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nyc this week 😁
me @ u if you haven’t seen episode 8 yet 😁 #TheHandmaidsTale
my girl DAWN 🌅💋 @hustlersmovie trailer dropping in one week #July17
In  #Bolivia, the law of estupro imposes lesser penalties for the rape of an adolescent girl than of a young girl or adult woman. In #Kazakhstan a perpetrator may be exempt from criminal liability if he shows repentance, such as providing his victim with monetary “compensation” for his crime.
@HandmaidsOnHulu viewers recently saw Janine severely beaten by Aunt Lydia at the Putnam’s home in full view of the commanders and their wives. Janine’s body and person are treated by the state and by those in power as a tool to serve their own wants, desires and ends.
Every week, #Gilead takes us into a terrifying world where women are robbed of any agency over their own bodies. I want to live in a world as far away as possible from Janine’s reality in Gilead - a world where women and girls are not at risk of sexual violence. 
Sexual violence is recognized as a violation of the human rights of women and girls and it is estimated that​ ​one in three​ women worldwide will experience gender-based violence in their lifetime, regardless of age, background or location of residence.
Gilead was founded on the principle of denying women agency over their own bodies and disposing of the tools and resources that enable women to take steps to advocate for their own safety and security. I am proud to partner with @equalitynoworg & @Hulu’s @handmaidsonhulu as we work toward a world we all want to live in. Head to the link in bio to learn more. #TheWorldIWantToLiveIn #WakeUp
#HandmaidsTale #BlessedBeTheFight #EndSexualViolence
I spent less than 24 hours in Nevada and all I got was this fuckin ‘gram content (and like 11 new friends 💜)
Trailer be droppin July 17! #HustlersMovie
@marcjacobs @vogue @wethewomencollective 👻💋
hey I did an interview with @cosmopolitan it’s in my bio I talked about @hustlersmovie and @handmaidsonhulu also big shout to the homie @maxwelllosgar ... thank you for this you’re a nice person
who has seen episode 4? #TheHandmaidsTale
Is it just me or do my hands look like I’m plotting something diabolical 👉
I need a hair cut
The wait is over, friends 
First 3 episodes available now on @hulu