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running errands in the middle of England
i also blog about fashion and other stuff ⚡
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spending valentine's day doing what i love most: zumba 
#valentinesday #socomman #uon #erasmus #selfie #zumba #workout #fashionblogger #gasy #vscocam
*usher usher* ❤ best vloggers in town.
new post up with an outfit + a lil talk about being an introvert in a world of extroverts 🌛 link in my bio 💮
freezing like hell
trying to blend in by rocking that sporty/casual student look but failing because i'm such a tourist
*sad emoji* ❤ (mange bcp de fromage et saucisson et de daube pour oim) #farewellBigP
blogger in action 🎬
aesthetics 🌌
ain't dropping no attitude in 2018, come and fight me
on garde la pêche!!! 🍻 #postexamtreat
scandalooooous @extrashygirl @1bt1cem
out and about 🌂