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LOVE this one. Here’s to almost a decade of acting like we are still in middle school and laughing so hard our faces hurt! #loveyoulikeasister👭
Spontaneous girls’ road trip! 🇵🇹
Farewell wedding, hello open road!
✨Congratulations darling @christianamusk, wishing you every happiness together ✨
✨Catalan dawn ✨
Repost @miamaestro 
Celebrating ⚡️
Gràcies per la deliciosa sopar #calpep merci!
#happyfathersday to the man who gave me his great love of the outdoors. 🌿
#kentucky #tag
Hi guys ❤️ If, like me, you’ve been appalled at the news of 2,300 children torn from their parents’ arms at the US border, but aren’t sure how to get involved,
3 things you can do : 
1. Sign the petition to keep families together (link in bio)
2. Call 202-225-3121, the Senate switchboard will connect you to your local representative.  It’s crucial that Members of Congress cosponsor the following legislation: 3036 – Keep Families Together Act
3. Give to an org, like RAICES. This non-profit provides free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees in Texas. 
No matter who you voted for, or your views on immigration, surely we can all agree on this: tearing a crying toddler from her mom and sending her to a detainment camp with no guarantee of when she may see her family again is morally wrong, and must stop. Let’s come together and continue to honor Fathers’ Day by demanding this travesty stop immediately. 
#familiesbelongtogether 📷: @jbmoorephoto of Honduran asylum-seekers being taken into custody 5 days ago
Thanks to our super dope (and very rad) crew.... that’s a WRAP on the season! 🎬 wanted to post the whole group hug but not allowed, cuz, yknow, spoilers 😘 ... CHEERS GUYS 🍻 #ftwdfamily #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
That’s riiiight , gettin in some chill hangtime with everyone’s favorite tvnerd @hardwick on @amctalkingdead, after @feartwd TONIGHT! 
PS Loving this fresh Spring fling of a suit- thanks @stellamccartney !
Hustle, hit , & never quit! 
Thanks for lending us your beautiful home stadium  this season @rrexpress ! 
#ftwdfamily #firstpitch ⚾️
Grandma = THE CUTEST ! She’s stoked about finding my name in her word puzzle today! Who ever would have thought I’d make it in a puzzle ?🤷🏽‍♀️
#gograndma #puzzlechamp 📰🥇
I’m appalled : the Justice Dept just quietly removed all references to a free press and unconstitutional racial gerrymandering from its manual ...Doesn’t sound very just to me . #freepress #gerrymandering #dontdeletejustice #doj #usattorneysmanual

So upsetting that this seems to be just slipping by -
 A subsection entitled “Need for Free Press and Public Trial,” — included since at least 1988— has been completely removed.

also DELETED : “The Voting Section defends from unjustified attack redistricting plans designed to provide minority voters fair opportunities to elect candidates of their choice and endeavors to achieve racially fair results where courts find...that redistricting plans constitute unconstitutional racial gerrymanders.” Racial gerrymandering: drawing district lines to intentionally disperse minority groups, thus diluting their influence in a district and making it impossible to elect representatives.