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Loyola '19 • MD 🐴
Time is fun when you're having flies
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HAPPY RELAY WEEK!! We’re relaying for more birthdays and to help find a cure! Come to Loyola’s Relay THIS Saturday!! (Or donate :) link in my bio) 💜
Spring break spent eating quesadillas 🍤 #sprangbreak #sprangbreakforever
Harco girls do it better!! #agriculture #livestock #repost
~you’re gorgeous~ @taylorswift
Happy birthday mom !! Wish I could throw back a tequila shot like you can! 🍾
Last nights midnight waffle run [not pictured: my beautiful waffle]
6 years ago today I adopted my child! Hbd Sugey thanks for biting me every day 😺
I can’t believe the cat isn’t in this photo #merryxmas 🎄
As I always say, ~I’m living my best life~ #wellimtrying
Here’s to my fave semester at Loy💚 all thanks to these ladies!! kill it next semester in New Castle Kat!! Avila 304 won’t be the same without u💞#merryxmaseveryone
Spontaneously hopped on a train and ended up here! 🏒 #letsgocaps
Hbd🎉 to the old man, thx for passing down your extremely sparse eyebrows to me !!