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This lyric by Jason Mraz has been on my mind for about a week last month and keeps popping back in now & then.
I think it's something beautiful to wish to the people around you; that the best thing that happened to them today, will be the worst part of their next day.
Took some time this morning to make some memory pages in my bullet journal for my adventures from the past week.

1st photo: memories from @stockholm
2nd photo: some bujo souvenirs from Stockholm
3rd photo: memories from family weekend @duinrell_officieel
About an hour ago I touched Dutch ground again. I had a great time in Stockholm; a nice mix between vacation and coming home. 
Over the weekend I'll take time to fill these pages or should I make a separate spread for my holidays? Still debating on that.

If you want to know what I've done over the past week, make sure to check the highlighted stories about my trip.
I've added paper planes to my September layout and that not without reason.
Because September is the month of my summer holiday and I'm flying to Stockholm! I'm so excited!

In Stockholm I'll meet with some friends (3 years ago I studied @stockholmuniversity for one semester), take beautiful strolls and walks in the city, visit the archipelago and some museums, relax and read books in pretty places and do some shopping.
I've made a new timelapse video about the September setup in my Bullet Journal.
Next month is finally my holidays, so I've added a bit of a travel theme together with many shades of blue.
You can watch it all through the link in my bio.
Some journallers think it's not a good idea to add watercolour to your pages. 
But it is definitely possible. Just make sure you don't add tons of water and give it time to dry completely. Oh, and if you don't want your pages to get a little wobbly, then you'd probably better pass on this one...
A fresh weekly log in my Bullet Journal for next week, even before I pencil in my appointments and to-do's. The very last bit of yellow for August.

Tomorrow I'm setting up for September. What colour theme do you think I'll be using?
August is rushing by!
Time to start sharing some of my bujo content for this month before September starts.
Bright like today's sunshine. That's what my monthly log for August looks like. 
What colour theme have you used for this month?
August has arrived and since I didn't film a setup video for July, I thought I'd surprise you all with my first ever narrated flip through.
And ofcourse I've filmed a setup for August again. So if you want to see that, follow the link in my profile.
I've just uploaded a new Plan With Me video. You can see all about the setup I've made for August in my Bullet Journal.
See all & get inspired by this summery theme by clicking the link in my bio!
July is well into its second half and it's only now that I managed to make a front page for this month. A little late, I know.
Next month I'll do better, because I've already sketched it out in my bullet journal 👍🏻 Inspired by @studiodottie