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Jere Fundamental (@jerefundamental) has launched an EP "Bar Bar" after his first album titled "Metamorfosis" in 2009. The EP tells about social issues occuring in the capital of North Sumatra, Medan.

His EP Album release party will be on this Friday the 25th at Deathhord Stillsuck Store! Starting at 7 PM to 11 PM.

Enjoy barbecue and tunes from ELV (@alfianxelv), CBEE (@cbeemiring) BOLSQ (@bolsq), and Juik Cobra (@juikcobra). See y'all there!

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Although February is relatively short but it's gonna be huge! How huge? Free of charge huge!

Calling all skaters, metalheads, and rock fans out there, RMBL & @raceamplitude presenting SKATE, BOOZE & ROCK N ROLL! At Rumble Shred (@rumble.shred) Kerobokan on February 10th starting at 4 PM.

Bang your head to Superman is Dead (@sid_official), The Dissland (@the_dissland), Geeks Smile (@geekssmile), Gold Voice (@goldvoice_bali), Rollfast (@rocknrollfast), PARAU (@parau666), Suicidal Sinatra (@suisin_official), STRIKES (@strikeshc), and The Hydrant (@thehydrantbali). Get ready to pump up your energy! 🤘🏽
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Monday can wait! Call your friends and let's get together. Cheers 🍻

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Sun is sure out! Take off now before the party wave!

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How's your wheelie?

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When you're out, you're out 👋 
In frame @nabil_julius 
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Nusa Penida is an island - out of three, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan - south-east of mainland Bali. To those who are looking for a one pax adventure, Nusa Penida is the it! You can do surfing, SCUBA and freediving, snorkeling, or cliff diving - and scooter driving. All in one island!

One day, one week, even one month is worth spending in this lil island of Bali!

Photo by Malaria House | @btxphoto
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This twin stratovolcano in East Java is well-known among mountaineers because you can go for a double summit in one trip. Mt. Arjuna-Welirang consists of four peaks over 3,000 metres above sea level.

There are four notable tracks you can follow, Tretes track, Lawang track, Purwosari track, and Batu track.

Ready for an adventure this weekend? Hit double tap if you are!

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Nothing can stop you from doing what you love even if it means you have to give extra efforts. Embrace!

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Be gentle and kind to whoever, even to the great white sharks! Sharks ain't as scary as you they look, aren't they? 
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Highlighting the "Seven Deadly Sins" as theme, Jakarta's alt-duo @monkey2mill has released their fourth studio album entitled "Bipolar". With seven new tracks depicting men's sins that cause bad habits, "Ego", "Envy", "Glutony", "Lust", "Sloth", "Greed", and "Wrath", the album also featured a bonus track, "The Great End" - a recycle of their 'old' piece.

Head to their Instagram page now to get the CD!

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@st.loco has dropped their latest single to the world!

The new single NAKL (Naluri Kualitas Akal) declares the band's everlasting spirit to keep producing hiprock/nu metal music for the fans. The song tells about the nature of the word "Nakal" (in English: mischievous) that is headstrong, wild, cunning, creative, and relentless although often connoted to negative things. Nevertheless, @callmebee01 said the energy can be channeled to positive things!

Nakal is the new vocalist's - Dimas - first debut with St. Loco after Joe's departure in early 2018. New vocalist, new song, new breath of fresh air! Here's a sneak peek to their music video.

Check out the story on

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