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Work at home mom, mom of 3 beautiful kids (toddler and twins),Pro-breastfeeding
Lactation goodies baker, Yummiest lactation goodies ever! 0917.3220926


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Fan girling last night! Congrats @__youngbae__ concert was DOPE! #taeyang #whitenightmanila
Outfit of the day is brought to you by the letter G for Golf ⛳️ outfit. Bleu wearing @hm and Brie wearing @mothercareph and shoes from adidas Stan smith. Yellow mosquito wrist bracelet by Bikit. Bikit, is now available on our website. Visit www.mamachows.com #kootd #kidsofig #kiddieootd #kidsfashion #kidsofinstagram #twins #toddler #toddlerootd #toddlerfashion #mybabybleu #mybabybrie #twinning #twinboyandgirl #asiantwins #asiankids #asian #ootd #ootdforkids #ootdforkidsph #stansmith
This was me while pregnant with the twins taken last Feb 16, 2014. I was 24 weeks pregnant if I'm not mistaken. This was my first @elin_ph outfit. I remember I had to attend a party and in dire need of something wear because I could not fit into any of my clothes that time. I remember getting in touch with Martina of elin. Asking her advice on what dress I should buy. I was particular with something with sleeves and is 3/4 actually since I have a 747 arms. Hehehe. She then recommended the Dianne dress. The next day I sent my messenger to their store to pick up the dress. Next picture is me wearing the same dress about 7 months or 8 months pregnant. This was the time we revealed that we are having twins. And then Elin, became my national outfit. All my going out maternity wear and nursing wear are all elin because I love how the clothes were made and how it fits me. I bought same design in different colors. HAHAHA. For my next give away together with my favorite @elin_ph we are giving away 1-Riley wrap in heather stone color for one lucky IG follower and 1- Madison black scarf for the tagged friend (see last 2 photo) 
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#mamachowswellnessjourney Pilates for today. I tried at options GH and would want to try one life too. Which do you think is better? Recommendations pls! Thanks.
Woke up late today because its holiday again in the Philippines! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ I think this country has so much holiday that it's kinda irritating. Hehehe. No offense meant. ✌🏻️😎anyways, for my late bfast. I'm having my protein shake + apples 🍎 +Pic's peanut butter and my chlorophyll water. Apple and peanut butter? What!? Why not? πŸ™ƒβ˜ΊοΈ surprisingly its good too. try mo. hehehe. #appleandpeanutbutter #trymodin #breakfast
Fan girl! See you @skawngur. 😍😍😍
Outfit of the day is brought to you by the letter B! B for BEACH! We want to go to the beach again. Ride the 🌊, enjoy the β˜€οΈ and play in sand. #kootd #kidsofig #kiddieootd #kidsfashion #kidsofinstagram #twins #toddler #toddlerootd #toddlerfashion #mybabybleu #mybabybrie #twinning #twinboyandgirl #asiantwins #asiankids #asian #ootd #ootdforkids #ootdforkidsph #beachwear #beachplease
After verification, we can finally announce our winners. Congratulations! Pls email me at mamachows@gmail.com pls put in subject goldseastunaxmamachows thank you. Stay tuned for my next give away. #mamachowsbirthdayblowout #mamachowsbirthdaymonth #mamachowsbirthdaygiveaway
Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Hehehe. 😝#mamachowswellnessjourney
Went to mothercare to take advantage of my globe rewards. Did you know you can that you can use your globe points as cash for mother care? Until today only your 1point is equal to 2pesos. Like I have 1184.00 as reward when I went to mothercare I got 2,368.00 pesos that's free shopping. Thank you @enjoyglobe the 2.00 is only until today. You can also use it for KFC in case you want.
Today's outfit is brought to you by the letters S, B and W. stripes of black and white. These two picked their outfit for the day. Bleu wanted to wear stripes but Brie wanted to wear purple. In the end they agreed to wearing black and white because Bleu said that her dress has flowers. #kootd #kidsofig #kiddieootd #kidsfashion #kidsofinstagram #twins #toddler #toddlerootd #toddlerfashion #mybabybleu #mybabybrie #twinning #twinboyandgirl #asiantwins #asiankids #asian #ootd #ootdforkids #ootdforkidsph
I know my plank isn't perfect but for someone who just started doing this last Thursday (45 seconds for 1st try then 25 for second try) and now can do it for 60 seconds I deserve a clap. πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌ hehehe. I actually did 2kins total. HEHEHE. Just hope my PT isn't following me here. Cause for sure he will demand me to do it for 3 mins. HAHAHA. #mamachowswellnessjourney