo x Chocolate moist cake x Banana chips