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The third Festival Tepi Sawah has ended!

A jamming sesh started on Uma Stage at Omah Apik Pejeng, Ubud yesterday night with Nita Aartsen, Celticroom Bali, Made Ciaaattt, and Dayu Ani. Made Ciaaattt danced the night away in the midst of their collaboration following the tempo of the unique sound of gamelan Bali he produced by his mouth. A vibe of Bali and Java started the night by the ricefields of Pejeng, Ubud. Then, came Papua. Kacir brought some Papuan songs to Bali and told a story about a journey in the remote Papua 
Bonita, Bhismo, Iqua, and FRC closed the night with nusantara songs, like Kicir-Kicir, Rasa Sayange, and Ampar-Ampar Pisang. A collaboration of Balawan and Made Ciaaattt was the one to remember!
Highlight of Day 1 at Festival Tepi Sawah (@festivaltepisawah)! A captivating collaboration of Woro - a young sinden from Semarang narrating in Javanese about Indonesia's diversity, Endah Laras - singing "Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama", accompanied by Nita Aartsen's piano and Celtic Room, ended up with a smooth gamelan and Kecak from Gamelan Yuganada.

A Tribute to Koes Plus brought up all artists together!

Don't miss out the second day of the festival! Check out our Instagram Story for the schedule 💥
Three more days to Festival Tepi Sawah!

Lots of different form of arts will be performed by talented artists across the country. Don't miss the chance to experience the sereneness of Bali and mind-blowing tunes along with creative workshops during the day!

Let's get the festive going ✨🌾✨
Munthe (@muntheboyd) released a new single just last week!

How do you like their new song? If you have not, head to their Insta and click the link on bio to have a listen!

Tell us in the comments below how you think!
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Prepare yourself for an eco-friendly festival in Ubud next week! It is a manifestation of our humanity, art talents and expressions in respect of our mother nature.

On its third year, Festival Tepi Sawah brings about many forms of arts from music, music, art installation, workshops, and more!

Check out their account for more information. A massive hint for you folks: they will also pay tribute to Koes Plus!
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LIR and Uma Seminyak (@umaseminyak) invite you folks tomorrow to “Jalan Memutar Menuju Venezia: from RAW Academie to the Venice Biennale”. A sharing sesh with LIR (Dito Yuwono & Mira Asriningtyas) about their process towards change and renewal in practice as an art institution while also sharing about some of their journey after deciding to become nomads.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 
6 PM – 9 PM

UMA Seminyak 
Jl. Kayu Cendana 1
Seminyak, Bali
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Meet the hottest band in town -- Manner House (@mannerhouse.official) -- with Esa Prakasa on guitar Zulfikar Azhar Mahmud on vocall, piano, keyboard and synthesizer.

These Bandung folks respond to mental health issue and invite everyone not to take suicide as an option, through their 4:35 minute long single "Fiction Mind". "Each person has their own way to embrace (the issue). Fiction Mind's premise is dancing in the dark. That we can savor sorrow while having fun," said Zulfikar. The message is loud and clear on the song he wrote, that said

Always laugh and cry at a time
When I feel sad, I can feel alive
Always low and high everyday
When light is up, I turned it down

The song has just released TODAY! Head to their IGTV to have a listen to "Fiction Mind"
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Were you among these people who posted these faces wrapped in plastic? #instameat

Repost from @satriavijie -
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Always a thrilling experience watching this duo Rhythm Rebels on stage!

Did you catch them in Ulu the other night?

Pic by Sara Callow (@saracallow)
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A little bit of #throwback to Shaggy Dog's (@shaggydogjogja) "Rock Da Mic" video while rocking Festival South By (@sxsw) in 2016.

Check the full vid and its lyrics on by #MalariaHouse!
Maternal Disaster (@maternal_disaster) presents:

WALKING CANVAS, an Art Exhibition by:
- Andre Yoga (@andreyogaa)
- Ekamardiys (@ekamardiys)
- Eka Sudarma Putra (@ekasudarmaputra)
- Ijal Mariachi (@ijalmariachi)
- Kuncir Sathya Viku (@kuncirsv)
- Swoofone (@swoofone)

Starting from 25th May to 25th June, 2019 at “NON” Japan Pantai Berawa 888, Canggu
Open at 10 AM till 9 PM

Opening Exhibition:
Moderated by Ican Harem (@icanhharem)

BAGVS (@bagvs) | ENGGOHOI (@ohoiohoiohoiohoiohoioh) | ICAN HAREM | KASIMYN | RUMAH DUA TIGA (@rumahduatiga) | SEABASS (@seabasssoiree)
Photo: @kuncirsv
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I Wish to Have This Conversation with You is I Made Agus Darmika 'Solar''s (@darmika_solar) first ever exhibition.

After leaving for Yogyakarta to pursue his study in arts, being far away from his family and traditions made him feel distant to Balinese roots and cultures. His mother's passing brought him back to Balinese Hindu rituals. This exhibition is his effort to get hold of his mother's figure as well as a ritual to build a conversation within himself.

Check out his exhibition at Kedai Kebun Forum curated by Sita Magfira from May 31st to this June 20th!
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