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Tasty CE24 in Violin Amber #prsguitars #ce24
This fine PRS S2 Vela Satin just landed #prsguitars #s2vela
Chris Robertson PRS SE in Kentucky Blue. Quality guitar all over #prsguitars
This is the stunning 30th anniversary custom shop version of the Ibanez RG topped in AAAAA quilted maple we have been waiting for since winter Namm 2017. One only!  #ibanez #jcustom #pulpfictioncase #hensteeth
2017 BTB in the house. Serious bassmeisters can be forgiven for drooling #Ibanez #bassguitar #6stringbass
2017 RG finally landed #ibanez
An event of some interest to many guitarists appeared on my gig noticeboard #tattoos
More inaccurate and unorthodox notation to trip the unwary...
The chord labelled D11 occupying beat one is written D, G, C, E, B ascending = Root, 4, b7, 9, 13 which actually suggests D13 (no 3, no 5) or even D13 (sus 2, 4) or C maj9/D.
The Bb entering on beat two is labelled the raised [or aug] fifth when it would be more helpfully called the flat 13 [referring back to beat one before it was flattened by Joe - it's an excerpt from Basie Blues by Joe Pass]. The C on beat 2.33ish is already in the chord as a flat 7 so as the melody note it would be better described as a raised 13. 
The B natural at the end of the triplet at beat 2.66ish is the 13th it started out as but was missing in the chord name! #guitar #notation
Heirloom guitar rescued and restored ready to travel in style #monogigbags #daddariostrings
We have just one of these 30th Anniversary Ibanez J.Customs en route #ibanez #jcustom #hensteeth
Collectors Choice no.11 in yesterday afternoon's sunshine #lespaul #gibson #guitarshop
Excerpt from some cool Jim Hall jazz for two guitars: the Key is G. 
Ignore the "posh" chord names if it looks scary because once you get your chord fretted (G C# F# A ascending), it is only the F# (the 13) voice that needs to be flattened to F (the flat 13 or +5 in this case).
The melody guitar simply runs up an A7 as an arpeggio en route to the 9th (B) via the chromatic A#. #guitar #cooljazz #jimhall