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Exploring animals and their emotional impact through art in my 200sq ft studio. 🎨🚙 Original pieces & prints available! #animalart

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Legend has it that Jaguar taught man how to use fire and weapons, then when man killed his wife and stole his gifts, swore revenge against all of man. Don't screw with big cats, guys! They'll burn you. #jaguar #fire #pink
"Domestication is a Hell of a Drug" Did you know that some scientists theorize that mankind was "domesticated"  by hallucinogenic fungi? Russians, before vodka, worshipped the effects of amanita muscaria. Cultures all around the world practice the consumption of consciousness-opening plants and fungi. Domestication, like the silver fox experiments also in Russia, changes brains and behavior. Fun to think about. 😉 What do you think about the Stoned Ape Theory? #domesticfox #amanitamuscaria #psilocybin
Heading to central Oregon once more to see my partner. Definitely going to be working on paintings while I'm there, keep an eye out on my story and turn on post notifications, I'd love to share my story and adventures. ❤ Stay awesome, Menagerie!
"Dilation" a 4"×5" acrylic of a sweet little coyote with a secret forehead blaze that caught my eye! This piece is available on my site for $40+S&H. #coyote
"Sunset Beauty" celebrating the uncommon beauty of our common canine, Coyote! Available as prints and merch from my Redbubble, link in comments. #coyote #symmetry
Another #LunchBreakDoodles this time a ratty friend! #rat #petrat
Loosening up a bit with a playful foxy and #dragonfly friends! This is a birthday present for my wonderful momma. ❤ I tried to pick colors she likes and that remind me of her, that and of course a #fox, they're her favorite. Painted in @sketchableapp
Doodles on my lunch break turned to #sphynx kitties with #bilighting hehehe... stay tuned for more #lunchbreakdoodles and join Patreon if you'd like to put in requests for what I should doodle next!
"Wiser Than the Enemy" a digital piece in the #sketchable  app! Inspired by Nahko and Medicine for the People, it's a piece based on justice and resistance. #coyote #nahko #resistance
Yesterday I learned there's a type of amazonian catfish called a mandi so you know, I had to paint one 
Hi Mandi!! How's middle school?? Do you listen to Hilary Duff!?!?!
Oh.. meow? Oh... meow. Meow. #meow #petportrait #tonedpaper #kitty #catsofinstagram #meowmeowkittycat #blackandwhite
Recent pet portrait completed for a client's dear little westie! So much fluff... a weaker man'd get lost in that there fluff... #westie #petportrait #wildwildwestie #westhighlandterrier #painting