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Czarny Piątek. Black Friday. Who am I going to meet by the City Hall in Copenhagen at 16:00? #SolidarityWithPolishWoman #BlackFriday || Debbie Harry, Studio 54, taken by Richard Manning
Cover greasy hair with a headband and listen to all the compliments about your amazing hairstyle. #WhistlePastTheGraveyard 🙆🏻‍♀️
Little Edie and the cats, Tom Wargacki, Grey Gardens, 1972
Let me show you the universe in my eye • Epicentrum #SpiritualSoul #Universe
Can I stay in the cinema forever? In that one where people don’t talk, don’t eat and actually aren’t there. Can I just have the cinema for myself? Can you screen movies all day long? 👺
Update: Devil wears second hand Calvin Klein tops. 👹 #ImEvilInMyCalvins #EyesMatchingTheCinemaSeat
I’ve been reading about being a woman. I’m tired now.
Who’s up for winter bathing on Wednesday at La Banchina? ~ Björk and her son by Juergen Teller, 1993
Model vs. Reality #RealityIsGoodWhenTheSunIsOut ☀️ #NoFilter #NoMakeUp #LotsOfVitaminD
When can I move in? Everything seems ready. 🗝
Smokin’ hot 🔥
Slav squat. Słowiański przykuc. #SlavSquat 💪🏻