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Happy Summer Solstice!
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The longest day of the year, this is a powerful time to honor all the lusciousness that these long summer days bring. I am celebrating the best I know how with a four month old— a nice walk in the sun, soaking up the rays. And a quick guided meditation. (A miracle when I get to sneak those in! ❤️)
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For more terrific info, follow: @the_power_path [ ] ❤️🔥🙌 [ ] “Take some time during this solstice to celebrate the fullness of who you are, your personal medicine you came into this world with and the service you provide to the world just by being here. A Solstice is always a good time to do some kind of ritual or ceremony around the celebration of energy, support and the fullness of life. As we anticipate eclipses next month triggering potentially intense and fiery activity and unpredictable and reactionary behavior, it is more important than ever to recommit to your own truth and your own path of action and integrity.”
If someone took our squishy cheeked, slobbery and pasty white little baby from me at ANY border, I SWEAR TO GOD, I would go full Sally Fields and end up in a mental institution. I can't even breathe to think that these children can't be held or consoled. That the parents can't see their children or tell them what is happening. I just read the youngest child is eight months.  EIGHT MONTHS.  Sweet Jesus.  There are lots of marches happening across the country on June 30th in protest of this truly merciless and inhumane policy.  I'm not sure if I'll attend the one in LA or in San Bernardino but I will be there with a teething baby.  FIND YOURS AND MARCH, Mommas. ❤️
I only felt like I was drowning but I wasn’t. 😉 This week I learned an important lesson about not succumbing to our plans or things we’re excited about due to lack of time. Sometimes those 20 minutes can make or break your day. Know what I mean? What are the most important 20 minutes of your day? New thoughts on the blog! Link ☝️❤️
Happy Father’s Day to my sweetie. So grateful Ruby will always be loved. She adores her Papa. ❤️
Pork Chop Poopypants turned four months this week. The time is just flying. I can’t get over her little snuggles or slobbers. The way she hangs onto our ears or noses or Lliam’s beard... or buries her little face fiercely in my neck when she’s tired. She likes to drool down her onesie like she’s watering plants. She grunts and babbles. We also might be teething. Oh! And she has stellar comedic timing, especially when it comes to filling a diaper. So proud. All in all, she’s a happy little baby. Totally ridiculous... and we just adore her. ❤️
HOT DAWGIE, do I love a good Farmers Market!! Strawberries, cauliflower, radishes, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce and onions all for $17. Thanks Big Bear!! 😍🙌🎉❤️
Looking for something to do with your Farmer's Market blueberries? 🙋‍♀️ Blueberry Jamboree is one of my favorite nice weather desserts! A pecan shortbread crust, a light and fluffy cheesecake-like filling topped with a sweet blueberry compote.  If you don't like super rich or sweet desserts, this one's for you! The recipe is now up on MandiCrocker! Link ☝️
Truth. ❤️
Anybody else having butterball turkey for dinner tonight? 😜❤️ #hamhock. 🍗
Our Cutie with a Booty!! We’re outside with Papa enjoying this gorgeous weather. Busy week ahead, you have to soak it up while you can, am I right? 😎🌞❤️
Having a blast at Fiesta de Reyes in Old Town, San Diego. For lots of reasons, I’m grateful I’ve had the weekend here with my sis. ❤️Also, The Rubes didn’t get super fussy till the end (thank you, baby!!) and sinceriously... Best deep fried ice cream EVERRRRR... *swoon*
New York blood, that dark razor sharp dry wit... the way food was pleasure, comfort, it meant something to share a meal... and a traveler steeped in gracious humility... Wisdom and heart from a sensitive man that was an observer of life... I am a bit wrecked for the loss of a man I didn’t know but lovingly referred to as Uncle Tony. And a bit grateful to hit the open road with my girl,  if only to see my sis in San Diego.  Heartbroken but inspired to take pleasure in life and LIVE. ❤️