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I've changed my monthly log back to how the @bulletjournal system was designed. And I like it, this way I have a much better sense of how busy a week or the entire month is.
It took me some time to fill the page on the right, but finally I did manage to do so. Swipe left to see what it looks like now.
The November setup in my Bullet Journal comes with a challenge.
I've limited myself to use only 3 pens the entire month: 1 black Staedtler fineliner, 1 blue Faber-Castell fineliner and 1 fountain pen filled with petrol blue ink.
So no cut out images, no washi tape. Just to go back to the basics, focus on what I want my bujo to do for me and how I can make it work. And of course decorating is allowed, but only with the use of these three pens. So I expect to be much more creative myself with this instead of using external materials to decorate. (Ok, I already failed here by using some leftover wrapping paper for this front page, but for the rest of the pages I'm doing well so far) 😆

Have you ever gone back to the (almost) bare basics for your journal? How did it go? Did it help you?

P.S.: I know I've been a bit MIA in October, but I'm planning 😉 to give you more updates and insights this month. Stay tuned & hit the follow button to see it all!
Today is an exciting day, because I got myself a copy of The Bullet Journal Method!
I'm super curious to dive in to it, but I promised myself I'd first finish another book that also deserves my undivided attention.
Anticipation is half the fun, right?

Do you already have your copy? What do you think about it so far?
After a week of health struggles with my lungs, I finally started feeling better today. So I got to do some swimming, very very slowly. But hey, I went and that's great!
And to celebrate a little and take some time ton write & read, I treated myself a cup of tea @villa_augustus 
Almost ready for a new week. Only some planning and appointments to put into this weekly log.

I'm really loving this combination of green and some gold accents. It's calming & stylish with a pop. 😄
Today after work I joined a a workshop flower arranging with some colleagues. The theme was autumn and I've come home with a beautiful piece.
The second pictures shows how it's standing in my home right now.
It's time to start filling my new cleaning schedule.
How it works? All empty spaces are tasks that need to be done. On the left are tasks that go by week and on the right are tasks that need to be done in that month.
This works great for me.

Hands up in the comments if ticking things off also motivates you to get it done. 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻
The result of yesterdays card making session.
The goal was something ink blue & elegant. Which one do you think fits best?
This lyric by Jason Mraz has been on my mind for about a week last month and keeps popping back in now & then.
I think it's something beautiful to wish to the people around you; that the best thing that happened to them today, will be the worst part of their next day.
Took some time this morning to make some memory pages in my bullet journal for my adventures from the past week.

1st photo: memories from @stockholm
2nd photo: some bujo souvenirs from Stockholm
3rd photo: memories from family weekend @duinrell_officieel
About an hour ago I touched Dutch ground again. I had a great time in Stockholm; a nice mix between vacation and coming home. 
Over the weekend I'll take time to fill these pages or should I make a separate spread for my holidays? Still debating on that.

If you want to know what I've done over the past week, make sure to check the highlighted stories about my trip.
I've added paper planes to my September layout and that not without reason.
Because September is the month of my summer holiday and I'm flying to Stockholm! I'm so excited!

In Stockholm I'll meet with some friends (3 years ago I studied @stockholmuniversity for one semester), take beautiful strolls and walks in the city, visit the archipelago and some museums, relax and read books in pretty places and do some shopping.