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growing a community of card-mailers, not just card-makers! join in the movement and encourage one another to mail those beautiful handmade cards! 💌

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happy #mailitmonday !! last reminder to get those Halloween cards and treats in the mail. I will be on vacation until November 7. I will see you then! keep sending love by sending mail, card-mailers! 💌
join me in Mail It Monday’s stories for a look at a few treats I will be mailing out for Halloween this year. I tried to be all spooky with this video. Just smile and go with it. 😀 Have a fabulous weekend, card-mailers! #mailitmonday #halloween #halloweentreats
tee-hee! happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! I have been tracking down some flat items that would be fun to mail for Halloween. keep an eye out for that post this week! keep on sending the love. as I see all the cards being mailed-my heart is full too! 💌💌💌
Happy #mailitmonday !!!! I hope World Card Making Day gave you an excuse to get crafty this weekend, because today is the day to get those beautiful creations in the mail to someone special! join with us and go from a card-maker to a card-mailer! 💌
Happy #mailitmonday !! I have been inspired by all of your envelopes lately! It’s making me want to be sure and step up my envelope game this week! well, and from here on out! send love, send cards, my card-mailing friends! 💌
@thinkingofyouweek have you told someone you were thinking of them yet this week? four cards have gone out from me so far. I can definitely send out more! keep sharing the love card-mailers! 💌
who did you think of today? be sure and take a minute to tell them by sending them a card! it is @thinkingofyouweek! #mailitmonday
why yes that is iridescent spider web washi tape!!! 🕸🕷 SUPER fun find @michaelsstores this week! along with the silver envelopes! anyone else making Halloween cards this year? #mailitmonday
this post is super personal (which is not the norm for me). a few months before I started Mail It Monday, this is what was going on in my world and in my head. during this one-year anniversary week, I wanted you to know the story behind it all. link in profile. it’s too long to post here, my apologies. #mailitmonday
today marks the one-year anniversary of Mail It Monday! one year of making an effort to mail more cards. to encourage others to do the same. my hope is that it continues to spread and grow. with your help it has already grown immensely! keep on spreading love and kindness card-mailers. you never know what that one act of mailing a card could lead to! #mailitmonday if you want to read more about how Mail It Monday began, click the link in the profile. 💌
how I love this. look at what it says. “Kindness is your super power.” And it is when you send a card. Put on your capes card-mailers! Repost from @smittenonpaper #mailitmonday
It’s that time again card-mailers! Happy #mailitmonday !! Even if it’s been a long time since you mailed a card, today is a great day to bring one to the mailbox! On my mind this week are grandparents. Send a card to yours, or have the kids make a card to send to theirs. Or, find an older person in your church or neighborhood and brighten their day. Send love, send cards! 💌