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We created a brand that provides the needs of all fans and developed a new visual and aesthetic style inspired by contemporary fashion.

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A good summer workout starts with Margarita activewear and ends with a refreshing dip in the pool 🌊😎🌼☀
Training with Margarita is double fun, at any age and everywhere 🌼😍🌼😍
Your fitness in 100% mental, your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it! 🌊🌼
Making excuses burns zero calories per hour! Get rid of your excuses and workout in style with Margarita active wear like Sharon 💪😍🌻
Limor is staring with our new stars collection! We are already in love, and you? 🌼😍✨
Do you know what time it is? It's time to heat the gym! With Sharon wearing Margarita active wear 💪⏰🌻
Want to add some color to your workouts? Get inspired with Anat Gissin in a colorful stylish workout with Margarita active wear 💪😍🌻
@shirelhillel2016 present a summer edition workout with Margarita 😎🌼🌊☀
Everyone's choice at Shoron's stuido for a comfortable and perfect work out is Margarita activewear of course! 💪😍🌻
Limor had some fun in the sun with Margarita 😎🌼
Add some colorful leggings from our  batik collection to your summer! Which one do you choose 1 or 2?
@dc_fitt_bloomington exercise in style with the best combination - Margarita and slamball 💪🎱🌼