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Ken and Elinor fell in love with Ezra while visiting MLAR last weekend but when they saw his friend Pan they couldn't say no to him, either! Now Ezra and Pan are living it up in their new home - joining a new family is always better with a friend!

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Huge thank you to Skylar, Christina, and Ava! For the second year in a row they asked for items from the MLAR wish list for their birthday - they managed to fill the office with beds, bowls, bones, treats, dog and cat food, and more! We're thrilled to have these girls as part of the MLAR family - thank you and happy birthday!! 🎂🐕 #MLAR #AdoptDontShop #Donate #HappyBirthday #Giving #Rescue
Lucy was one of 60 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Alabama. Even though she was suffering from mange and infections she successfully gave birth to four puppies hours after coming into our care. Today Lucy got her happy ending and now she is headed home with her new family! Congrats!

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Sweet Makeba went to her new home! Makeba means "queen" and we know she'll be treated like royalty by her family!

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The weekend is here! Grab a friend and get out for some fun! Need a furry friend? Visit and apply to adopt!

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A few @WCUPA students stopped by yesterday to help build feral cat shelters as part of their capstone projects. These shelters are easy to make at home and do a great job of helping feral cats survive the winter months. Some of our kittens volunteered for a test run and they loved them!

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Beautiful little Hope isn't much of a snow dog but she sure knows how to stay warm and look good doing it! This sweetheart loves to stay close by, will wag her tail anytime you look in her direction, and gladly gives kisses to any nearby hand; she gets along well with other dogs and enjoys playing with other small pups. If you'd like to open your heart to Hope please visit to adopt! Link in bio.
"She truly is a Gold Medal furry friend...she gives us so much happiness, laughter and love"
"So proud to have these 2 wonderful MLAR dogs as part of the family"
"She seems to be adjusting really well! We adore her!!" It may still be freezing cold outside but these recently adopted MLAR alums know how to stay warm by snuggling up with their blankets and family members!

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Lots of dogs loved playing in the snow today but we bet few had more fun than Donna! If you're looking for a team mate in a snowball fight she's the girl for you!

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Morning after a fresh snowfall at the farm - some of the dogs will be thrilled to play outside, some will just want to cozy up with extra blankets!

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Our "Sponsor a Star" animal for January is Nancy the Bichon! Nancy was rescued from a puppy mill and was suffering from an ectopic urethra that was beginning to cause severe infections. Our partners at VRC performed surgery and removed her damaged kidney. Nancy is now recovering safely at MLAR where she is receiving ongoing care while making friends with volunteers and other puppies! After her rehab is completed she will be ready for adoption. If you are would like to sponsor Nancy and cover some of her medical expenses please visit

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The rain finally stopped today and that means it was time to catch up on play time with all of our dogs! Thanks to our staff and volunteers who are here every day no matter the weather! From top left: Gail the #pitbull was thrilled for a break in the clouds, Renee and Phil got lots of racing in before it was time for tummy pets, Hollandaise made sure to jump in every puddle she saw, Chelsea showed off her retriever skills in Shanti Field, and Nova the #husky ran and ran and ran some more!

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