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Daphne Peters putting the hot in psychotic 💀
We look like we’re each at a different stage of sneezing
Did someone say bottomless brunch!!!!!! Every time the show is on @nbcsnl my heart takes flight.. and a little Handmaid gets her wings (lol get it?) also KATE FUCKIN MCKINNON. AS JANINE. AHHHHHHHH 🤗🤗🤗
Happy Saturday to everyone except Aaron Schlossberg! xoxo @ty_baumann
Have you watched episode 5?!!! Also I’m taking over @handmaidsonhulu !!!! @otfagbenle is a tough act to follow so wish me luck
how’s ur Monday going?
who is watching episode 4 today? #ResistSister
my cuzzo/sister/bff/noodle is TWENTY today. my favorite piercing/tattoo partner (much to each of our fathers dismay). My very talented, intelligent, so funny, and kind lil boodle I love ya 💕
I believe this was the moment we saw the Handmaids.  this exhibition at @scadfash celebrating @anecrabtree was so profoundly moving and inspiring. Witnessing Ane work first hand is a master class in artistry, honoring stories, trusting intuition, and denying nothing. I was so, so proud to be there with some Handmaids family to celebrate this achievement. Love you and forever grateful to know you Ane, you wonderful witchy woman 🕷❤️
CAM is going to Fantasia Festival and my heart is SINGING 💕 (sry but prepare to be spammed in the coming hours/days/weeks)
#OldHeadshotDay 👽
that blonde looks totally natural, no? sweet 19 year old Mad you were such an adventure
beautiful mum and I had a helluva time talking with babes at @the.wing