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Been doing some research for a winter project or two. 
1. Medieval art is WILD. 
2. Moth are the cutest things EVER. #nowyouknow
Come say hi and enjoy a slide show. I edited down over 2,000 images my students took to a reasonable 500ish. I’m so proud of their vision! #ournewlondon #photography #youtharts #communityarts
It’s about that time of year to start thinking about spooky, scary, freaky, creepy, crawly, goopy, gross art and writing for the 4TH ANNUAL HALLOWEEN ZINE! This year’s title theme is UNCANNY. I will accept entries until Oct 20th. I will post a link on the website on September 1st to begin accepting entries then. #halloweenzine #uncanny #magikpress
Good morning. Time for you to pet me. #maximax
This has been a super fun collaboration with @straight2vhs I can’t wait until everyone gets to see them.... #zines #straight2vhs #facsimile
I’m so lucky to have such talented friends who take beautifulfrightening pictures of me. 🖤🖤🖤 thanks @caseyspec
My hands are happy! #djembe
Taking pre-orders on the website! Available for pick up at the September 13th exhibition opening. #discoveringherbs
THIS SATURDAY 1-3! Come on out. Suggested donation $5. We usually start with an intro/warm up the first hour then some freestyle time during the second hour. All Ages and experiences welcome!
Max is so hard to love. #sirfluffypantsvonfloofington
Progress. This is the last embroidered piece I will finish for Otherworldly & Divine. Opening September 13th @hygienicart
When I’m really into a song I make playlists of all the mixes (and fun covers) I can find. Honestly Robyn’s live version are so unique that many on this list are just different love versions. I also like the weird slowed down DJ versions. Down in the deep the honey is sweeter....