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WAHM, mom of 3 loving kids (6y/o & toddler twins),Pro-breastfeeding
Lactation goodies baker, Yummiest lactation goodies! #mamachowswellnessjourney


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#ootd of your fave #twins now up on their IG @brieandbleuchua give them some L-O-V-E. ❤️️❤️️❤️️
Congratulations @caseyalyz, in behalf of @milkandhoney.ph we pray you'll win your breastfeeding journey. Keep abreast. #winyourbreastfeedingjourney
#outfit of the day is up in their IG. Send some love for our twins @brieandbleuchua
Your #favoritetwins #ootd for the day is now up on their IG @brieandbleuchua go give them some ❤️️😜
Your daily doze of the twins #ootd is now up on their IG @brieandbleuchua + mommy tips when picking shoes for your kids and how do we keep our clothes looking brand new even if it's hand me downs. #twins #brieandbleuchua
Your fave twins #ootd is up now on their IG @brieandbleuchua give them some love. #twins
Your daily #outfit of the day from your favorite twins are now up on their IG @brieandbleuchua pls give them some LOVE! 😜#ootd #twins #brieandbleuchua
#fishballparty today at our house. I made the manong sauce to match the fishball we made tusok tusok! 😂😂😂 #filipinofood #streetfood #pinoystreetfoid #pinoyfood #tusoktusok #tusoktusokthefishball #mamachowscooks #mamachowsapproved #themanongsauce #themanongsauceislegit
Your daily doze of the twins #ootd is now up on their own IG @brieandbleuchua. Make a guest what they are wearing to today.... ☺️disclaimer: its all sort of DIY... 😄😄😄
What's for lunch? I have mastered cooking Korean Beef Bulgogi using greenkeeps containers I got from @lunchbreakph and that deserves a pat on my back! 😝 to those asking, I'm still on my wellness journey. I have not been working out but has manage to maintain the weight and the lab results are still amazing. I have found the balance between nutrition, exercise, supplementation and mindset. #mamachowseatshealthy #mamachowseats #mamachowscooks
🚨#giveaway #alert 🚨the couple behind @milkandhoney.ph the only official distributor of #haakaa sent me this baby for me to unbox. I was like...why just now? When I am all done with breastfeeding? 😝So we decided that the one I unboxed I will just share here. Agree!? How to win this? 
1. You must be a loyal friend here in IG and must be following me @mamachows. 
2. You should show some love  @milkandhoney.ph by following them on their IG. 
3. You also have to answer this question via DM----- how long did I breastfeed the twins? Answer can be found by watching my IGTv. 
4. Comment below why you want this baby and use this hashtag #mamachowsxmilkandhoneyph 
5. I'm feeling happy so if you tag 2 of your breastfeeding friends, you win the Haakaa pump and 1 week supply of our lactation pastries, your BFFs wins 1 week supply of lactation pastries each from us. Everybody happy! 
6. Announcement of winner will be on July 11. 
7. Note: the one I'm giving is the one I unboxed, it's unUsed. That means the pump is no longer sealed. 
8. Good luck guys.
What's with that face Bleu? Your daily doze of the twins #ootd is up on their IG. @brieandbleuchua have a great Wednesday guys!