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This is the way I feel about @nbcthisisus coming back tomorrow night! 
Episode 3.10 trailer -

I love my school teachers, set teachers, art, music, theater, etc. ALL teachers! I’m wearing #Red4Ed to stand in strong #solidarity w/our sisters & brothers @UTLAnow. 
Dignity & respect for educators is fundamental to student success! When we stand together, we win! 
Students deserve smaller class sizes, counselors, and nurses. Educators deserve dignity and respect on the job. That’s why I’m standing with @UTLAnow. When we fight, we win!
Since the new year started, we’ve been trying to clean and go through boxes in the garage, closets, everywhere. We’ve donated and we’re gonna have a garage sale soon.  The best part of going through old boxes so far has been finding old photos and recipes from my grandma, with her handwritten notes attached. I can totally picture her making her famous caramel corn. She would make 70-100 cans for family and friends for the holidays. Today my mom and I worked all day and made 4 cans. Four. And we’re so tired! I know my grandma would be so happy knowing her daughter and granddaughter are continuing her tradition. I ❤️ you and miss you so much.
For almost two months trying to get @jamescharles new Morphe palette. Calling every @ultabeauty every day. The struggle is real y’all. So happy you’re doing so well. Love you, sister! Xoxo
My mom’s wearing the great one’s jersey AND he played for the oilers, and he showed up at our restaurant for lunch! We were too chicken to talk to him though. My dad was honestly freaking out! Next time #waynegretzky we’re gonna come over and say “hi”! So who you rooting for in tonight’s game?? @lakings or @edmontonoilers ? We’re fans of both!!
Maybe next year’s holiday card?
Fun birthday party @mylalive to celebrate Griffin! Ice skating is hard! But it’s fun and good exercise. I’m looking forward to lunch @chefwolfgangpuck ! Happy weekend, all!
I did this #popsugartwinning thing 4 times using 4 different photos and I keep matching with @mrjakejohnson . Ok, powers that be out there,... please cast us together in a project as brother/sister? Uncle/niece? Members of the next spider verse?
#tbt to two years ago filming the @nbcthisisus Christmas episode where little Kate had appendicitis and @sullivangrams (Toby) had something worse. I just noticed my hospital bracelet says Dr. Grey was my doctor. Did we have a @greysabc crossover that I didn’t even know about? Happy almost Friday, y’all... have a great weekend! We’ll be back on Tuesday, 1/15.
Oh my gosh! What an amazing way to start 2019 with some DELICIOUS cinnamon rolls! Thank you @flourpowerbakerybyerica for sending these to arrive in time for New Year’s Day breakfast! Miss Erica even sent us a zip lock of powdered sugar so we could make the cream cheese frosting! My dad said, can we have these every week? Thank you again and I hope you all have a very sweet 2019!
Just made it before midnight! Happy birthday sweet @giovonaralphs !  Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful new year! Love you! Happy double digits!! Xoxo
#topnine2018 was tough! I had picked 12 pics and it was only March! I think the most wonderful thing about the year is not the events I went to, but the people I met. I loved meeting all the ambassadors with @cmnhospitals in their rock the runway event and loved visiting @trddy5 and his twin sister @photographer_zoe_grace in Brooklyn for the @slimeexponyc ! I love slime and I love my friends (not necessarily in that order...). I love being a @girlscouts ! I can’t believe we’re gonna start selling cookies again soon. I loved going to camp @campjcashalom and am so sad it was destroyed in the recent fires. I hope the camp will rebuild soon so other kids can experience the joy of going there. I am so proud of my dad for shaving his head to benefit @stbaldricks and I look forward to him doing it again in 2019. My mom and I geeked out when we met #tinafey ! I love my @nbcthisisus family and am always so happy to celebrate with them! Bless all my friends and family and I hope 2019 brings you all good health, love and peace! See you all next year!!