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growing a community of card-mailers, not just card-makers! join in the movement and encourage one another to mail those beautiful handmade cards! 💌

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Another card drive sent to me by a Card-Mailer. Keep spreading the love sweet friends. You are all amazing! This is a repost. 💌💕#Repost @beautybossmom with @get_repost
Please take the time to read this and share.  Let’s help get Davon some cards to put a smile on his face. 
Update : Davon  finally got some mail today we are super excited for him to get these cards and hope it brings a smile to his face !  Sadly, not one card from Davon’s  home town Monroe 😔 If you have children who would like to make Davon  a card but, you don’t have stamps please PM me and I will send you stamps so he can get your cards ❤️ Thank you so much to those of you who sent Davon a card already ❤️❤️ Hello Everyone we would like you to meet Davon Turner. Davon and his family take part in our children's Events and he is a great kid. Sadly , Davon is in the fight of his life as he was recently diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma a form of cancer. He has had several surgeries and rounds of chemo and Radiation! He needs our support and uplifting messages ! If you could send Davon a card or Message we would love to flood him with mail so he has something to look forward to on a daily basis something to lift his spirits ! You can send these to PO Box 2393 Garden City , Mi 48136 
If your not able to mail him a card could you please share this post so we can reach as many people as possible ! This is something no child should ever have to go through 😢
UPDATE WITH CORRECT ADDRESS!!! Time to mobilize card-mailers! Check out this super sweet card drive! #Repost @bighugslittleenvelopes with @get_repost
Good morning, friends! I’d like to introduce you to Becky! This sweet woman is just a couple weeks away from being 100 years young! Every day, she asks her granddaughter if there’s a birthday card in the mailbox for her, but the fact that she’s nearly 100 means she’s outlived nearly everyone who would send her a card, including 24 siblings and most of her friends! She got a birthday letter from the Governor of Florida, and it made her whole day! Would you like to help me flood her mailbox with birthday cards??? DM me and send me your address! I’ll send a blank card your way (until I run out)! You can write a sweet message inside and drop it in the mail for Becky! Let’s make this amazing woman smile, shall we?! If you’d like to send her a card of your own, that’d be awesome, too!!! Her address is:
Becky Arino
8297 Champions Gate Blvd #207
Champions Gate, FL 33896
I need all the colors of envelopes for mailing cards! who’s with me? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #mailitmonday
Happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! This quote is wonderful! Our being creative when we make cards also helps us spread love into the world! It also reminds me to make cards specifically for people, choosing colors and stamps that remind me of the recipient. That’s a lot of wonderful happening with one little card! 💌
More awesome stamps coming from the @uspostalservice! You must all be using a ton of these fun stamps when you mail cards because they keep making more! Nice job! #mailitmonday #Repost @uspostalservice with @get_repost
“Zoinks!” Everyone’s favorite Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, is the newest 2018 Forever stamp. Purchase your #ScoobyDooStamp today!
This! 💌💌💌💕💕💕 #Repost @stampnstorage with @get_repost
There is something special about a handmade card - for both the giver and the recipient. So, send out your beautiful creations and spread the joy! #stampnstorage #spreadthejoy #handmadecards #mailacardtoday
Now THAT is some seriously happy mail! 🐶💌 #mailitmonday  #Repost @countrylivingmag with @get_repost
You’ve got mail! 🐶 Tag someone who could use an adorable delivery today 💌 (📷: @goldenboyoakley)
Happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! Today is Making a Difference Monday and @understandblue is sharing a sweet movement that involves cards, but also envelopes. to read more about #lettersforhenry click the link in the profile.
hello from the great north, card-mailers! Mail it Monday is on vacation this week! Keep sending that happy mail and we will catch up soon! 😀💌💕 #mailitmonday
Happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! How about a fun giveaway today! The @uspostalservice released scratch and sniff postage stamps last week and I have a set to share with one of you! To enter 1. Follow @mailitmonday 2. Like this post. 3. Tag a friend (up to 3 friends). Entries open until 10 PM CST Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Winner announced soon after. Good luck!
YOU. Yes, you! You are amazing! Who in your life do you need to tell this to with a card? Go ahead. Tag them now. So they know. 😀 Repost: @hallmark #mailitmonday
It’s another Monday card-mailers! 😀💌Time to encourage one another to send love when you send a card. Keep up the good work! #mailitmonday