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I bake, I blog and I love to eat!
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You’re the Apple of my eye 🍎 📷 @notcolman (Taken at @22storiessg )
Psst, read my blog review yet? More pics on my post. Link in bio!
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Reliving my childhood at 22 stories with classic fairytale stories coming to life! 🌈 Read my blog post for more! #22storiessg #andsoforthjr #andsoforthsg #moniceblogs
📷 @notcolman
When things are going smoothly ☺️☺️
You’re probably bored of seeing this Jewel waterfall on newsfeed already but oh well~ I thought the crowd was gonna be crazy but we didn’t had to queue for our lunch. 😛
Thanks @shiuheng and @euuniceeee for the surprise cake though the staff kinda failed by bringing the whole cake in a plastic bag to the table 🙈🙈 your late story was very convincing indeed, so u both really caught me by surprise. And didn’t expect to have such crazy fun singing with the both of u. We should do this more often 😂😂😂
People usually cry during their vows and I’m just laughing and smiling because whatever @lazyrammy stated in his vow is so damn relatable (and sweet of course) 😂. Almost 3 months into our marriage and people have been asking if there are any major changes in our lives. Not really😅😅, except staying over more often as we are still waiting for our house to be ready. But of course, we’re still feeling blissful more than ever 😍 Thank you for showering me with happiness and love, and assuring your love for me (even when you’re drunk) it’s honestly hard to get angry with you for long 😒 #RamGotMoNICE
Fruit teas have been my favourite bubble tea drink recently especially due to the really hot weather. Love how Bober Tea’s Supreme Fruit Burst 🍓has the perfect balance of sweetness and revitalising taste, top it with passionfruit pop boba and feel the burst of passionfruit juices at the tip of your tongue. Their milk cap series, particularly the Brown sugar boba milk cap fresh milk with brown sugar pearls 🍮 (what a mouthful!), was another enticing cup of goodness. The caramelised flavours are not overly rich, just the way I like. And last but not least, while the Chocolate Fresh milk with Oreo crush 🍫may not be your usual “rich & chocolatey” drink, its light and refreshing flavours definitely won my heart. .
📍Located at Bishan MRT Exit C
Thank you @boberteasg 😍
Photo: @notcolman
Mimi looks so cute here she deserves to be on the cover of my post! 😍 Swipe for more cute puppies! And I just had one of the better Carbonara affordably priced at only $14.90. It blew my mind because we were at a dog cafe, and now I’m craving for more again! & We’ve said this so many times but I wish we stay nearer to each other! 😫
Yay to more Fridays hangout time together!! 💕
Finally a catch-up with @colourfulshades 💕 and got to see her new pup Mimi! She’s already 3-4x her previous size but still so adorable!! Check out her last pic for her guilty face 😂
I never thought of engaging a photographer for our tea ceremony and I WAS SO WRONG. I’m so grateful that @bespokephotographysg helped me to capture these beautiful moments that I can always look back and reminisce. No matter how simple you think your wedding is, photographing your special & joyous moments is something you should never miss. More photos up on my blog.
Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🌹😍 Received a sweet gift from hubby earlier on. This somehow reminds me of a wedding arch and that’s our wedding date 💕 LOVE IT! Can’t wait to display it in our house!