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⛵️The Maiden Factor's mission is to continue Maiden's iconic legacy and inspire the next generation of girls through education 📚

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Tilly getting interviewed at #lendycowesweek ⛵️
The start of this week was very exciting, with #Maiden exiting the shed! She had been in there for over 12 months ⏰
We loved this tweet and photos from Lendy Cowes Week! “Tracy Edwards Scoops #LendyLadiesDay Trophy at Lendy Cowes Week. Her crew were delighted to collect the trophy and commented "we are absolutely honoured to be here accepting it!"”
The Legends who are and the Legends to be. Women who are changing the world and doing it in style - together. This picture says it all! An elated Maiden crew collected the Lendy Ladies Day trophy on Tracy Edwards behalf.

From Tracy:
I am so honoured and happy!  Gutted not to be there but thrilled that Maiden’s awesome new crew were there to accept on my behalf.  Thank you so much Cowes Week for the Lendy Ladies Day trophy. Can't stop smiling - and yes - more to come!

Keep your eyes on The Maiden Factor Facebook page for more exciting information and announcements about Maiden's new crew!
Before and after painting #Maiden! How do you think she looks? ⛵️
#Maiden #AnythingIsPossible
On Tuesday 7th, come down to the Sugar Store at Shepard’s Wharf to meet and greet the ladies who will take Maiden on her three year-voyage from September 2018!

They will be joined by Tracy Edwards MBE alongside some of the original crew members, where the two teams will come together for a meet & greet. See you there 👋
Refit team working hard on #Maiden.. not long to go now!
Abstract ways of looking at #Maiden! 
Amelia is testing #Maiden’s rudder ⛵️
#Maiden is on the move! She’s being moved towards the water for her first splash 💧
#Maiden is being prepped for her first splash! #AnythingIsPossible 🙌