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MA RCA Ceramic artist/designer/maker
Clay explorer and manipulator.
Research & experimentation is the core of my practice.
Is all about the journey.

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Close up of the volcanic rims on porcelain vessels from the previous posts.
And this is how the making process started for the Fos light design.
I wish I could sneak in to one of those bags and fly with them. Fine bone china walnuts off to Hong Kong for a VIP event.
Nesting bone china vessels with volcanic rims.
Follow up from the post below. After testing various methods and porcelains. Decided that the Mallow porcelain was the best for what I had in mind. Self glazed and stick to its self in stoneware temperature.
The spring has sprung and I'm in the mood for more happy colours like those fine bone china shells with iridescent interior. Available in my online shop.
Bringing back the volcanic rims. Those are nesting bone china vessels with volcanic rims just decorative pieces. But just contemplating how to translate them for a tableware project... Hmmmm
This was the second stage of what you seen already on the post below that l. This time I wanted to test more the pyroplasticity on a newly formulated porcelain which is based just on pyroplasticity, and the results were very promising.
Very please to participate in this group show in Istanbul. The show opens from the 15th of March till the 14th of April. Would love to see your photos if you are in town and planning to visit!
Nesting cubes with fine bone china in persian blue and white edges. Off to the other side of the pond!
Without past there is no present and no future. This is the beginning of the Fos lighting I develop further down the line. Even though it looks like a mess there is beauty in it (if I may say) and it will make more sense later on when you see the rest of the posts. At this stage looks like seeweed!
One last piece for the upcoming group exhibition in Istanbul Turkey next week. If you are in town please visit as there will be some stunning work on display.