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Two pages that are ready for some memories and things I'm grateful for.
This month I'm especially grateful for friends that are there for me when life hands me hard times and challenges. And I'm grateful that I get to be there for others too when they need it.

What are you grateful for so far in July?
Last weeks weekly log was just as pink as the monthly log I shared last week.
July is going to be pretty in pink, although this weeks weekly log is a bit more tempered. Everything needs to be balanced right?
A new month means a new colour theme. For July I chose all shades of pink. And ok, here & there some orange and red.

What's the colours you chose for July?
June is almost over and I haven't even shared my habit tracker yet!
The last few months I've kept my setup very basic with here & there something extra. This time I chose a quote by Agatha Christie.
What are you grateful for today?
This monthly log from June isn't very filled, but as the month progresses it keeps filling up.
Mostly with fun stuff though, so that's good.
But I need to keep an eye on giving myself enough me-time; time to wind down and do something to re-energize.

How do you make sure there's enough me-time for yourself?
I have nade many timelapses of my monthly setup for my Bullet Journal. But never before have I shared my weekly setup.
It's about time don't you think? So here it is!

If you want to see it a tad slower, follow the link in my bio. ➡️
Wow, somehow this week was weird. I didn't have that much planned besides work and sports, but still every evening seemed too short to update you guys on my June spreads in my bullet journal.
But now it's weekend and I finally took some pictures. This is my June frontpage, not perfect at all but at least I have a front page. The last few months I left a page blank to fill in later, but I never got round to filling it. 😅
This little birdy is going to whistle May goodbye.
Now that I'm typing this, I realise how much I've enjoyed the chatter of birds the past month. In the morning when I wake up with the windows open and during the walks I've made during my days off.
Is your mind still open to hear the birds singing around you?
I've finally filmed my Bullet Journal setup again!
I didn't capture it all, cause my camera died and I didn't notice in time... But still there's a nice time lapse and all pages are shown in the end.

To see the full video, click the link in my bio.
A new week is set up in my Bullet Journal.
The last week with a blue/grey theme.

What colour theme do you think June will be?
Everyday I draw & write out the weather for the next day in my weekly log. (How) do you track the weather?