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Work at home mom, mom of 3 beautiful kids (toddler and twins),Pro-breastfeeding
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I am having anxiety attacks today. I think having just 1 help at home, managing 4 kids, managing my business, wasted efforts, wasted time, stress related traffic and having hypothyroidism... has finally caught up with me. I told my husband I'm having a hard time breathing and needs to just rest at our room. He reminded me to just let go off things I don't have control off anymore. He said I need to focus on our family and our kids. His right! I shall let go of things that doesn't serve our family. To manage my stress level and anxiety I'm using my oils. Peace and calm, stress away and my calm mix. I'm also diffusing peace and calm, lavender and stress away. I also asked help from my friend Jen. I am feeling much better now and thankful for my husband, my family and real friends. PS: I owe 2 ladies here of my clam mix roller. Pls message me again cause I can't find your message again. 1 was thru IG DM by miss Carlota and 1 thru viber that I forgot the name. Pls message me. I feel bad for not sending you guys the roller. Not that I forgot about it but I just can't find your message again. #imnosuperwomanafterall #anxiety #ineedtocalmdown #letgoandletgod #letgo
Dinner is served. I'm having quinoa with malungay flakes, mixed greens with walnuts, grapes, cucumber and croutons drizzled with Italian dressing and topped with Parmesan cheese. Chilean sea bass with lemon. I am having a bad day today so I hope this will make me happy.
Outfit matched with auntie @candicetansipek today. We are ready for our Coca Cola or Colgate commercial. Hehehehe. #redandwhite #triplets
Outfit of the day is brought to you by the letters R, W and C. These two must be feeling the W-White C-Christmas vibe in school so they have been asking me if they can wear R-Red...here they are again, wearing Red. Bleu wearing a hand me down shirt from Ahya Saffron. This shirt was a gift from auntie Nikki Javier when he was just 3. Saffron, wore this for his first day at pre-school (sentimental me!). While Brie's outfit I got for free using my Globe reward at mothercare. Talk about savings, right!? Do the twins wear new outfit every time? No. most of Bleu's are hand-me-down from his Ahya. So how does Brie match with Bleu? We review all the shirts we have of Bleu and then match it with Brie's. Does Brie wear everything new? No! Almost 3/4's of her outfits are either hand me down from achie Amanda Ynson and Achie Caitlin Illacad. We also buy pre-loved clothes from achie Zoe Lim. That's why we prefer buying neutral colored clothes so they can both share it. #kootd #kidsofig #kiddieootd #kidsfashion #kidsofinstagram #twins #toddler #toddlerootd #toddlerfashion #mybabybleu #mybabybrie #twinning #twinboyandgirl #asiantwins #asiankids #asian #ootd #ootdforkids #ootdforkidsph #shootwithIphone6 #shotwithiphone.
Worried about those grey hairs and don't have time for touch ups? Worry no more...now you can do your own touch up at the comfort of your home. Presenting hair touch up that is free from ammonia, non-irritating and washable solution to help instantly hide grey hair without getting your scalp irritated and damaged. Thank you @sampleroomph and @concealgreyhairsolution #concealyourage #sampleroomph
Will cook this for next week. What do you think @next9 ? Doc, reyna ka pala ng sweet and sour pork. Kaya pala vibes kayo ni @chefjonphilchua. Hahahaha.
Outfit of the day is brought to you by the letters C,P, T & M. Today's outfit is a homage for the group C - Classic P-Pare the T-titos & Titas of M-Manila who flooded my fb. HAHAHA. I remember back then everyone was so into US brand of clothing. My fave brand then was called United colors of Benetton and Guess jeans. I remember my whole family would go to subic and get the 200$ allocation to shop at the Royal duty free. It was a yearly trip for me and my cousins and shop for clothes and bags. During HS was when we were into music and I personally like moonpools and caterpillar that's the inspiration of Brie's outfit - dress and boots. I also like Kurt Cobain (nirvana) and run dmc- that's the inspiration of Bleu's outfit. Our childhood was so fun, we can play outside. Talk to people. Spent hours on the phone and when we had 3 way calling it was like a whole conference. Bwahahaha. #90sfashion #kootd #kidsofig #kiddieootd #kidsfashion #kidsofinstagram #twins #toddler #toddlerootd #toddlerfashion #mybabybleu #mybabybrie #twinning #twinboyandgirl #asiantwins #asiankids #asian #ootd #ootdforkids #ootdforkidsph #shootwithIphone6 #shotwithiphone #moonpoolsandcatterpillars
Posting this on our fb page - some are brand new and never used. Join us on our page - mamachows online pre-loved  sale.
It's time for mamachows online pre-loved sale. Will upload toys today. Some brand new some pre-loved all in good condition. Join us a search "mamachows online preloved sale" thanks.
Thank you mommy Jennifer Go. I'm happy you liked our lactation cheese cupcake. Happy munching and happy breastfeeding. #bestcheesecupcakeever #lactationcheesecupcake #mamachowsminicheesecupcake #mamachows to order pls visit www.mamachows.com
Thank you Miss Hannah @hannahgochua for your feedback. Letting me know how much you enjoyed my baked goodies makes it all worth it. Thank you again. To order visit www.mamachows.com
Who's on a diet? No not me πŸ™…πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ. Although I'm on my wellness journey my food is not limited to egg whites, Saba and chicken breast. I can still enjoy this amazing food spread from @theshrimpbucket. Today's dinner is all about crab, squids, chicken wings, shrimps, shrimps and more shrimps!!! I had πŸ¦€ sebastiana, fried πŸ™, chicken wings, shrimp stir fry with Thai sauce (my fave) and Vietnamese sauce. 🍀 shrimps Mardi Gras (also my fave) and salty eggsperience! Plus sides of corn and spinach. Thanks @theshrimpbucket for the fun and filling experience. More of this experience on the blog soon. #shrimpbucketayala30th