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Next time you walk into a store, and mindlessly pull products into your basket or cart because it’s what you know- your “go to”..... please consider this list. Remember that these companies can make the SAME product without needless suffering. The only thing between them and that decision- is you and your dollar. Vote with your hard earned money, and choose compassion. Force them to change, or they won’t. #stopanimaltesting #reject #resist #sendamessage THANK YOU FOR YOUR 👀 ON THIS!!!! BLESS♥️
Dog. Veggies. Hat. #summer
My Peace. My Happy Place. My Tribe. #tbt #dswt 🌿
@lapalmemagazine Out Now. @davidgardnerla @jostrettell
THANK YOU to everyone who called the Legislature to support The Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act!!! We SUCCEEDED today and now we have one last step to go! I will be bugging you again soon for one last push in the Assembly! We are SO close to making history! Your help makes all the difference! Bless you!!!@socialcompassion It’s a GREAT DAY! #SB1249 #CruetlyFreeCosmeticsAct
This is an INCREDIBLY important op-ed written by @senator_wilk in support of his bill The Animal Cruelty and Violence Intervention Act. Senator Wilk, it is a pleasure to work alongside you for defenseless beings- be it animal or human. Thank you for your open heart and the knowledge that cruelty is not a partisan issue. For the many people who think when you fight for animals- you don’t care about people, I invite you to read this. Let the statistics wash over you. We are ALL connected. Please share. #AnimalCrueltyandViolenceInterventionAct
Here’s the thing.... In my two recent trips up to the California State Legislature to Lobby for support on SB1249 The Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act, Estée Lauder who is rightfully threatened by activists and consumers who DO NOT WANT CRUELTY in exchange for “beauty”, have done this. Dug further into their incredibly deep pockets so that senseless cruelty can still exist. PLEASE if you have even one minute to dial any one of these representatives and you live in California, we are down to the wire and NEED YOUR HELP. The big money will win as they always do, if our voices aren’t heard. They know it’s wrong, they just don’t care. Let’s be louder!!!!!!! @socialcompassion @worldanimalnews GO GET UM. #crueltyfreecosmeticsact #boycottesteelauder
SB 1249 will be heard and voted on Tuesday, 6/26 in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Please help make history by calling each member of the committee urging their support for this lifesaving bill. 
When you call, please tell them Californians do not want their cosmetic products tested on animals no matter where in the world the testing takes place! And tell them to vote "Yes" on SB 1249 TODAY!

If you are limited for time, please call the Chair and Vice Chair at a minimum. 
Assembly Judiciary Committee, Tuesday, 6/26 starts at 9am, Room 437 (call and come to the hearing): Mark Stone (D), Chair 916-319-2029
​Jordan Cunningham (R), Vice Chair 916-319-2035
Ed Chau (D) 916-319-2049
David Chiu (D) 916-319-2017
Chris Holden (D) 916-319-2041
Ash Kalra (D) 916-319-2027
Kevin Kiley (R) 916-319-2006
Brian Maienschein (R) 916-319-2077
Eloise Gomez Reyes (D) 916-319-2047
Parent and child. There is nothing like this bond. This freedom, this synchronicity. Every cell in my body sings for it. Every. Living. Being. Be. Free. 🌎 Thank you @worldanimalnews
Thank you @lapalmemagazine @derekwarburton @filbertdkung !!!! And of course @davidgardnerla @jostrettell You two are too good for words. So much ♥️to you!!!!! #meanchristine @christinechinspa The best.
#aboutlastnight New Arrivals! Midnight feeding, pooping, peeing, diarrhea, dirty cage cleaning puppy madness!! They have arrived with @maytesrescue rescue and are ALL available for adoption. Please go to her feed and fill out an application. They are delicious beyond comprehension. #adoptdontshop
Thank you @hollywoodreporter for including me in your top 33 Emmy Supporting lineup. #thrsupporting