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Bullet journalist, calms down w watercolour & loves 2 hug ferret Mexy.

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Is your March flying by as quick as mine?
I feel way too busy with things going on, things coming up and things on my mind...
Luckily I can put some of the things that occupy my head in my Bullet Journal. Where would I be without it...
It's just a matter of patience and taking your time.

Working on a little Bullet Journal project for a friend tonight.
Let me open up your eyes to the inspiration that is right at your feet.
An idea for a drawing or watercolour is all around you. Even a duvet cover can do the trick to get your creative juices flowing.
Click the link in my bio for the full blog post.

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Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

#throwbackthursday to my journal setup from last January.
Do you think a Bullet Journal needs to be perfect? 
Time to change that with a new series of blog posts.

On the blog I share my view on making mistakes and why imperfections should be more visible online. Click the link in my profile to read it all.

Photocredit to @teaching_funshines_bujo
The past weekend I worked on a watercolour piece for a friend.
Or better said: for the nursery of her cute daughter Marit.
On the left you see her birth card. My friend asked to make something with a giraffe and the triangle style I used in some previous watercolours.

I really like how it turned out and I hope she'll love it too.
For this month's setup I've added some watercolour again. Some pretty yellow and green for a Spring theme. 😍
March is well on it's way already. 
What plans do you have for this month?

I for one plan to celebrate my 31st birthday at the end of the month. Yay! 🎉

Also there's a few things I'll be working on and sharing on the blog, so keep an eye.
(Link in bio)
Here it is, the video of my March setup in my Bullet Journal.
It has lots of warm Spring colours, some drawings and watercolours and a lovely layout to give more structure to this new month ahead. 
In my profile you find a link to the entire video, including the end result.
February has come & gone and it had a chilly tail to it. So this geometric ice bear in my February setup is more than appropriate 😆

Due to personal circumstances my March setup is a little delayed. I hope I'll be able to upload the video tonight, otherwise it will be sometime Sunday afternoon. Please bear with me 😉
Every month my sweet ferret Mexy gets her own tracker.
Everyday I track how she was doing (as in active or sleepy) and the medication she gets, and once a week I track her weight.
I love watching others doing some handlettering, so I thought I'd give it a try myself. 
Unfortunately I didn't realise I can't crop the edges off with the software I currently use... So, please ignore that 😆

Let me know what you think: want to see more little clips like this one here?