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10 years. I did 3 to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. Wtf is this. I’m having. A crisis of self. Who is that? Who WAS that? Who am I? Whatever we’re floating on a rock and time isn’t real my point is basically drink more water we’re chronically dehydrated as a nation
A PIC OF ADRIEN AND HIS CHIHUAHUA TO BLESS YOUR WEEKEND UR WELCOME I stole this from @cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum this is the content I desire most deeply thank you
maybe I’m menstruating this made me burst into tears and giggle simultaneously. It means so much to me that people still appreciate this sweet girl SIX AND A HALF YEARS later. long live baby T. #OITNB
last nighto !!!! 🖤 my coven: @jennakristina @mararoszak @emmajademorrison @ckaedingcolor @alex.schack 🖤
the @instylemagazine elevator. I have ARRIVED literally and figuratively
@braid.themovie comin February ☔️
(do not threaten people with knives to make them kiss you)
my sweetest lil binch and I went to @hotelcalifornian and had a lovely time and we tried to take those super neato pictures like bloggers take to show off this gorgeous hotel but we’re us so this is what we got. we basically just bought Christmas gifts and made out a lot thank u so much #HotelCalifornian for a perfect jaunt 🌺☀️
this man is a tremendously strange man and I love this strange man tremendously happy new year my fools
saying bye byeeeee to 2018 like 
everyone had to secretly hold hands under the sweater it was mandatory also @livnolan_ and @robbie.petersen won the gingerbread house competition which is fine I’m not bitter
mfw I run out of wrapping paper 👿
anyway @camthefilm is on Netflix and is a lovely holiday treat for the whole family
BRAID TRAILER 😈☠️🔪 coming @ u February 2019