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London based fine jewellery workshop. Our own Designs and custom made jewellery. For any enquiries email us at

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When your Palette is a crucible
Good to be reunited with this piece again! A big Thank you @gsmithscentre
There's coffee cup reading, and you could probably read a million stories in this Diamond!
Only if i lived in Seberia, thinks the pooch!
Crown Yasmin. Part of the yasmin collection with an added halo, the above pieces are made in platinum and fully set with diamonds. Customise your own by choosing different metals, colours within the metals or different colour diamonds or gems.
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Not a bad way to end the week!
I suppose there's no shame to take pride in something you've created, admire it and say it's beautiful!  A halo rose cut diamond ring like no other. The 3rd of the L'or 24kt gold and platinum strictly handmade collection.
The "click" platinum bangle finished and handed earlier. A bespoke commission reusing the client's princess cut diamonds from another piece that was falling apart.
From the mandrel and hammer to being comfortably nestled in a cushionny box..
Never mind my fingers..look at those colours! Last for tonight i promise
That sexy moment that's music to all jewellers' ears,(please make sure the volume's turned up on your phone if you'd like to share that moment!) the satisfaction of the click! After spending a day on making a platinum clasp from scratch for a bangle, it's now ready for the diamond setting stage. It's an order from a client who's previous bangle that was in 18kt yellow gold started falling apart, we suggested platinum because it's definitely going to be a lot stronger. Will post some photos of the final result when it's finished.