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I’m lots of things. In that order.
CA—> Asheville, Fall 2019
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Ow, kiddo! ❤️
Can’t wait to go back to @bakedpiecompany Their pie was great but their chocolate chip cookie ain’t messin’ around either! 😜🥰❤️
Happy Belated 4th of July!
Happy Belated Stranger Things Day!
Happy Belated This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Day!
YAY!!!! 🎉❤️🇺🇸
Happy New Moon and Eclipse! ❤️ This one hit home just a smidge.
Escaping can be the most important mom reality. 🥰❤️ #californiathebeautiful
I love you so much, little girl... I can’t believe how big you are. 😭💔🥰
This is our new thing, my little bag lady. Such a fashionista. 😂🥰❤️
Ugh... milk with a fruit pack chaser? Should I be worried? 😜😂
On a baking bender and can’t be stopped!!! 😆🤪❤️ The hubs has been home sick the past two days and the phone company is cutting down all the big gorgeous trees in our front yard (so very sad!!), which has kind of trapped us indoors... So I’m baking my feelings. So far five kinds of cookies, two kinds of banana bread, 146,000 black bean burgers (do those count?) and now sticky buns. Editing photos after. What’s new with you, dawg? 🤪
NERD ALERT!! I got my first Outlander book on World Outlander Day. Feeling very pleased with myself. I hate when TV makes me wanna read. 😜😉❤️
Asheville, NC
The Donohue Clan 
September 2019

Here’s hoping we can be of service to a community that makes us feel good. ❤️ 📷: @romanticasheville
We love our new book from Mima. 🥰😭❤️