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Season 2 Finale. I cried I laughed I was sweating a lot I hugged my friends and many strangers and I drank vodka and ate spaghetti and I know Chrissy Teigen was there but I didn’t see her so basically none of it was worth it (jk it was the most amazing night I’ll get u next time CT)
#LOLA ❤️ CAM 💕@fantasiafestival
The Pink Room 💕 CAM @fantasiafestival
Hey looks it’s me with panties in my mouth! CAM is premiering at @fantasiafestival in 11 days and I’m so excited I could just spit
This is not fiction. This is not @HandmaidsOnHulu. I read the story of Rebecca. She was prostituted from the age of 14 to 27 in the UK. Join @equalitynoworg in their fight to change laws and transform the system - creating a just and equal world for women and girls, like Rebecca. #HopeLivesInEveryName, give yours. Link in bio for the full-length video.
Papa with civil rights activist Octavius Catto in Philly not long ago. When I’m with my Dad, it is guaranteed that I will learn and I will laugh. He is sensitive, insightful, strong, creative, and kind. I’m so proud to be even a pinch of the person he is. I love you Pop. Happy Fathers Day
And bc I had never even heard of this man until my dad told me (thanks SCHOOL), here’s a tiny bit of his story:
“During the socially and politically fraught years in the United States before the American Civil War and through early Reconstruction in the United States, emerged an extraordinary young black man, Octavius Valentine Catto in Philadelphia. He was seen as "the most magnetic and promising leader that the Philadelphia black community had yet produced." Then on October 10, 1871, Catto was murdered on the streets of Philadelphia along with four other black men and where many other blacks were shot and beaten in an election day riot aimed to suppress the black vote.” -
the more you know ☝️
Suck my dick. Happy Friday!
YoUuuuuuuuu ✨💙 #TakeMeToMcChurch
I’m a sparkly court jester. Wanna be friends?
Chatted bout my sweet girl J for @elleusa
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