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Cam Special Screening!
 I’m posting this bc I’m sorry but I look so casual and chill and I am very literally the least chill person ever
@camthefilm BTS 📷: @nolwencif
#Flauntmagazine #TheTransienceIssue
Photographed by @Williamlords
Styled by @newheartnyc wearing @louisvuitton
Hair by @keithcarpenterhair
Makeup by @yumi_mori
Lola_Lola is ONLINE 💘
💙 LOS ANGELES! @camthefilm is playing TONIGHT (midnight) & MONDAY NIGHT (9:15pm) at @AFIFEST !!! 💕 please check it out ❤️
@rowanuniversity @rowanathletics what the hell? Banning the women’s cross country athletes from wearing just sports bras because it is distracting to the football team. What year is it? You’ve just let your women student-athletes know EXACTLY how insignificant they are to your school. A UNIVERSITY (where adult human beings attend) mandating rules to its WOMEN STUDENTS that their bodies are DISTRACTING. “The problem here is not the women on the team. The problem is not the women wearing sports bras. The problem is not women's bodies. Rape culture is the problem.” As a university, you have told your women students that their bodies, unless covered, are an invitation for unwanted male attention and that their comfort and freedom as ATHLETES is UNIMPORTANT compared to the male football players. “Let me highlight the fact that the women running around the track in sports bras at their own practice were claimed to be distracting to the football players on the field during the same time. As if the women no longer being able to run in sports bras wasn't enough, now they're no longer allowed to run on the track, period. The girls are now mandated to run on the local high school track on workout days.” Spending millions to bring your university into the 21st century and now your forcing your students back to the 1950s.  #RapeCulture #UniversityMandatedSlutShaming 👌 Thank you #GinaCapone for writing this piece
full trailer in me bio & on the YouTube! @camthefilm comes to @netflix in 8 days 💕
my boyfriend is shooting a badass movie & looking like this hows ur night goin imma take a cold shower bye
#CVFF in @proenzaschouler 🐅 what an honor to wear the designs of the very first fund winners! such a lovely evening celebrating craft and artistry in fashion. many deserved congratulations to the designers (especially the extraordinary and talented @rderavenel and the brilliant fashion fund winner @pyermoss) !!
no pants dance @venimagazine
goals 📚 (just jokes @spencerneville_13 😇)