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Award winning boutique hotel. Located in the land of northern light and the midnight sun. Stunning nature, architecture and great food!


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Northern lights captured by Adrien Giret
Capturing the beautiful sky, just before the suns sets. / by Adrien Giret
Path up to Pategonia. Patagonia is high up on top of a small hill and has some of the best views around.
What a beautiful night / by Adrien Giret
Afternoon lights / by Ove Storvik
Wow, Just beautiful // by Adrien Giret
A night filled with stars. You can see a million stars if you look close enough. / by Adrien Giret
This is the view you get if you decide to pass us by boat. Remember to wave!
Living the dream! Our night in this incredible seacabin on the quiet and wild Manshausen Island will certainly remain one of the most epic stays we had! The sleek design and the floor-to-ceiling windows gave us an immersive experience of the outside elements, while still being comfortably sheltered. / by @pleasecallmeallie
The northern lights season started early this year, this is from 8th of september / by @jeychanele
If the water was not 12 degrees celsius, you would think you were in the Caribbean. / by @schdaeff2017
Last summer vibes / by @aafedt