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Rescuing and placing abused, unwanted, and abandoned companion animals.

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"Until a few months ago I had spent my entire life in a puppy mill - I'm doing really well at MLAR but everyone keeps telling me about this 'home' place that will be even better! I'm a really happy dog but the world is full of new experiences so I like to take things slow. I'm hoping to find a best friend who will show me just how great life in a home is!" -- Bessie
Visit (link in bio) to adopt!

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"It's a good thing I'm a black cat because I'd love to be your shadow! I like to stay close wherever you go and I always have time to get my belly rubbed. Would you take me home with you?" -- Elvira
Visit our website (link in bio) to adopt!

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It's #TakeYourDogToWorkDay and we want to introduce you to some adoptable pets who would love to come to work with you!

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From all of us here at Main Line Animal Rescue we'd like to thank everyone who voted for us in the "Best of Main Line" awards. It is an incredible honor to be recognized as the Best Animal Rescue and with such a fantastic community of supporters behind us we know this year, our 20th, will be the best ever as we work to help homeless animals!

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Summer if officially here and that means it's time to be extra careful about how the heat affects our pets. The PA legislature is currently reviewing a bill that would offer additional protection for pets left in hot cars but in the meantime check out this great infographic from our friends at Fred Beans (

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The dogs need your help! Despite rumors that the local government would ban the Yulin China dog meat festival, reports have already come in today that hundreds of dogs have been killed in preparation for this year's festival. Main Line Animal Rescue helped rescue 3 dogs from Yulin. The dogs are now safe at MLAR but we need to pay their transport and medical costs so that our partners working in China can continue to save more dogs. Please donate and help save more lives! (link in bio)

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In honor of Amber, who found a new, loving family at the age of 15, we'd like to introduce some of our other seniors who are waiting for their homes! If you're looking to add a new family member please consider adopting an older pet. Some have been waiting their entire lives for a home to call their own while others have spent their lives in a home and just want to return to that comfort. Anyone who has adopted a senior pet will tell you how wonderful they are - the love they give is just awesome. To meet our adoptable pets and to apply to adopt please visit (link in bio)

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It is with heavy hearts that we bring the news that sweet Amber has passed away. This beautiful girl was left at animal control days before her 14th birthday by her family who traded her in for a puppy as if she was a used car. Facing a bleak outlook at animal control we brought Amber to MLAR and threw her a surprise birthday party. After her party Amber was adopted by Judy and Bill; they knew she didn't have much time left but were determined to make sure she didn't spend even one extra day without a home. Thanks to the love she received in her new home Amber almost made it to her 15th birthday! From Judy - "I'd do it all again even knowing I'd only have her for 9 months." At MLAR we don't discriminate based on age, health, or breed and although we will all miss Amber we are beyond grateful that she was well-loved.

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Say hello to Roose the one-eyed wonder dog! Roose was brought to animal control as a stray with fresh fight wounds that cost him an eye. He was labeled as "dog aggressive" (understandable given what he had just been through) and would have been euthanized if not for the kindness of @georginabloomberg. Roose made his way to MLAR where he has recovered physically and emotionally - we are working to rebuild his trust in other dogs and in the meantime he LOVES to run in our fields! Visit (link in bio) to meet all of our adoptable pets!

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Our friends from @KimbertonWholeFoods stopped by yesterday to donate three cases of Organix cat food for our kitties! We are so grateful for all of our supporters, we couldn't do what we do without you!

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Will you help us spread the word about puppy mills? We have almost 3,000 followers on IG and if each of you helped us reach just one person we would have 6,000 people ready to stand against the mills! The best way to fight puppy mills is by education; once folks know what really goes on inside these dungeons the cash flow will stop and the mills will close. If you haven't seen Dog By Dog, it is a non-graphic documentary exploring the truth about puppy mills and you can hear from our founder, Bill Smith, on why we fight to save dogs every day. Dog By Dog can be streamed on Amazon and Netflix is now on DVD at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

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June is Adopt a Cat Month and Prim and Gouda are two wonderful kittens who will soon be available for adoption. Gouda (orange) arrived at MLAR alone, dehydrated, and with two infected wounds from an unknown attacker. Our vet staff set to work immediately to get him healthier and stronger. Prim (tabby) arrived a few days after Gouda and was suffering from head trauma with possible neurological deficits. She was not able to balance or stand but she was determined to play with Gouda! These two kittens instantly became best friends and they are getting better every day. Gouda's wounds are healing and he is putting on weight and Prim now moves normally and has no lasting effects from her condition. It is due to the generosity of our supporters that we are able to help homeless animals like Prim and Gouda - if you would like to help other animals in need please visit (link in bio)

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