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Illustrator & animator; Sheridan Animation grad; draws things! 🇦🇺 → 🇨🇦

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the last one for the series! flying around on these guys definitely epitomises the whole "joy of movement" thing the devs were aiming for haha (artwork sponsored by ArenaNet; check out the game at #art #guildwars2 #GW2 #griffon #artistsoninstagram
my comfort zone of big cats, dogs, reptilian creatures and dead-looking people (1/6) #art #sketch
A kind-of-old commission for @samelkana!! Thanks again bud :) #art #overwatch #zenyatta
jackals! i love them!! even though i still haven’t gotten used to using them without accidentally flinging myself off a cliff (artwork sponsored by ArenaNet! Check out the game at #art #guildwars2 #GW2 #jackal #artistsoninstagram
sorry i’ve been real dead on social media lately! full-time work/freelance/sorting out my life has consumed all my energy :'( (artwork sponsored by ArenaNet! Check out the game at #art #guildwars2 #GW2 #springer #artistsoninstagram
Enjoying the public holiday and escaping the heat :') (and being mistaken as British haha)  #cafesketch #sketch #characterdesign
Just some standard days at work (let's be real I'm only posting all these photos bc I don't have much else to show :( )
And some extras from a little family trip (a rare opportunity these days) we did down to Port Campbell along the Great Ocean Road! + Geelong
Also I guess it's not Melbourne if it doesn't involve a copious amount of food. (better photos are scattered with my sister @achronicleofgastronomy)
Some snapshots from my time back home in #melbourne :') forever my true home
it's 11:30pm and i have to leave for the airport in 4 hours but who knows when the next time i'll get to sleep in my own bed will be?? #art #macaque #monkey #artistsoninstagram
ever since I came home a few weeks ago to visit, I've kind of been going through an awakening of sorts to my priorities in life and it's simultaneously nervewracking and empowering haha

anyway, just something to loosen up a bit 
#art #dog #lizard #fern #artistsontumblr