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Celebrating life with creativity & a positive attitude and you can do that too!
Bullet journalist, calms down w watercolour & loves 2 hug ferret Mexy.

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Everyday I draw & write out the weather for the next day in my weekly log. (How) do you track the weather?
To celebrate that I have 12 days of holiday, I gifted myself this beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Check my stories for more pretty flowers.

I'm spending most of my time at home, working on some creative projects, reading and working on myself. And I'm going to Germany for 2 days with a friend for a little abroad feelings this holiday.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's that follow me! I hope you are pampered by your loved ones.
Buy I'm also thinking of those who would love to be a mom, but can't for whatever reasons. I hope today you will be surrounded by people that can comfort & support you. 💗
I'm ready for the Eurovision Song Contest!
I made a scoresheet in my Bullet Journal, just like me and my sister would do when we were young. Good memories. 😄
Here's last weeks weekly log in my Bullet Journal.
It seems this layout suits me well for now, although I still could make more use of the notes section...
A little peek into this work in progress on this Ascension Day.
Yesterday my 2nd grandpa died (2nd husband of my grandma), so I'm making some condolences cards to send to those closest to him. 💌
We're a week in, but finally there's sightings of my Bullet Journal layout for May.
I didn't have much time to set it up, so I kept it plain & simple. A simple layout is better than none...
For the first time ever I participated in the Instaswap.
Yesterday I sent the swap I put together on it's way to a new owner and today I already received my swap!
Check out my stories for the unboxing 😁
Thanks to @jesjestam for this spot on swap! 💗💗💗
An evening strolling through Rotterdam with @ryanv.l 
Always a treat to find (more or less) hidden gems.
Ok, I promise: this is the last picture I'll share from my April setup.
And for the sharp eyed among you: yes, I took this picture a month ago. 😁

I know I should've finished my May setup earlier, but other things needed attention first. Although it's very impractical to make my daily logs on a post it note now...
It's almost May and I haven't even started to set it up in my bullet journal...
Good moment to finally share my front page for April so I thought. 😄

Happy Sunday everyone!
This is one of my favourite pages of this month layout-wise.
I found out I really like the combination some drawing with a picture.

What is your favourite layout?