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Time is an illusion...we often plan around it, obsess about it and make decisions based off of the amount of it we have “spent” when in reality we are all ever-evolving and we must register what things make us feel good and honor those things during our daily life instead of focusing on things that we may have “spent” time doing but that no longer serve us. This past year has been the most meaningful year of life and every year hereafter will continue to replace the last as the most meaningful year of life. I wish happiness and love to you all. 💝 📷 by @lynwatanabephoto
Had such a fun time whimsically meeting up and shooting with @drivebybigby and baby Samaya for her new mommy empowerment tribe @drivebygrace! Gorgeous capture by @picsea
Adventures w/ @pierre_zah
You are the only one who stands in the way of expressing yourself. Break the chains of whatever doubt is holding you and reach for what you want to become. 📸 @pierre_zah
Baby Zah is in the oven, I love you  @pierre_zah and our child is the greatest gift I could ever receive. 
I hope that everyone will have the chance to feel the way that you make me feel about someone special that they love. #staylifted #believeinyourself #believeinyourbody #believeinlove #morecheesyhashtags
Life is a sequence of shapes and lines, they may not seem to connect at the initial moment they're formed but when you retrace the path you will be able to see a very clear picture of who you were which can assist and guide you to become who you want to be. 💝📷 @pierre_zah
Hello friends 👋🏽 Reclusion is sometimes necessary and also refreshing. Take time for yourself, sometimes the mind and the minds of others can be jumbled into your head in an incomprehensible manner.  Recognize when that is true, allow as much time as you need, mental health is #1 
The ones you love will understand. 💝 #love
In life staying still/ resting can be one of the most difficult tasks to commit to and follow through with.

Remember to take those brief moments of rest time for you! 
Naps are wonderful for your well-being and mood...and even more enjoyable when you can snuggle someone special 🐥💝 photocred @pierre_zah
Become the butterfly that your caterpillar heart longs to be. ☺️🌻🐛🦋
Forget the body and your sense driven the spirit of its shackles and experience true happiness, the spirit is eternal.
Look at things with new eyes, from a new perspective.  #loveyourself #loveandlight
Take a moment to smell the 🌹 's #loveandlight #loveyourself