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The Trees & The Wild (often stylized as TREES & WILD) is an Indonesian band, formed in Bekasi, West Java in 2005, and currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The band consists of Remedy Waloni, Andra Kurniawan, Charita Utami, Hertri Nur Pamungkas, Tyo Prasetya is known for its musical blend of ambient, post-rock and folk, underpinned with pop elements with distinctly Indonesian identity.
Check them out! @treeswild 
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Kanawa Island is part of the Komodo National Park and it offers a stunning Viewsonic of both sunrise and sunset from the top of its hill. The Island is also surrounded with beautiful white sandy beach and the coral reef is just one step away from the beach.  It's just one hour flight away from Bali, so make sure you book your trip to Kanawa Island now!

Photo by Malaria House/@arimendrofa
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This year, to add more on the line up of Dickies (@dickies) ambassador in Indonesia, born in Padang skateboarder, Aldy Agustiano, will represent the simplicity and durability of the brand. Welcoming Dickies Indonesia (@dickies_indo) new team member Aldy Agustiano (@aldyagustiano). Congratulation!
For Video link on Bio. 
Photo by Malaria House/@btxphoto
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Snippet preview of Dubyouth (@dubyouthyk) upcoming single. Are you ready for the full track? Fasten your seatbelt, stay tuned! 
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Heri Dono has been a leading figure in Indonesian art since the early 1980s and is now one of the most well-known contemporary South-East Asian artists. In his paintings Heri Dono makes the most use of wild deformations and free fantasies out of which emerge characters of wayang stories. Adding his profound knowledge of children’s cartoon films, animation films, and comics, Heri Dono’s canvas is always filled with highly astonishing characters of intertwined fantastic and absurd stories. 
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The Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta, in collaboration with Art:1, organizes an exhibition of contemporary art entitled “Bla Bla Bla “ by Fabrizio Dusi (@fabriziodusi). The exhibition start on Thursday 5 July 2018 at 19.00 at Art:1 Gallery, Kemayoran, and is on view until 22 July 2018. Fabrizio Dusi also conduct a workshop to share his artistic process in creating an artwork the day after the opening and it's open for public. 
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Located in Tabanan, West Bali, village of Pupuan features beautiful rice terraces, together with cocoa, clove and coffee plantations. There are even groves of rare tropical fruits, such as mangosteen and durian. Head off in the early mornings and you can catch a glimpse of the farmers tending to their crops, or laying out cloves to dry on the roadsides. Off the main paths, the area also features tropical forests with hidden waterfalls and streams!  #malariahouse #destination #pupuan #riceterrace #baliricefields #explorebali #malariadestinations
Visit Oeseli beach now! Oeseli beach is a white sandy beach decorated with lots of rock and it's located at Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara. With its smaller waves, this beach is a perfect spot for a relax swimming.

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The Influential (@influentialsyndicate) launching party is NOW ON at Pretty Poison (@prettypoison___)! Photo by Malaria House/@btxphoto #malariahouse #sport #skateboardingisfun #prettypoison #malariasport
Float (@float_project) is an indie band founded on August 30, 2004 by Hotma "Meng" Roni Simamora, Windra "Bontel" Benjamin, and Raymond Agus Saputra. The band has received prestigious awards such as the Abhinaya Trophy for Best Soundtrack at the Jakarta Film Festival and Best Theme Song event at the award ceremony of MTV Indonesian Movie Awards, in the same year 2007. 
Photo by @semut_item 
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Cozy Street Corner is a veteran indie band. First established in 1996 and has three members - Boby Priambodo (guitar, banjo, vocals), Christian Buana Takarbessy (vocals, guitar), Petrus Briyanto Adi (bass, vocals). Their unique sound led to a number of reviews that described their sound as everything from “Indonesian folk” and “easy listening” to ethnic and “musik alam,” or natural music. Check them out! 
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Kulari Ke Pantai, Indonesian children movie directed by Riri Riza and Miles Films, is now playing in all cinemas around Indonesia. It is also the first movie debut of Suku Dani, an American surfer grew up in Papua. Follow him on the Gala Premiere "Kulari Ke Pantai"! @kularikepantai @maishakanna @lilli_queenb @varuntandjung @dodit_mul @ibnujamilo @marshatimothy @adan.acts @adhiyat7 @lukmansrd @mrshananto @karinka81 @suku_dani @mosidik @yudhakhan @praz_teguh @francyt @edwardsuhadi @rizariri @mirles 
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Video by Malaria House/@boristhemoris
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