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Guitar shop, guitar lessons and recording studio. Official dealer of Martin, ESP, Ibanez and PRS guitars.

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This chord’s name causes some confusion... The Key in this case is E major (E F# G# A B C# D#). This chord E7+9 is written E G# D G. A letter ought not appear twice in a spelling, so in this case the G (the raised 9 or +9) should rather be written on the F line with a double-sharp accidental to get the player to play F double sharp and get the G required! You need this to pass your grade but out in the world, call it the G it is. #musictheory #rules #breaktherules
Got word that the ESP M-II Rusty Iron axe we ordered will be in store next week 🤘 #espguitars #electricguitar
Coming soon...the hand-wired AC15 with the legendary blue speaker
Tuned and cleaned ready for #bandpractice #ibanezprestige #daddario
Mr Davis #vinyl
Up close to the ESP LTD M Black Metal. Easy on the eye and hands as well as an impressive build quality and an array of pro fixings & fitments: Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickup, Floyd Rose trem, ebony board and mahogany body & neck. #espguitars #electricguitar
The latest version of @markperiphery @prsguitars SE landed a few days ago. Here it is in satin whale blue folks #prsguitars #electricguitar
Here’s a serious workout for mind and fingers  by Mick Goodrick. For more, check out his infamous theory book The Advancing Guitarist. #musictheory #guitar
This is a custom shop reproduction of the Ditson D222 dreadnought. Number 99 of 100. #martinguitar #acousticguitar
The @officialibanezguitars RGDIM6 #multiscaleguitar was impatient for its @daddarioandco NYXL upgrade
There is no doubt why Alex Skolnick of @testamentofficial moved to ESP when you lay hands and ears on his original Japanese signature axe in silverburst. A professional quality instrument and genuine collectors item #espguitars #electricguitar #testamentband
@ernieball Paradigm Strings and @espguitars LTD Deluxe EC-1000T make a great team for some serious 🤘🎶 #espguitars #ernieballstrings