Manos Kalamenios

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MA RCA Ceramic artist/designer/maker
Clay explorer and researcher.
Research & experimentation is the core of my practice.
Is all about the journey.

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You've seen the blue and black nesting bowls but the pure white ones were the originals. 7 bowls nesting nicely into eachother made from fine china with real gold finish #EtsyForMe .
Summer is here to stay! Give a little bling to your succulents with those porcelain small planters with real gold finish. Available on my online shop with or without gold. #EtsyForMe
And just like that spume or sea foam was born! Like Aphrodite was born from the foam of the Aegean sea. Aphro in Greek means foam.
Visualising the impossible.
The family keep growing! Once completed they will fly to the land of gods, demigods, heroes and mythological creatures...💙
In the kiln as we speak for their last firing. Is like Christmas every time I open the kiln. The blue and black porcelain theme with white continues..
Fresh out of the kiln! Fine china nesting bowls with real gold finish! Now in black and white.
A glimpse of new things coming out of the kiln. Black and white china with real gold trimming. Simple! 😊
You've seen the blue and white nesting porcelain bowls. Soon you will the black and white ones! Special commission on the way! 🖤
Finally I found the perfect holder for my gardening tools! Porcelain tool holder! 😂😃😆
Duck egg blue porcelain vessel with mat interior and melted crystals. Finish with real gold rims.
Alongside my Amoeba research also the Mallow porcelain research will be part of the permanent international library of Material ConneXion in New York!