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With the lovely @tamyvosho 👯‍♀️💖 Thank you for having @balipura in #farmersandhealers 💎✨
#farmersandhealers with my first and dearest guest @goddessm and Noa💙 @openfarmcommunity @spaesprit I will be here by 6pm today! Pop by if you are around!✨
Guess what. #lawofattraction My selfcare/ lifestyle brand will be a part of “Farmers and Healers” tomorrow in Singapore😍 Our loving crystal infused auric spray #balipura will be available there💖 I’ve been using Balipura for more about 18 months, and the spray is literally changing my life... 🐬💎✨ Other vendors also sound so attractive! Especially I’m interested in edible flowers and crystal bottles😍 If you are happened to be free tomorrow in Singapore, please come by to feel Balipura and enjoy the good vibes💫💫
Special thanks to @tamyvosho @micaela_restano @sydirahman my greatest supporters who made this happen!☺️🙏🏼💖✨ #betheenergyyouwanttoattract 
このイベント良さそう😍と思っていたらご縁ができて出店できることになりました🤩あしたシンガポールにいらっしゃってお時間ある方いらしたら、ぜひ遊びに来てください💖 .
About Balipura: Encompassing the ancient and magical healing spirit of Bali and modern healing techniques, Balipura artfully blends these technologies and ingredients into natural and caring products to help people with their healing process.
Whether you seek to nurture inner growth, to stay clear and focused or just to feel indulged and cared for, Balipura products support a shift in the Auric field, inviting our energy to step into this harmonized energies.

Perfect for:
- Before or during  meditation/ yoga
- To clear homes and public spaces
- On your pillow before sleeping
- Spray it on your altar
- When waking up and before bed
- When doing healing work, to help anchor the process

Now the great news is out🧡 We are thrilled to be a part of “Farmers and Healers” on this Sunday in Singapore at Open Farm Community😆✨ We will bring our loving crystal infused auric spray Balipura @balipura 💖 Workshops and other vendors there sounds so attractive😍 We look forward to see you there, find us at booth there💫
@openfarmcommunity @spaesprit .
Farmers & Healers
Sun 19 Aug 10am - 6pm
Open Farm Community
130E Minden Road, S248819

