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MA RCA Ceramic artist/designer/maker
Clay explorer and manipulator.
Research & experimentation is the core of my practice.
Is all about the journey.

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Another exquisite photo of this bud vase from Justin!
This vase was sitting patiently for at least 2 years waiting for this moment!

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Another vase borrowed from fellow @thamessidestudiosse18 resident @madebymanos. There is a very ecclesiastical feel to this piece; this way up it looks like the dome of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, and inverted it has a strong resemblance to the fan vaults of buildings like King’s College Cambridge, or the cloister of Gloucester Cathedral. #ceramics #ceramic #ceramica #ceramicart #ceramicartist #profoto  #art #artisan #fineart #creativity #shadows #shadow #clay  #white #porcelain #picoftheday #pictureoftheday
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The oak wood in this pic was being discarded, so I decided to rescue it. I have been after an interesting piece like this for a while to use in set designs. It works well with this porcelain vase kindly loaned by @madebymanos for the test. #ceramics #ceramic #ceramica #ceramicart #ceramicartist #art #artisan #fineart #creativity #shadows #clay #white #porcelain
Aegean Fos light sculpture from the top. To mention that is made out entirely from porcelain by hand and not plastic 3D printed!
Colour testing with Parian porcelain. Matches the weather today.

Love Parian and its history.

It was named after Paros, a Greek island renowned for its fine-textured, white marble of the same name. It was first made in England in 1846 which succeeded in producing a very perfect imitation of marble, both in surface and in tint. The marble Parian Ware captivated Victorians. It allowed the middle classes to possess articles of high art. And by the end of the 19th Century, every properly furnished Victorian parlor contained at least one piece of it. Victorians welcomed Parian’s inexpensive, small-scale copies of busts of literary and political figures, as well as its decorative vases, boxes and pitchers, adorning their homes with these ornaments to show their gentility. It’s been said that Parian had the same effect on statuary as the invention of the print to painting. Wedgwood named it "Carrara," after the Italian quarry patronized by Michelangelo. But it was Minton which coined the word "Parian" to suggest Paros, the Greek isle that furnished much of the stone used in the classical period. Thus, it quickly became the medium's generic name.
Fine bone china vases with handcarved lines.
Limited edition fine bone china trio with carbonated rims.
The beauty of gas firing!
Sneak peak... All that bling!! Finally ready for next months showcase at Canary Wharf!
It took me months but finally I'm ready. Looking forward to the installation!
Loving seeing the photos from British Ceramics Biennial! Another 3 weeks left before the end of this amazing venue! 
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@madebymanos loving the beautiful work @bcbfestival 
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View from the top. A cylindrical shape light sculpture made entirely of porcelain strands all woven into each other.
And the oil effect treatment continues. Surface treatment on bone china. More info soon.
A mini mallow was born! For those who don't know I designed and made exclusively for Tate Modern replica of those in a massive size of more than 30cm in diameter. Now I decided to make them back to my favourite size! A size enough to fit in the palm of your hand! With a special formulated porcelain which behaves like glass due to pyroplasticity but maintain the porcelain properties. Next to add some colour and maybe a couple of more sizes!