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My life in photographs 🌻
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Stalking strangers
📷 @ezracrzenaldave
Pangarap ko talagang maging visual story teller kaso sobrang hassle kaya short compiled vlogs nalang. Here are some sabaw and genuine moments from our company outing. 🐣
i'm the view duh
📷: @ezracrzenaldave
Anong tema? Fauvism?
Never your affectionate anak because I really think I'm a Scherbatsky on the inside. Always here even if you don't feel it. Happy Mama's Day!! Laban LDR 🌻💛
compiled few snippets i took with my phone. Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Fabula! ❤ @chrstnmlbnn04 @richmond.fabula
raw compilation of the finest feels @sheilaretardo 🐣
ok. what are you trying to do, self?
in jughead's bed, in jughead's shirt.
kailangan i-post sobra ako 💔 binreak ni betty si jughead pero kasi diba the things you do for the people you love

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