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Our Metal Tropical Stool is now available on the site. Completely customizable in height, material and finish. Link in profile.
Pencil case prototypes. Coming soon. Suppose you can put whatever you want in them, but the impetus for the design was a request for a pencil case.
Still love these and pretty much everything else he does. #mikemillsdirector
All Black Sling Totes. Link in bio.
Another post about things we like:
I first found @rachellevit illustrations on the cover of a menu at @atlanyc and instantly fell for it. There is such a beautiful precision and economy of line in her work. I have a love for Mexico that’s tough to really explain, more of a general feeling than any one specific thing. Her work expresses the calm, quiet strength and incredible skill that I appreciate about their people, food and design. Stunning stuff. If you haven’t heard of @atlanyc @pujolrestaurant @enriqueolveraf @casateomx @molinopujol @puescriollo @cosmenyc you have been missing out.
Stunning images of Baja by @jesse_lizotte by way of @ignant
Sling Tote excessive posting. Link in profile.
Sling totes. Available. Link in bio.
Sling Totes are available on our site! Link in profile.
More sketches.
Found an old salty photo from @horweenleather