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Myself and the wonderful @drdemello_ got together over the weekend to come up with a home-care plan for the respiratory health of all Californians who are near to these devastating and heartbreaking fires. The air is dangerously toxic, and without the right steps we could be faced with serious respiratory issues.
-mince garlic and cover with Agave or Honey to make it go down easier but chew slowly. Don’t crush, the juices are key!! Do Daily.
-Probiotics: Eat fermented veggies. Daily. -Throat support: 1/4 glass of warm water, 1/4 squeezed lemon, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a touch of salt.
Gargle and spit 2-3 x a day
-Drink 8–19 glasses of room temp water a day -A bath with epsom salt to detox form the fire (for those who have access to a bathtub)

IF YOU CAN BUY SUPPLEMENTS: -Take TWO Probiotics morning and night -Take 10,000mg of Vit D -Take Zinc 5-10mg (do not take on an empty stomach) -Immune Support by Akasha Naturals, 1 pill morning and night. -Throat Formula by Akasha Naturals :gargle and swallow morning and night. 
Prays and love to ALL. With the utmost gratitude to our first responders and nonprofit’s on the ground. You are another level of being. Please take care of your health in this time of stress and deep sadness. It’s our greatest weapon! @akashacenter #homeremedies
Thank you to @worldtourismawards for The Humanitarian Honor last night. @nytimes @thenewunitedairlines @corinthialondon  You allowed for a platform to speak about what sustainable and responsible tourism can be. @kageno_worldwide The journey with you has been incredible @frankandolino 
Wherever we go in our travels, take the time to learn about the need in your surroundings...and ask yourself not only what can be done FOR you- but also what can be done BY you! @petergreenberg you are FAB! #responsibletourism #worldtourismawards @leepycroft @peterluxhair ♥️
When in London. It’s @leepycroft 
Thank you my sister. I adore you. @peterluxhair ♥️
“Some still work give me to do...Only be it near to you.” -T 
#fbf ♥️
This holiday season @churchboutique is donating proceeds to @maytesrescue where #LEVON my love, my slug, came from! And behind my hair #Bennie is from @bestfriendsanimalsociety #adoptdontshop this Christmas? #savethemall @rodneyburns ♥️ I didn’t “technically” give birth to these two.... but I did.
Going out TO-DAY!!! @votedotorg Makes it SO EASY! Please visit their site for more information if you haven’t already! #vote #2018
THIS is America, Damnit!!! We show up for one another, and we will NOT be represented by a hate-filled minority!!!! Not ever!!!!!! To the friends and family and community of Pittsburg who mourn their loved ones today.... we are with you. 💔 I wish the unity of this multi-religious community existed everywhere. #godbless
To greatest man I know....
You are the kindest.
Most Patient. 
Most transformative.
Most supportive.
Most Funny. 
Most respectful. 
Most loyal. 
Most Goodest man alive! 
Happy Birthday @dylan.mcdermott 
You deserve every happiness this life can bring and more, because that is what you give. Love you SO MUCH ♥️!!!!!
My partner in crime. And one of the greatest humans I know. I don’t know what I did to deserve this mentor, my incredible physician, and friend. But I am SO GRATEFUL. @drdemello_  and I are teaming up on a very special project that is going to benefit the health of millions! We are working away- and in the coming new year want to provide you with the best education for your continued health and well-being! Because when we feel better, we do better. #comingsoon @akashacenter #integratedmedicine #drdemello
I’ve always been the person who is made fun of because of how I eat. I seek Organic, natural foods, and go out of my way to make them or find them. It’s worth the effort. The REASON I put so much effort into what enters my body is this right here. 26 of the 28 Cereals tested, because they aren’t Organic- have glyphosate in them. WEED KILLER. POISON. And we are not only ingesting it ourselves, but without even a second thought, we feed it to our kids. These cereal companies own that there is weed killer in their food but that it is SAFE amounts for children!!!!!! What the actual f@#k is going on? Why do we let these people have our money? We MUST support organic foods so we can bring the price down for the masses. And in case you think it’s not already available to most... check out Costco. The Organics be in BULK. Baby. Think it’s cute when your baby is playing with his Cheerios in that high chair? It’s NOT. @cnn Thanks for highlighting this for EVERYONE. #standardamericandiet #SAD
@kageno_worldwide To all of those who contributed with their whole hearts last night.... I thank you. To my love @frankandolino You are the rarest of men on the planet and it was an honor to host 15 years of changing the course for communities in East Africa. You have dedicated your life to those less fortunate and I know the sacrifice is real. To another 15 and many more incredible stories of hope!!! I am right by your side! ♥️ @dylan.mcdermott @cocomcdermott @danielle.rosati @sirgutz @jordanmallah #kageno @bradleyirion
I’m always leaving....and explaining what’s expected while I’m gone. 😂♥️ #mommasaid #designatedsurvivorseason3