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You know it’s a busy day at the park when the lines for snacks are as long as the rides... but I  think we have our priorities straight... 🥨 🍦
Starting off with a yummy breakfast this morning and then the Girl Scouts are off to the park!!
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported me and bought @girlscouts cookies this season. I reached my goal of selling 1,000+ boxes and today we’re at the Disneyland hotel and tomorrow I’ll be at a breakfast with the “Elite 1,000” the other Girl Scouts in our area who sold over 1,000 boxes, too. Then we’ll all be going to Disneyland and California Adventure. I can’t wait to meet all the girls! It’s gonna be a fun day. Thanks again everyone!! Have a great weekend, all!
CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) testing starts today! I usually just eat cereal for breakfast, but mom got up early and made me bacon, eggs, toast, juice and cut up strawberries, bananas and cantaloupe (my favorite). I couldn’t really study for these, but I got to bed early last night and I got a good breakfast this am! Wish me luck. There are 7 days total of these tests. Yeesh...
Thanks @gettyimages for always capturing the fun and excitement of every event. And thanks @shortyawards and @gregory for hosting a wonderful event last night. Congrats to all the winners and to all who participate in social media who continue to put out fun, funny, heartwarming, happy, true content. Props to you all!! You’re all awesome!
How handsome and well dressed and NICE are these guys @queereye ?! So happy to meet you all tonight @shortyawards . Wish you could spend 10 minutes with my dad. Love him, but he needs your help!!
We’re here @shortyawards ! We’ll be onstage soon to present and maybe again to accept for @nbcthisisus ?? You never know!! But we’re having fun no matter what!
Here’s the after pic, taken out of the bathroom... thank you so much to @johnnygaita and @csfanco for coming into the city early Sunday morning to get me ready for the @shortyawards tonight. And thank you to @jnrnation for my amazing galaxy outfit coming all the way from Australia! I LOVE it.
Could this cast BE more talented? Could this show BE more entertaining? Could they BE any nicer in real life? It was so nice meeting you all. You were awesome!! Please come to LA so we can invite all our “friends”! @friendsmusicalparody 
Love @hersheyschocolateworld . Love the new location with the bakery and s’mores!! It’s hard to leave. So much fun!
Getting ready for #spongebobsquarepantsthemusical ! Can’t wait!! It really looks like Bikini Bottom in here!!
@hashtagbrianesposito , Love you Brian!!