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I'm living my best life 🌊
Need some boy brow, Lana? // Have you read my latest blog post yet? If you haven't, the link is in my bio ☀️🌈 #Glossier
Somebody finally got out of the house ☀️🌴
Finally got my hands on these faux fur babies 🖤
Can we please fast forward to summer because I wanna be able to have time to blog again 😫
📸 @nicoalmariaportraits
Pasta is always a good idea 😋
Surprise, b. Bet you thought you've seen the last of me
📸 @louisgambong
I'm still a frustrated artist, don't judge me 🙍🏻🎨
Catch me living in these pants forever
Cotton candy skies. Hello again, San Rem ✨
I like taking pictures of my shoes, apparently