About the Event: A gathering of energy, mindfulness & good vibes and a collaboration between Spa Esprit and Open Farm Community
Counting my days to be back in the town and catch the sunset🧡 #throwback #itwasinmarch #canggu #missingcanguu 📷 @intan_arifani 👯‍♀️💖 Shooting for
#throwback #lastweek was so celebrational! Singapore turned to 53 years old on 9th Aug and my favorite yoga studio in town @ascendyogatherapy just tuned to one on the day before Singapore’s birthday, 8th Aug💜 I met @thesurayasam almost right after I moved to Singapore. It was a bit tough time for me since I relocated to Singapore almost by myself, was trying to adjust myself into new job and new environment. The relocation affected on me mentally more than I expected. I was struggling to find places and people that I can feel right. At that time, she just opened up her first/ previous studio to pursue her passion. I just happened to pass by her studio, that’s how I met her. Since then, I’ve been so inspired by her, how she created, and then how she re-brand her studio by combing her family background and her own life experiences. @ascendyogatherapy is definitely you should check out in Singapore! My favorite class is of course gong meditation🧘‍♀️💙🙏🏼✨ Can’t forget to mention, I’m so grateful for meeting my soul sisters in Singapore through her👯‍♀️👯‍♀️💖💖 #lifeinsingapore #ascendyogatherapy #gong #gongbath #gongmeditation #yoga #yogastudiosg
Loooook at what I brought back home last night.. crystal bowl #pinkauragold 😍😍💎💎💖💖 Oh my dear she is soooo cute and pretty!! She was made in Utah, lived in California and was carried all the way to Singapore by Alex with beautiful energy💫💫 Now I can cleanse my home, crystals and more importantly I can easily cleanse myself and align my energy as it should be😊☺️😌✨ It’s all about vibration and frequency🦋✨💫 I know now I’m so getting into this world😂 but I can tell that my soul feels so happy and delighted🐬✨💖 Can’t wait to travel with her and play her in my favorite places in this planet🤗🌏✈️💫💫 #crystalbowl #crystals #crystaltones #alchemycrystalsingingbowls #mystic #pinkauragold #healing #chakras #tunein #quartz
“Working on my own magnetic energy” - the keyword by @thecrystalstream really hit my mind during this weekend.. It resonates strongly with my belief and own self care/ wellness/ lifestyle brand ‘s brand message “believe in your power within”. We all have power enable us to live the lives we wish to live, but we tend to forget about it, how powerful we ourselves are💎✨ I’m on #21daysselfcarechallenge to experiment the ways to work on my own magnetic energy💫💫 Also just started to read “invincible life” by @gurujagat 💜
前からとても興味があったけど、最近さらに興味があって探求しているのはエネルギーのこと💫💫なんとなくいいなと感じたり、なんとく欲しいな、とか、なんとなく会いたいな、とか、そういうのも全部それぞれのものごとや人が発するエネルギーがそう思わせてる。いまの時代はSNSも生活の一部だし、日々触れる情報の量もものすごく多いし、周りのしていることが気になったり、自分のエネルギーが気がつかないうちにダダ漏れな状況になってしまいやすい。私が現在立ち上げているブランド は、ハワイ・ポリネシア語でのManaという言葉の意味となぞらえて、”自分が本来持っている生きたい人生を生きるためのパワーを取り戻すこと”をテーマにしたセルフケア・ウェルネス・ライフスタイルブランド。現代の現実的な生活を送りながら、それぞれが本来持つ力を取り戻す方法や、その助けとなる情報やツールなどをこれからさらに展開していく予定です🤗自分自身で人体実験しながら方法やツールを探っていくのがいまとてもたのしい☺️✨✨💖
#manaandco #selfcare #wellness #lifestyle
日本語はあと。What an eye opening and beautiful weekend in Capella Sentosa, Singapore😍❤️ When the gorgeous @thecrystalstream texted me about this retreat, I decided to join almost intuitively. And it was the right decision! The universe always knows what I need next🤩💙 Enjoying the global figure @gurujagat ‘s session with @thecrystalstream and new gorgeous girl friends was so special😍 Thank you @the_la_edit for hosting the wonderful retreat💖 I’m fully recharged and so ready to really get into what I manifested last night🌏🦋💎✨ この週末はシンガポールのセントーサ島にあるCapella Hotel(先日の米朝首脳会談の舞台になったホテル)で開催されたリトリートに、先日Forbesの記事のインタビューをさせて頂いたことがきっかけでお友達になったクリスタルさんのお誘いで参加してきました💙今回のリトリートは現在世界でブームになってきているクンダリーニヨガを中心とした新たなウェルネスライフスタイルを独自のスタイルと発信方法で広げ世界的な人気をほこっているGuru JagatのBeaty Secret Retreat🧘‍♀️彼女自身の生き方やビジネスの広げ方、セッション、そして参加者の素敵な女性たちからたくさんのエネルギーとインスピレーションをいただいた夢のような週末でした💙もっといろいろ書きたいことあるけど、追ってblogに書こうかな。とりあえず、充電完了☺️✨#lifeinsingapore #retreat #sentosa #capellasingapore #gurujagat #kyndalini #gong #crystal #wellness #holidtic #beauty #クンダリーニ #newmoon #eclipse
Just soooo recharged💖 #lifeinsingapore #retreat #capellahotel #gurujagat #immensegrace #kundalini #morepicturestocome
2018 is transformative year for everyone if we wish it to be so🦋✨ I will be fully on retreat in this special location for 2 days to complete my physical integration💫💫 #capellahotel #immensegrace #gurujagat #kundalini
East coast life💙✨ #lifeinsingapore #oceanhealing #naturalsoundhealing #ご近所 #お散歩中
Panoramic view from new office start working from coming Monday. Same building but upgraded to higher floor with premium view overlooking blue ocean and marina bay.. not too shabby🤩💙 #lifeinsingapore