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Catch me living in these pants forever
Cotton candy skies. Hello again, San Rem ✨
I like taking pictures of my shoes, apparently
Cold blooded outtake 👀
📸 @nicoalmariaportraits ✨
San Rem, you look like a dream ✨🌄
Looking like a tourist in my city 🌃
Smack dab in the middle of Hollyweird
Have you read my latest blog post "Mixed Emotions on Mixed Prints" yet? If you haven't, the link is in my bio! ⚡️ (new post every Wednesday!)
Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy 💸 new shoes from @somethingborrowed_official @zaloraph ✨
in loving memory of the succulent i got last Saturday because i completely forgot to bring it with me when i went home ☹️🌱
braved the heat for a good shot 🌞