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John White, a Biostatistics major at the Fairbanks School of Public Health and MAC tutor, loves watching Netflix, spending time with friends, and studying ancient languages in his free time. #WeAreYou
"When I went to the MAC, they answered all of my questions and really helped me truly understand the material. No question was a dumb question for them, and they really wanted to help me succeed." – Alyssa Hostetler, a @herronschool student. #FridayFeature
Are you stressing about your summer math courses? Don't worry—we're open on weekdays from 9AM to 6PM. #SummerAtTheMAC #WeAreOpen
We're so proud of our seniors for graduating today. Good luck in your future endeavors, Jags!
"Lots of people will separate art and science people into two different categories but I like both. I spent three semesters at Herron before switching to math...I still love making art when I have time." – Annika Bontrager, an @iupuiscience student and MAC tutor #WeAreYou
Alyssa Kane, a @kelleyindy Finance student, and Elise A’Hearn, a student from  the IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, are two friends and MAC receptionists. Alyssa loves writing poetry and music, while Elise likes eating pasta and being outside in nice weather. #WeAreYou
Darby McGill is a Media Arts & Science major at @soicindy. When asked what made her unique, Darby answered that she "enjoy[s] math even though [she is] in a computer-based field." #WeAreYou
Ashley Yauch is a Tourism Convention & Event Management student at @iupetm. She appreciates that the MAC is led by students, because it is easier to relate to them. Ashley loves working on her homework at the MAC, because of its central location on campus and resources available to students.
We are starting a new campaign this week. We want everyone to reflect that there is no mathematical person, or liberal arts person, or STEM person. We are all human, all learning, and all part of each other’s growth. We @macatiupui and @iupui are all in this together. #WeAreYou
Great things are going on at the MAC All Hands on Deck meeting. Training and getting ready to help students this fall!
Thanks to everyone that helped make bridge a huge success. The MAC Stat walls look great! Can’t wait to see everyone at the MAC this fall!