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Soooo psyched to get to do mini desserts for a friend’s party this weekend. I LOVE doing mini desserts!! 😍💕 Definitely a challenge  with a teething baby, but we shall prevail!!! Let the prep begin! ❤️😜🎉
Today’s photo is for Papa! He’s currently driving around Fontana trying to learn some new rig. We thought the outfit was appropriate! “You can do it!!”💕
Ruby, this week you turned seven months old. Seven months!! I can’t even believe how big you are. You currently can crawl backwards and plank like a yogi. You like to babble ‘dayday’ and ‘ahhh’ like you’re singing and sighing at the same time. You like to grab the cats by full tufts of hair (and sadly, I think they’re just grateful for the attention). You are fully mobile in your little walker, scooting around the kitchen while your momma bakes. You’re a happy little baby when you’re not teething and would give anything for your parents to allow you tv or cell phone privileges. (NOT ON YOUR LIFE, KID)📱
But my favorite part??? 😍 You know what kisses are and how much they make your Momma happy. You rest your entire open mouth on my cheek and lick me. It is the most amazing way to be slobbered. Love you so much, baby girl. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
A couple weeks ago we got to go to Papa’s Family Employee Picnic Day for the county. It was gorgeous outside, relaxing and just what e needed. ❤️ *swipe👉*
You guys, I finally got my hair cut and highlighted!!! I asked for Kristen Bell and got the Keith Urban special! 🎵”Tonight I Wanna Cry...” 🎶😂🤪❤️
Today we slept and snuggled until 10am!! Poor thing is teething and miserable. I literally have not slept more than two hours a night in probably a week? Sooooo grateful... I surrender to light.
I surrender to hope.
I surrender to peace. 
I surrender to patience. 
I surrender to healing.
I surrender to sleep. 
I surrender to comfort.
I surrender to snuggles.
I surrender to warmth.
I surrender to love. 
I surrender to ease. 
I surrender. ❤️
I June Osborne-ed my hair with kitchen shears. I couldn’t take it anymore. God help the stylist that has to fix it eventually. #blessed
I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. (Duh! What mother isn’t tired?) But I’ve noticed this fatigue and the dialogue I have with myself are taking its toll on my magical manifestation superpowers. Rather than beat myself up, today we’re talking grace... Anyone else ever feel this way? ❤️ Blog link is 👆
The Rubes and I have an appointment in Santa Monica today. We got here a couple hours early to visit @huckcafe , a bakery I’ve wanted to visit for ages— mostly because Elijah Wood is quoted on the back of their cookbook and it could be my ONE CHANCE, FANCY!!! 😜 But alas, even with a perfect two hour parking spot, they are closed for a ‘staff holiday.’ Ha!!! So I’m doin’ pizza. Ruby’s eating her toes.
For various reasons, I haven't created anything in weeks. I haven't had the energy or inspiration.  But with a hint of fall in the air, I made some gluten free apple butter cinnamon rolls.  They felt like change and tasted like baby laughter... 😉 Happy to be creating again.  Appreciate the shift in the air that’s causing me to feel hopeful. ❤️
Crazy tired... The Rubes got her six month shots and is fussy and sleepless. I haven’t slept in way too long. This morning, however, I am just so entirely grateful for the delicious chill in the air and the fact that I am wearing jeans. JEANS.... jeeeeans. ❤️ And I had some peanut and apple butter toast which tasted like an autumn picnic... and now I’m headed to the farmers market for some fresh veggies. And these mountains are insanely gorgeous today (this quick pic does it NO justice!!) The perfect fall morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you... ❤️🍁🍃
Ruby and I hopped in the car today for some unplanned adventure. Somehow we ended up at Parrish Pioneer Apple Ranch in the Yucaipa mountains. The air was cooler, the clouds ominous and it began sprinkling. With the taste of unsweetened apple butter on our lips, it was just what we needed. ❤️
Happy Six Months, little baby... We love you sooo much, words are hard to find. On one particular day— because motherhood isn’t all gorgeous Instagram photos with flare background— I was having a day and crying my eyes out. Holding you, with your big blue wide eyes, watching the cats, big slobbery cheeks, hilarious facial expressions... I couldn’t stop laughing. You bring your momma SUCH joy. I can’t wait to see who you become... but I can also wait and take in every moment. You’re currently in love with the dog and cats. Sophie lets you pull on her coat like a champ. You make velociraptor noises at high decibels... and you also can sound like a baby ‘walker!’ Ha! You love swimming and you’re super strong like your Papa. It’s hard to not live every moment in fear because you’re such a gift... but Momma promises to do her best, teaching you to use those wings bravely and fiercely. Love you, little one. And thanks Aunt Mary for our bathing suit! ❤️ Swipe 👉 for pool pic.