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First Friday’s Shop Cookie Contest tonight 5:30-7:00. Prizes 3 places deep.  Beer goes good with cookies....right?
Must be First Friday Clinic night at the shop.  Beer, Ice, H20 and Licorice.
It’s time to unload a few demo bikes. All current models, from the new Trek Madone, to Niners RLTs and a couple of Luafs. Come by and check them out. #thisismaplewood
Epic OZ 50 racers in Bentonville, Arkansas today!
Maplewood Bicycle team member Amanda Lappe crushes the competition at the Epic OZ 50 in Arkansas today.
What an absolutely fabulous day for #pedalthecause in Chesterfield, MO.
It’s A beautiful day for @pedalthecause riders and Maplewood mechanical support is ready for anything ! #pedalthecause #bablerstatepark #ridesupport
Keep an eye on Raylyn Nuss at this weekend’s Jingle Cross as she continues to make a name in the sport of Professional Cyclocross Racing. 
It was three years ago when she walked into the shop and politely introduced herself and had a plan laid out to make it big in triathlon. We worked on positioning and built her a custom Steelhead Tri bike and she crushed that goal. 
A year later she came in wanting to try out a cyclocross bike to race on and she quickly set a lofty goal of racing professionally and has risen to the top of the US Professional Cyclocross racing scene in just a matter of two seasons and with three top 10 finishes in the last few weeks. 
Raylyn is absolutely crushing her goal and will continue until she reaches the top steps of the professional podium. 
She is moving fast and you better keep an eye on her because she is going places FAST.  Congratulations on your success and we look forward to watching you soar the rest of the season!

Photo by @egrucelaphotography
@raylynnuss on 🔥. #trekcxccup
Beat the rainy day blues with some @strangedonuts
Chris Dowling knocking down some miles in style!!