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Since I loved Caraval so much, I figured I would like another carnival romance magic book. Everyone seems to love this so I'm sure I won't be disappointed! Now to find the time to actually read it!
• The application for the internship I'm applying for closed yesterday, so hopefully I will hear back from them soon. Fingers crossed!
Last but not least here is the Elain funko I got from @pagewithapop. She is so badass with her sword. I really can't recommend Cait's funko pops enough. They are wonderfully made. • This week is going to be stressful since I have so much homework and projects due and also have to go to work. Blah.
Droughtlander is over in a couple of hours!!! I can't wait to watch this episode, I know it's gonna hit me right in the feels. Also Sam and Caitriona looked so good at the premiere😍
• I just got off work and now I have so much homework to do but I'm so tired. So we'll see how much I can get done.
So I've been wanting to read this for a while, so I said that if I ever saw it in a bookstore I would buy it, but I could never find it. Then the other I wandered into the sci-fi section of B&N and there it was! I guess I just never look in the sci-fi section but now I'm going to start checking it regularly.
• Thank goodness it's Friday! I can't wait for the weekend.
Tower of Dawn! Everyone's been posting about this and saying it's really good. So I'm getting more excited to read it. But first I must reread assassins blade. It's going to be a struggle to avoid spoilers until then.
• Huge thank you to @gcreading for holding the @therealsjmaas signing and packing and sending and carrying all those books. You guys rock ❤
• I submitted my internship application for the book festival, so hopefully I will get it! I think if I get the job then I'll let everyone know which festival it is.
• PS thank you to my sister for editing my pictures for me while being away at college bc I suck at doing it. Turn up.
Happy ToD release day! My copy in on the way from @gcreading and I can't wait to get it! Thanks so much to all of them for making this awesome signing happen! ❤
Whilst on the topic of SJM… here's my Cassian funko from @pagewithapop and I. Love. It. Cassian is my favorite and his wings are so badass and so well done. Now I just need a nesta funko to make my favorite ship complete! #yalovin #jamestrevinorepost
One day until ToD! I'm honestly not as excited for this book as the others because it's Chaol, and I have mixed feelings about him. But I'm going in with an open mind, and I'm sure SJM will make me like him again by the end of it (hopefully). I still need to reread The Assassin's Blade so I can get a refresher on all the characters. • It also really annoys me how half of this series is paperback and the other half is hardback. I just want them all to be the same! I've finished my cover letter for the internship I'm applying to. Now I just need to have someone go over it.
"Feyre, darling."
How beautiful is this Feyre funko from @pagewithapop ? I absolutely love it. It's so well done. She also has a really cute star crown that you can see from the back! If you're thinking of getting a custom funko pop I definitely recommend Cait's store. The packaging was really cute and I give all her products 5/5 ⭐️
Today I only have one class, so finally I have some free time! I'm going to take some more pics today, so if anyone could recommend a photo challenge I should participate in it would be much appreciated!
Also I can't believe I'm so close to 1000 followers. Have I said how much I ❤ the bookish community. Pretty soon I'm going to be applying for an internship at a Book Festival and I really hope I get it!
Happy sock Sunday! I just spend my Sunday morning and afternoon working, and now I'm going to start doing homework! Yay!
I'm also super excited to try the coffee that came! And the book sounds very interesting as well. #ocwicked
I am so exhausted right now. I had to wake up at 5:30 for work, and now I have to try and do some homework.
• I really love this night court pin from @pagewithapop I will be putting it on my backpack!
New theme who dis. It's Friday so thankfully I didn't have any homework to do. School started on Tuesday and I've already had so much work to do. This is definitely going to be a tough semester.
🐉 How amazing is this Manon pop? She is one of my favorite characters and I just love this pop! I got a few more from her, and they are all equally gorgeous!
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