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Thank you everyone......
I cannot think of a greater gift on ones birthday then to be in the presence of wisdom, knowledge, expertise and HEART. By rights, I truly didn’t belong in the company I have been in for the last few days leading up to my birthday. But somehow, divinity always leads me to where I need to be. I want to thank everyone who has changed my life at the #childabusepreventionsummit by sharing your stories and vision for the future of Child Protection. I know that collectively our efforts will dig deeper into societal consciousness- to root out why the dangers to our children are happening in the first place. With a heavy and hopeful heart, I believe in change. Redemption. Empowerment. Forgiveness. Transformation. @ahumanproject @jameshavenvoight @meravie13 @dylan.mcdermott @thegoldendoor Thank YOU for standing together in solidarity. #onlyyou #ahumanproject
@ahumanproject @jameshavenvoight @thegoldendoor 
Let’s light a candle.
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She just CAN’T today. #inherpearls Is it Friday yet? This is Chelsea, she is roughly 9 years old, and was recused from a terrible hoarding situation. She is being fostered, but needs a home of her own. She is a lovely girl who was kept in a cage for 5-6 years so her range of motion was affected. She walks just fine, just slower and cuter than most 😜 She’s a purebred Doberman and stunningly beautiful. (She also has a gorgeous brother) Know anyone who loves this breed or just pretty girls? Pearls included. Please contact @twohandsfourpaws
F.A.M.I.L.Y. @churchboutique The store, the style, the statement, the vision, NO equal. #churchmelrose @sansegale @rodneyburns @jampme #sanségale #aboutlastnight
5,500 animals A DAY!! Nearly 6 million a year. DIE IN SHELTERS. If you don’t want to contribute to this PLEASE #adoptdontshop #savethemall @bestfriendsanimalsociety
Thank you to the China Institute and 
Yue-Sai Kan China Beauty Charity fund for such a beautiful honor last night. @zacposen I’m so blessed to have your friendship and guidance! @ninapark @seijinyc my Asians ♥️ @christinechinspa #meanchristine @romanyoung YOU were my first fashion influence.....
My hot date. 
Yes, she has a black eye. 
Turning this bunch VEG if it kills me 😂@crossroadskitchen EASY
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I wonder sometimes how we will survive this planet with our current actions. Wether that is even possible. In different places I travel I see murals, carvings, trinkets, jewelry- all bearing the image of our sacred animal friends. We hang them on our bodies, and we tattoo them on our skin, but why not on our hearts? Can we dig deeper and make the connection between our burger and the disappearance of our rainforests, our wolves, our reefs. Can we see in our commercially fished Sushi- the lives of every sea turtle, shark, whale, dolphin, seal....who drown in their nets. Or in our “entertainment”.... do we stop to ask ourselves where they were stolen, and what it would mean to them to return home. I just wonder. When will we make the connection, and begin to dig ourselves out of this hole. 🙏 
#leonardpeltier @wildaid 
@emptythetanksworldwide @animalsasia @peta @peta2 @shawnheinrichs @seashepherd @greenpeace @racingextinction @nrdc_org @worldanimalnews @rainforestactionnetwork @international_animal_rescue @action4ifaw @dolphin_project
This SERIAL RAPIST will finally serve his time. After hurting SO many women for SO many years- hiding in plain sight behind his fame and fortune. It took too long, but I pray healing can begin for the victims of this monster. There are more women then the ones who came out publicly. Women who’s stories I have been witness to, who couldn’t bare to relive the nightmare by speaking about it again. May you rot for what you have done!!!!!!!!!