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growing a community of card-mailers, not just card-makers! join in the movement and encourage one another to mail those beautiful handmade cards! 💌

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happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! it’s been a while since a card organization was shared, so a big thanks to fellow card-mailer Jeanne for bringing Cards for Hospitalized Kids to our attention! I think their name explains their mission perfectly! Located in Illinois, they have a need for local help as well. Check out their website via the link in the profile. Go do your amazing thing and #sendlovesendcards ! 💌
hey card-mailers time to go forth and #sendlovesendcards ! this sweet veteran would love cards for his 100th birthday! swipe left for the info! thanks to @lovedanistudio for sharing this! #mailitmonday
happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! don’t forget to send cards to your Rad Dad and other father-figures in your life! Father’s Day is this Sunday!
happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! as the lazy (actually busy) days of summer approach, don’t forget to continue to #sendlovesendcards to those special people in your life, or scroll back through the feed and find new people to send cards through! might be a fun summer project! 😀💌 #Rhonnadesigns
The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers June calendar is up and ready for FREE download! Simply click the link in the profile to access this fun resource. What is the Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers? Its a FREE monthly printable calendar that highlights the national days of the year. Some are fun, some are outright silly, and others are serious. I have put these calendars together to not only help inspire you to make cards for fun reasons, but also as a way to prompt you to think of new reasons to send cards. Even new people to send cards to! Use this resource to encourage yourself to send cards to those around you. As I like to say, send love, send cards! And it is true! Think of how wonderful it feels to find a card in the mail! Not a bill, not junk, and not political mailings, but a piece of mail just for you! Go out and send love, my friends! #mailitmonday #sendlovesendcards
Happy National Paper Clip Day card-mailers! There was NO way I could resist these adorable paper clips!
Happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! Today we pause from sending mail to remember those who served in our military and gave their lives in sacrifice for our freedoms. Thanks would never be enough. Reminder that in honor of today, the USPS will be closed.
happy #mailitmonday card-mailers!! it’s a big mail day today with three full boxes of cards headed to @bringsmilestoseniors ! it’s a wonderful organization and I encourage you to check them out! it makes me so happy to know that these cards will be brightening someone’s day! #sendlovesendcards
happy #mailitmonday card-mailers!
happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! for those lucky enough to have moms, grandmas, aunts, and mother-figures, it is time to get those cards and gifts in the mail. for those of you hurting this Mother’s Day, I offer you hugs, prayers, and deepest love for your aching heart 💕💌
this lettered piece by @valeriemckeehan owner of @lilyandval is beautiful times two! stunning lettering but I love the quote because it reminds me how special it is to receive a card from someone. tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day, but I have always used it as a card-making day. Make a card this weekend and be ready to mail it on Monday and make someone’s day, in fact, I am pretty sure you would make their whole week! #mailitmonday  Big thank you to Valerie McKeehan who let me share this with her permission. 💌
happy #mailitmonday card-mailers! the May calendar is now available for FREE download! each month I release a calendar full of days to inspire you to make cards, to inspire you to mail cards, and well, to inspire you to celebrate all the big and little things in life! I hope this brings you joy and helps you send love to those around you! Link in profile! 💌