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Have a great fall intercession and fall break, Braves!
Scenes from the 2018 Homecoming Parade! Check #Maconaquah’s Facebook for more photos and live videos.
Say hello to your 2018 Maconaquah High School homecoming court!

Bottom row from left: Zoraida Navarro, Kaelyn Shircliff, Bailey Hays, Alice Miller, Tia Helms
Top row from left: Morgan Wilson, Wyatt Willson, Hunter Hays, Paxton Kintner, Collin Silvers

Photo by Dorie Gillespie.
Once again, we are offering after school tutoring for 8th grade students through the Gear Up program.  Students stay after school and receive tutoring or homework help in any subject needed.  The program also offers transportation free!  Students can be picked up or bused home.  Please contact Mr. Shaffer at the Middle School to setup transportation arrangements.  The program lasts until 5 pm.  Snacks are provided along with school work help.

If your child is struggling with his/her work, here is a great FREE opportunity to get them help. Call 765-689-9131 ext 4107 or email
Good luck tonight, Braves! Bring home a W from Tiger territory!
Big thanks to @keithdeltano for visiting our schools today for an anti-bullying convocation!
A little rain didn’t stop all the fun at the Miami County 4-H Fairgrounds today! Fourth graders from the county attended Ag Day, and #Maconaquah High School’s FFA was one of the stations at which students stopped. Great job, Braves!
Let's hear it for #Maconaquah Elementary School's cafeteria staff! They had a surprise visit from the health inspector earlier this week, and they earned 100% compliance with ZERO violations. Thank you for all you do, ladies!
Daniel Stauffer, Monsanto District Sales Manager, visited Maconaquah Middle School this morning to present a check for $25,000 to the school’s cattle program.

#Maconaquah Cattle Company received a Grow Rural Education grant this summer through the America’s Farmer’s Monsanto Fund.

Stauffer and MMS Principal Craig Jernagan shared a little about the grant program and Maconaquah Cattle Company. They also thanked the many local farmers that nominated the school for the grant program. 
Theresa and Rod Alspaugh, Wanda and Jerry Hopper, Steven Maple, and Bob Harkema representing Edwards Farms attended the presentation, and many other local farmers have supported Maconaquah Cattle Company in recent years as the program has started.
This is Mike Glassburn, head custodian at #Maconaquah High School.

During a potential gun threat at Maconaquah on August 6th, Mike diffused the situation before law enforcement arrived moments later. "It was a team effort," he said. "I just did what any other staff member would have done." Let's show our gratitude and appreciation for Mike. His dedication to the safety of our students is a great example of how deeply our Maconaquah staff members care.
Registration for Maconaquah School Corporation is still open for the 2018-19 school year! The deadline to enroll is September 7. Come join the only school corporation in Miami County with STEM-certified schools, 1:1 computing K-12, eLearning days in place of snow days, and a school culture that is second to none. We have three bus stops in Peru, and we will also send a bus to Walton and the north side of Kokomo. We want to see you be Brave!
Welcome back, Braves! The 2018-19 school year started on the right foot this morning. Look at those smiling faces! Photos by #Maconaquah student photographers Dorie Gillespie and Bethany Aburn.