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✨Entrepreneur-Skincare Enthusiast✨
➖Owner of: @mbm_boutique
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The “Venus Glow” Treatment @forevermedispa ————————————————
➖reduces pore size ➖reduces fine wrinkles ➖instant glow of the skin
➖picks up dead skin ——————————————
This treatment is going to be available for consultations at the Makeover’s & Moscato event
This month @forevermedispa is doing a 30% off deal on all services instead of using my 20% off discount go and take advantage of the 30% off...tell them Meagan sent you #skincaretips #skincare #skinisin #skincareenthusiast
50 never looked any better...she is slaying her 50th birthday and I enjoyed having her big personality in my chair
To book your next appointment visit my website www.makeup-bymeagan.com the link is in my bio #houstonmua #houstonmakeupartist ———————————————
@savmartbeautysupplyandsalon is having a sale in all their @nyxcosmetics visit the beauty supply located off Westheimer in the same parking lot as aria suya kitchen and miyakos (thank me later)
Shimmer eyeshadow looks are always the best ✨
To book your next appointment visit my website www.makeup-bymeagan.com the link is in my bio #houstonmua #abujamua
What I love about us is that the distance nor time difference comes between our relationship...I love my family so much but it’s always the one that I’m extremely close to...you all know Danisha is my rode dog on my moms side and on my dads it’s Sandra!!! Funny thing is our moms were the same way...my mom always tells me how her and Sandra’s mom were so close now look at us!!! She drove 10 hours from Lagos to Abuja just for me...our daddy’s are brothers so we carry the same last name!!! It’s so important to me that I keep in contact with my family in Nigeria!!! We cry when we leave each other but it won’t be long before I’m back squeezing on her and rubbing on her and laying in the bed gisting with her!!!
Not all my vacations will be dedicated to leisure I still have to put in some work!!! ————————————————————————
The lips were my favorite party of this look...we used “nightmoth” lipliner from @maccosmetics and topped of off with the infamous “candy yum yum” all eyeshadows were from @hudabeauty “nude” pallet #abujamakeupartist
Yesterday’s makeup look!!! I always find the perfect nude lip for my skin tone...I’m getting so much better with my own makeup...believe it or not but it’s so much easier for me to apply makeup on other people and it’s so hard applying it on myself...who has that same problem? Normally it’s the other way around but I’m the unfortunate one who can not do my own makeup 🤦🏾‍♀️
Queenin’ with my King in the motherland 👑🇳🇬 #TheEzenagusTakeAbuja
First time EVER letting CJ take pictures of me and they all came out horrible...he has no patience and he stands in one spot an snaps the same pose over and over again...he doesn’t give me any feed back he doesn’t amp me up nothing...But we had so much fun today in Abuja🇳🇬...We are just getting started this is only day 1😎 #TheEzenagusTakeAbuja
Birthday Beat on the beautiful @emmanyra #MeaganDidIt
She has amazing features...doing her makeup was so easy and fun!!! Birthday beats are always my favorite because they love going all out!!!
To book your next appointment visit my website www.makeup-bymeagan.com the link is in my bio ——————————————————
To register for the free “Makeover’s & Moscato Medi Spa event” click on “get tickets” under my bio
@savmartbeautysupplyandsalon is having a sale on all of their @nyxcosmetics products visit the beauty supply store off Westheimer in the same parking lot as miyakos and Aria Suya Kitchen!!!
These Leo’s had me on my feet today...birthday beat for this beauty @savmartbeautysupplyandsalon #houstonmua #houstonmakeupartist
I am hosting my very first event with @forevermedispa !!!
During the event you will get the chance to meet the team of dedicated professionals that will be there to serve you. The staff and I will demonstrate our services and would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the treatments. All guest will receive 20% on all purchases during the event. 
I will be doing giveaways for a free microdermabrasion and a free full face application. You all will receive goodies bag with some of @forevermedispa products in it and @mbm_boutique Sunglasses will be in the goodie bags as well.————————————————————————
This Event is FREE all you have to do is R.S.V.P on eventbrite.
The link to the event is in my bio under “Get Tickets” ———————————————————————
Hope to see you there...everyone is welcomed so come ready to wine down and have a good time...you know how I like to do it😉 ———————————————————————
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