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Detroit! 📷: @goodguychady #posttraumatictour @outbreakpresents
I designed a new cover for @annashinoda’s book! ❤️📚👍🏽
‪paperback edition‬
‪May 7, 2019‬
‪More info on pre-order to come ‬ ‪#ShinodaXShinoda‬
A Place For My Head /// on stage with @donbroco in Boston /// 📷: @goodguychady #posttraumatictour @outbreakpresents
Soundcheck Sessions: Live in Moscow /// Out now on @applemusic
Exciting news: I have a behind-the-scenes special coming out on @applemusic. It’s called Soundcheck Sessions: Live in Moscow, and will be available on November 15th. Mark your calendars!
Epic shows this week. This was from last night in Chicago.  @goodguychady @antihype.tv @outbreakpresents #posttraumatictour
Got a unicorn beanie and a customized Iron Man mask in Chicago tonight. They go well together.  BTW, did you come up with a DJ name for me?
Got a little rowdy with Denver tonight. And sang “Bleed It Out” with this young lady who killed it. 🙏🏽🔥❤️
Love these photos by @goodguychady /// Thanks SLC /// Let’s go to Denver 🚀❤️
Time lapse of VIP mural /// Each show day, I spend a while with our VIP group.  I draw on a backdrop made of lots of 12” panels.  At the end of the session, the fans color it in, and they each keep one of the panels.
Happy on the inside, though.